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Santoshi Maa 17th November 2020 Written Episode Update – Abhishek hits indresh making him injured.

Santoshi Maa 17th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with abhishek is searching indresh having gun in his hand & nidhi, bubli & indresh are hiding in another room under the table where gifts are kept. Abhishek is warning indresh while indresh tells nidhi that to go ahead as he’ll listen to you but she is sacred to go.
Dev rishi comes out of the house telling santoshi mata that one thing has happened good that swati has become more better now while mata is thinking something else & he wonders so asks her what happened & she tells him this polomi has totally gone out her senses due to could not bear her loss in mata karwa’s pooja so she is doing everything against goddesses ethics & mata tells dev rishi to go & see why i can’t contact ushma so dev rishi goes to see place of singhasan & understands that there too asoor powers are being spread & clutched singhasan’s family.
Abhishek is warning while nidhi comes in front of him as he aims nidhi but she instead tries calming him saying that I know now you love me & indresh use to always insult me so now as we are married we can go away but to keep this gun down & he gets emotional while bubli & indresh trying to catch him & bubli having a rod to hit him while lovely gets conscious & sees blackout so goes & on the light’s & as bubli trying to hit abhishek he Immediately sees them due to lights on & warns them & also abusing nidhi that this was your plan to fool me & he is trying to shoot towards nidhi but indresh saves her getting slightly bullet passing hitting his part of left hand & he falls down while nidhi & all come running to pick him.
Devi polomi’s birds are appreciating her plans to make these people fight between each other so that they’ll kill themselves.
Bubli is trying to hit abhishek with the rod but can’t hit him & he aims the gun towards bubli & she gets scared while ushma comes to stop him touching & asoor powers get released from him but singhasan’s brother comes & ties him around the chair & singhasan hits him very hard while ushma thinks asoor powers are released from him now but those both asoors will plan something.
The asoors are wild getting their powers returned within them from abhishek while other is expressing happiness that one thing has happened that indresh got injured.
Swati asking mata santsohi why such darkness in clouds so much but mata thinks I can’t tell you about this but she tells her might be rain will come so swati tells mata that I’ll do pooja of mata then.
Dev rishi is seeing around of negative powers while mata comes out & he asks her why such kinds of powers are being spread by polomi to harass us in which she has lost all her senses doing this unknowing that if gods know about this then what’ll happen about her but mata tells him whatever she has done is punishable & we need to answer her so we have to ask help from mahadev now but dev rishi asks her can we reach till mahadev & she tells him ultimate god is reached by their devotee whatever the situation may be because he is gods god “mahadev” & they sit for meditation taking name as “om namah shivay”.
Devi polomi asks her guru is it possible that inspite of santoshi surrounded by powers, she can meditate for help & guru tells her it is not at all possible unless she meditates for mahadev which we should think positive about not to heppen & this power I have earned by long years of meditation so it’s not easy to overcome so easily.
Mata santoshi & dev rishi are meditating for mahadev but without any response & they both open their eyes finding no results so polomi gets happy seeing & appreciating guru to see that santoshi devi is helpless & expresses her plans to kill swati as devi santoshi does not have any option but to come out her security guard but guru alerts her saying you know what can be the outcome of this but she tells him my goal is only to kill santoshi’s devotee for which I am least bothered whatever the outcome be.

Precap : Singhasan’s brother gets instigated by asoors powers & confronts singhasan challenging him of squeezing the whole property while indresh is watching angrily. Mahadev informs santoshi mata that if ushma fails in killing both the asoors & if they reach patallok then your devotee will again return in her died status while mata is shocked & polomi is happy.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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