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Vighnaharta Ganesh 16th November 2020 Written Episode Update – Maharaj & Rani are blessed by a girl child.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 16th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with Mata laxmi dictating story to ganesh of maharaj ashtapati & rani malvi who did meditation for mata gayatri for wish of a child.
Maharaj & rani are meditating for mata gayatri of their child wish & mata emerges blessing them with a girl child who will have powers of mata saraswati & devi laxmi & who will also become famous. They both get the child by which they are very delighted. Dev rishi narad comes & maharaj asks him now you can only give name to her & he suggests various having blessings of mata saraswati in which he takes name as savitri & suggests the same.
Mata laxmi tells ganesh this way she got the name through rishi narad & then their difficulty was to get her groom after her growing up.
Savitri grows up & enjoys spreading her excellence within her friends while maharaj & rani appreciated her smartness in knowledge but they were thinking to search an able person as her life partner but raja says thinking what kind of person we can search for her do not understand due to savitri being so helpful, smart & intelligent so not getting any clue who’ll be the person made for her so rani tells maharaj let savitri itself see & decide her partner on her own as mata gayatri had told us she’ll have the powers of mata saraswati.
Raja tells savitri to go on tour for search of your partner of your choice so that we’ll be comfortable to marry him with you. Savitri goes on tour where she finds one raja but was very arrogant & egoistic expressing his attitude to savitri that whatever i wish i get it in my way or squeeze & woman has to be under men but savitri tries to explain him who does not have ethics to offer woman a seat can’t become an able husband for her & also taunts his way of looking towards woman in very weird way & as she is leaving his eyesight gets affected making him blind on which savitri smiles.
Senapati tells savitri to let’s return or maharaj will shout us but she tells him to not to worry but we’ll search & then only we’ll return with our work completion as blessings are there with me of mata saraswati who’ll guide us.
Again moving ahead she finds man taking woods on his shoulder for his parent’s waiting for him to prepare food but due to a storm his woods fall down from him which goes back towards savitri & he runs back to pick again saying parent’s are waiting & i am becoming late which is heard by savitri appreciating his behaviour towards his parents. The man picks the woods but one was near savitri & he asks her if she was hurt but she shakes her neck saying no & he pleads her while she keeps looking at him so truthful nature of behaviour he has & again they face a man stuck his cart in a pit so he goes to help him pull while savitri appreciates his helpful nature & he also helps savitri to cross the pit & senapati asks him are you satyavan son of raja dhoomsingh & he says yes but father was betrayed by his uncle who squeezed his throne & then his son also became blind & savitri understands telling him but he is cruel so you never tried to confront him but he says it’s his fate which will punish him & i am happy in serving my parents which they have taught me to not to pull anything instead to achieve with your efforts & the same thing i am doing. Savitri feels very delighted meeting her actual match in him whether he is poor but able for her & puts her proposal in front of her parents.
Raja happily accepts her proposal if she is happy with him but narad comes to inform him that satyavan is having only one year of his life as his fate has written short life for him. Savitri’s parents are stunned & her mother suggests her then to not to marry him as you will face lot of difficulties in life which we won’t throw into this kind of life if you lose your husband within one year itself but savitri explains them that running away from life’s difficulties is cowardly act which i can’t but I’ll purely face the challenge to serve such a person who is so much devoted to his parent’s & will love that person who’ll marry him so i won’t run away from the fact & will face all challenges for which i am born.

Precap : Savitri & satyavan get married. Satyavan while cutting wood falls down from the branch of a tree getting injured & savitri tries to bring plant medication for him but a snake bites him & he shouts savitri’s name for help while yamraj is smiling.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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