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Shakti 16th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Preeto makes Virat gives bhang to Heer

Shakti 16th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bua ji telling Shanno that she will go and enquire and then will tell if she is right or liar like your family. Shanno thinks Soumya’s truth came out after months of marriage, but your truth will be exposed after 10th day of marriage. Bua ji thinks Heer’s Diwala will break on Diwali Day. Shanno thinks there will be a break blast in Heer’s sasural and mayka. She says boom…happy diwali Heer. Sant Bakhs and Parmeet do the aarti together during the Diwali Puja. Parmeet gives aarti to Heer, Gurwinder, Virat and Daljeet. Bua goes to Kareena’s house and thinks to expose Heer. She reaches her house and checks the address. Parmeet asks Sant Baksh about Bua ji. He says she had gone to temple and must not thought about time. Virat takes Heer to terrace. Heer sees the crackers burning on the sky and then Diyas on the terrace with I love you…Heer written. Tu hi mera khuda plays…He tells that his Gulabo’s brightness is more than all the diyas of the world. Heer says don’t you think that you have snatched my brightness by going to Preeto’s team. Preeto comes there and asks Virat to talk lovey dovey things with his wife, when he leaves her team and goes to Heer’s team. Heer sees Preeto, Harak Singh and all the family members coming there. Heer asks why did you come here, to spoil my Diwali. Virat apologizes to Preeto and Harak Singh, says her mood is off. Harak Singh says she is like her father. Virat asks them to come inside. Rohan asks to stop her anger and smile always. Heer thanks him for coming and asks him to come. Virat says sorry Preeto aunty, you know that she is upset. Preeto says we have to upset her more, upset your family and guests too. She shows a bottle. Virat asks what do you mean? He smells it and says it is bhang. He says I will not humiliate Heer?

Bua ji rings kareena’s door bell. Kareena opens the door and asks who are you? Bua ji says she is Tejinder, Bua of Heer’s husband Virat. Kareena asks did she get married? Bua ji says yes. Kareena takes her inside and says if Saya comes to know that she will not leave me. Bua ji asks her to tell the truth. Kareena tells that she was paid not to tell the truth and says if she gets more than that, then she will say. Bua asks what does she want? Kareena says the expenses to reach Bangkok and 10 lakhs rs. Bua ji says the secret must be big. Kareena asks her to think till she light the diyas. Bua ji thinks of Heer. Preeto tells Virat that he has to get Heer humiliated if he loves her. She says this is the chance, if this happens then she will not fulfill my first condition. Virat says Heer is already upset, don’t make me lowered in my own eyes by stooping low. He says I can’t see her getting insulted. Preeto asks if you can see her life ruining? She says if you want the people to beat her and throw her to her world. Virat looks at the bhang bottle.

Bua ji agrees to give money to Kareena. Kareena asks her to hold on her chest, else might get heart attack hearing the shocking truth. Bua ji looks on. Kareena says truth is that…..your bahu is a ………

Virat comes inside with tears in his eyes. Harak Singh notices him and asks Preeto what is the matter? Preeto say she is doing what she feels right. Simran collides with Rohan and scolds him. Rohans ays you have collided with me, I didn’t collide with you. He says if you are not Heer’s brother then….Rohan says then also you can’t do anything. She says whatever. He holds her hand and says leave it, this is Diwali and says sorry. He tells Preeto and Harak Singh that Virat’s family is very rude. Virat feels apologetic and thinks he can’t forgive himself, but have to do this. He sees Heer talking to the guests. Virat goes to the drink section, when someone comes and greets him. He stops. Preeto asks Mata Rani to give strength to Virat for Heer’s sake, says if not done today then can never do. Harak Singh tries to talk to Preeto. Preeto says I will just be back. Virat mixes bhang in the drink. Gurwinder calls him, he turns and the bottle falls down on the ground. He kicks the bottle secretly. Heer asks Virat why he seems to be tensed? Virat tells that nothing. He asks about Daljeet. Gurwinder says he has gone to bring Bua ji. He asks her to drink. Heer asks Virat to drink as well and gives the glass to him. Virat thinks in which glass, I have added bhang. He tells that they shall forget the differences today. Heer asks him to promise not to be in team leader Preeto’s team today. Virat promises to be with her today. Heer and Virat drink the soft drink. Virat thinks plan failed, sorry Preeto aunty. Preeto thinks if Virat added bhang in Heer’s drink or not. Daljeet comes home and tells that Bua ji was not in the temple and nearby area. Even her phone is off. Sant Baksh says where did Beeji do? Heer stands on the table and calls Parmeet, as mummy ji. She asks lights off, spot lights on….and says I will give my intro to you….She says my name is Heer Singh, this house’s beti, no…Choti bahu. She says badi bahu is standing there. She says she loves mummy ji and wants to give special performance in the party.

Precap will be added when available.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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