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Shaadi Mubarak 16th November 2020 Written Episode Update: KT and Preeti meet Arjun

Shaadi Mubarak 16th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rati calling Neelima and asking how is KT, I hope he is fine, he got insulted in the village in front of everyone, his marriage truth came out that way, I didn’t like it, he had to run away over night. Neelima asks what happened with KT, tell me everything. Rati tells her. Neelima gets angry. Juhi asks Preeti to think about her decision. Preeti says I will not work with KT after this contract completes, its my final decision. Juhi asks what will you do after that. Preeti says maybe I will open a small company, I will not stop working. Neelima comes and says you dream big, you have broke KT’s heart, your true face has come out today, he had supported you for your self esteem and made you owner of a big company, you had hurt him, you want to move him out of your way and open own company, how dare you. Juhi asks what are you saying. Preeti stops her. Neelima says you want to use KT and then get successful, you want to touch the sky, you will be falling over your face. You have hurt my son and got my enmity, I will not leave you now. She leaves. Kusum looks on silently. Juhi says Maa…. Preeti signs I m okay. She cries and leaves.

At the office, Preeti and KT collide. They see each other. Shyam asks shall I get your tea in madam’s cabin. KT says no, my tea should come to my cabin. Preeti asks Sheena to get files. Sheena says I think there is some issue between them. KT goes to his cabin. He recalls Preeti. He tears all the chits. Preeti looks on. Ik tara….plays…. She looks for her diary. He sees her diary and recalls her words. She says I can work without you, not without my diary. He says I thought you will say you can’t work without me. She says when I have my diary, I don’t want anything else. He says you can work without me, but I can’t think of Shaadi mubarak without you. FB ends. He gets her diary and gives it to her. He says I know you can work without me, but not without this diary. Sheena calls them for meeting.

Preeti says either of us can go for meeting. He says we made a rule, we will have first meeting with client together. She says fine, we can do this for the last project. He says okay, you can’t decide everything yourself, we decided we will never break this partnership, you want to break it without knowing anything, how did you decide alone. She says I didn’t forget anything, you decided, you lied, its my right to decide, you didn’t tell the truth. He says there will be some reason to hide truth, you had also lied to me, I couldn’t understand reason, you aren’t understanding me now, you are repeating the mistake without knowing the truth, do whatever you want. They come to a hotel. A lady looks at them. She walks between them and pushes Preeti away. She splashes her hair on KT’s face and walks past.

KT and Preeti look at her. They go. The lady says hello Keertan, we will meet soon. KT asks manager about the client. He goes to the client. He sees a young boy. He greets him and says I m KT, we are team Shaadi Mubarak, this is Preeti. The guy says I m AT. KT says abbreviated name like me, Arjun, what’s your surname. Arjun says guess it, life gets interesting with curiosity,sit KT pa. KT asks what did you call me. Arjun says KT pa, everyone calls you that here. KT says they call me KT sa. Arjun says my bad, can I call you KT pa. KT says sure, its okay. Preeti asks where is your mum. Arjun asks should we forgive someone who regrets on mistake, should we give another chance. KT says Arjun, I think everyone makes mistakes, if heart is true, then person should be forgiven, I don’t find right that strong relations break by misunderstanding, one should forget it and make a new start. Arjun says superb, I want to get my mum and dad married, so that they give second chance to each other, I m happy you agree to it. Preeti asks where is your mom. Arjun asks can you come to the hotel. Preeti asks where is your home. Arjun says I will go home after mom and dad’s marriage, we stay in Singapore. KT says we will meet your mom tomorrow. Arjun says I have signing amount. KT says you are young, we will see it later. Arjun says I m your clients now. His wallet falls. KT picks it and sees his pic inside.

Arjun says this special almond milkshake is for KT, mom had made it. KT sees his mom. Preeti says its strange marriage. KT goes to reception to find about the room booking. The lady looks at him. KT turns to see.

Update Credit to: Amena

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