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#RIANSH – A CUTE LOVE STORY – Episode – 9 – Riddhima slaps Aryan

Episode starts with…

Its 8pm, RS Mansion,

Vansh and Angre were discussing something when Anupriya comes there to ask them a help.

Anupriya: Vansh I took a decision and to implement that I need your help.

Vansh: Yes chachi. I know what you want to speak about. Actually, we were also discussing about that but…

Anupriya: Vansh, I came here to ask you to can you please…. (Muted)

Vansh, Anupriya and Angre were discussing about something (which will be revealed later). All this while the girls were in Vansh room, as they were not willing to leave Riddhima alone at least not for today as though she was pretending that she’s normal Sejal knew that she has storm in her heart. So, leaving her alone was not a good idea. They were talking various topics, were getting to know each other well. Vansh and Angre came and were observing how other girls were supporting Riddhima. Vansh had smile on his face, he was happy to see Riddhima trying to be normal but he felt only if this has not happened, it’d have been great. He knew he couldn’t change whatever has happened, but wanted to make sure she doesn’t face any troubles in life. He questioned himself why was he cared and affected for a person whom he met only that day. He had no answer for his behaviour change. Dadi made an entry breaking his thoughts,

Dadi: Vansh, whatever happened today shouldn’t have happened when we were around, we couldn’t save that innocent girl from the trauma she’d be going throughout her life. We all are equally responsible for this. Yesterday I included her in our family because she deserved our love, affection and care. She was considering herself orph…

Before dadi could complete the sentence, Uma came to call everyone for dinner. Angre who was listening to dadi was wondering what did she wanted to tell, is his instinct true, is she the same person whom he is thinking her to be. There were many such questions but he wasn’t getting any answers. He wanted to do his detecting work to know the truth at any cost.

Uma: You had enough talks now all come down, dinner is ready. Riddhima beta, you want to join us down or will you eat here?

Rudra: Bhabi, my child will eat with us. She’ll definitely join us downstairs. She is my brave child. Isn’t it beta?

Riddhima (nodding her head): Aunty don’t worry, I am fine and I’ll join you downstairs.

So, everyone gathered in dining area. The dining table was a rectangular one so, Angre sat along one of the longer sides, towards his left was Ishani and Siya. Towards his right sat Vansh (i.e. on one of the shortest sides), towards his right was Riddhima, Rudra, Sejal and others. Food was served and as soon as Riddhima took a bite, she looked towards Rudra,

Riddhima: Dad you prepared the food?

Rudra: Did you like it?

Riddhima: I loved it. Thank you

Sejal: Look guys, didn’t I tell you that he prepares such yummy foods only for Riddhima. This has been happening for years now. He prepares such yummy dishes whenever she comes home or else, he rarely enters kitchen for me (making a face).

Riddhima: Stop being jealous (smiling).

Everyone is enjoying their food when they hear a bang, suddenly everyone starts wondering from where is the sound coming. Vansh asks them to ignore and enjoy their food. Riddhima stares at him, he notices her stare and so turns towards her and nods his head indicating nothing. They hear continuous bangs but Vansh asks them not to pay heed. All this while Riddhima is wondering what are those weird sounds as someone is banging on something as if a door. They complete their dinner and all gather in living room. Angre gets a tray with ice cream bowls and distributes among everyone when he finally reaches Riddhima as he handovers the bowl, he seems to be observing something, but he doesn’t find any or maybe he didn’t understand. Suddenly,

Sejal: Angre Bhai …

Everyone was shocked by the statement and turned towards her to indicate the mistake she committed and before he says something, she should correct her statement. She realized what she just said and she turned towards Angre who was by now staring at Sejal and gave her a stern look. She absorbed the intensity and before the situation lost its control, she decided to rectify her mistake and

Sejal: Sorry, sorry (Apologetic tone). I wanted to say Angre, its Riddhima’s favourite flavour and so you should give her 2-3 bowls which she’d gulp in seconds.

The stern looks on Angre’s face faded and he was surprised as it was her favourite too. he decided to ask her directly and stood to go near her and as he was about to say….

“So, everyone is enjoying after locking me in room? Is this the way you treat the son of this house?”. It was Aryan. The banging sounds which the family heard a few minutes back was the sounds Aryan did to get out from his room.

Riddhima froze, she was trying to forget all that happened and seeing him standing there once again, she reminisced those incidents which were haunting. She felt she had won over those memories but it was not going to happen this soon. These memories were going to haunt her whole life unless and until she stands in front of them and fighting back. But she didn’t have that courage. Whenever she thought of that incident, she couldn’t bear those haunting touches and grip. She wanted to get rid of them but she didn’t know how. She thought that crying her heart out, staying alone for a while, indulging with people around would help but…none has helped her because his presence, his voice made her uncomfortable and she broke once again. Her courage, strength, confidence everything broke once again with one glance of that person. She lost herself. His presence was affecting her once again. She started being restless. She was scared and started backing off. She started walking back and suddenly she felt she hit someone and without seeing who it was she hung onto them and hugged them tight. The person hugged her back and that touch had some magic that she instantly identified it and started whispering

Riddhima: …… hhhh…. Vansh… Vansh… please don’t leave me…please… I am scared.

