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Yeh Hai Chahatein 16th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Rudraksh Gets Punished

Yeh Hai Chahatein 16th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Preesha fumes when she finds champagne bottle and co/rubber packet and thinks Rudra must have ordered them even when his stomach is upset. Rudra walks out of washroom. Preesha yells if he ordered this. He sees champagne and says hotel manger must have. She says he wants to abuse her showing C/rubber packet. He says he didn’t order it and tries his best, but Preesha continues scolding him and says she will not let him succeed in his plan and he should sleep on sofa. Rudra sleeps on sofa fuming at manager. Yuvraj with suspicious lady reaches hotel and asks manager about Rudra and Preesha’s room number. Manager asks who is he. He says he is Rudra’s distant brother and wants a room next to his. Manager gives next room’s keys. Yuvraj walks away with lady.

Preesha wakes up in the morning and doesn’t find Rudra on bed. She walks to balcony and finds him sleeping on cough, sits near him, says I love you and she knows he didn’t order rubber packet. He turns in sleep saying I love you Preesha and hugs her. Preesha gets nervous and says let us go out as they are here for 10 days. He says they can stay for 20 days in the same room. She insists and asks him to get ready.

Ahana while exercising with Mishka thinks why did Yuvraj take Preesha and Rudra’s hotel address, what is he up to. She calls Yuvraj and asks him reason, but he doesn’t reveal it. Lady walks to him and says she doesn’t want to disturb or trouble Preesha and has returned for Saransh.

Preesha and Rudra go on sight seeing. Guide welcomes them and says they will see nature today. Rudra says what is in nature, let us return to room. Preesha says he is joking and drags him for sight seeing. Rudra flirts with guide and praises her beauty to make Preesha jealous. Preesha gets jealous and drags him from there. She says she knows he is trying to make her jealous to make her say I love.. He insists to continue, but she drags him for boating and to make him jealous asks helper to hold her hand and help her get into boat. Rudra gets jealous and offers his hand, but she holds helper’s hand. They start boating and he says she was flirting with helper. She says she likes strong men and chocolaty like him. He reminds her that he fought with goons and Yuvraj and is very strong, she can come to room and check. She says he should paddle boat first and show how strong he is and thinks she will enjoy pestering him.

Precap: Yuvraj asks lady when will her right time come to meet Preesha and Rudra.
She says its tonight. Rudra walks out of his room. Lady follows him. Next morning, Preesha calls reception and asks about Rudra. Receptionist says he checked out last night and left for Delhi.

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