In that chaos too she identified his touch. She didn’t think how come she identified his touch. She felt protected, safe and secure in his arms. For her his arms felt the safest place. She stuck to him.

Vansh: Shhh… Riddhima relax… I am here. You need not be scared of anything. I am there. No one dare harm you. Look look up

Saying so he touched her chin and lifting her head asked her to open her eyes and look at him. Her moist eyes looked at him and his eyes were pouring care for her and at that instant she felt like no one can dare touch her when her saviour Vansh is around her. She had something telling her from her inside to trust this new friend of hers who’s not going to leave her side no matter what. Breaking her thoughts, Vansh handed her over to Angre as he walked past her towards Aryan. Angre held her as she looked into his eyes, his eyes spoke a lot. His eyes were searching for someone at the same time was wondering if she knew or if she is that person. His eyes assured her that she is safe, he’ll protect her and will never let anyone’s bad sight catch her happiness, he’ll make sure she gets her all the happiness. Riddhima started wondering why does she feel she knows these eyes, why does she feel protected around him, why does she feel like this person is going to stand as a pillar between her and the problems or troubles which would come in her life. She feels attached to Angre but the truth was they both feel attached to each other in a single day of meeting. They know that they never felt the same with anyone.

Meanwhile Aryan and Vansh were arguing

Aryan: What the hell!!! What’s happening here? May I know why that stupid friend of yours dragged me and locked me in my room since evening?

Vansh: Aryan, he is my friend and I am not going to hear a word against him. And do you really don’t know why he dragged you? (raising his eyebrows)

Aryan: (was pissed) If I did know, would I have asked you

Vansh: Just recollect what you did today? (was on high mode)

Aryan: What did I do? I just tried my hand on this hot girl here (winking and laughing at Riddhima)

Riddhima just stared at him with hate and anger in her eyes. Angre stood before Riddhima making her feel protected from the devil. He was blocking Aryan’s sight. Riddhima felt like a shield stood before her to protect her. She was moved by this gesture.

Aryan: Hey you Angre, even you started liking her? (Again wink) you started blocking her from everyone. Just move aside and let me see her. Bhai, just look at her… damn!!! How can someone not take advantage of her. Even I did the same. What’s wrong in that? And for this outsider you are pointing at me? She’s just a time pass for me. So just move aside and let me do what I want to…

Saying so he was proceeding towards Riddhima when in fear Riddhima held onto the shirt of Angre who stood before her. Aryan was stopped from proceeding towards by Angre who stood against all problems coming towards Riddhima and he made sure he’ll protect her no matter what and Vansh held Aryan’s collar from back making sure he didn’t dare touch Riddhima.

Angre: Don’t you dare take another step Aryan, or else I’ll forget what’s your relation with Vansh and Ishani. (he was clearly angry and was not going to bear any troubling step towards her). And you’ll never understand what I feel for her, because for that humanity is needed and today you lost all rights to be called a human. So back off before I kick you.

Vansh and others were amused the way Angre stood for Riddhima. Vansh felt something strange and decided to talk to him later. Riddhima felt like she has some connection with him which she is unable to understand.

Aryan: Woahh!!! This girl definitely has something in her, or else just imagine how come she attracted all the boys of the house. You seem to be an expert in trapping boys.  Isn’t it? Now stop this drama and come. Don’t pretend as if you are a so called sanskari. Bhai, I pretty well understand these types of girls. They are just__

Before he could complete his shit, he received a tight punch on his face and this time it was Vansh. His eyes were burning with rage and he couldn’t handle any more

Vansh: Don’t you dare Aryan. Dare you say a word against Riddhima. I swear I will forget the relation we share.

Rudra came from behind and slapped Aryan hard that he fell directly on Riddhima’s feet. The anger he has been trying to vent from evening was finally out and he was not in any mood to hear a word against his daughter not at any cost. Riddhima who was stunned seeing how come every person was standing for her respect, felt touched by their support, love, and care. She felt like all she wanted for all these years was happening. She felt like she got something she lost.

Aryan: How dare you!!! You raised your hand on your friend’s son for this girl who’s nowhere connected to you?

This statement came as a shock for both Angre and Vansh. They were shell shocked. All this while they thought Riddhima is Rudra and Chanchal’s daughter about whom they didn’t knew but the truth was far more than they could expect. Angre’s hopes started rising.

Vansh went to Riddhima and made her sit on the couch and

Vansh: Riddhima, I know the pain and trauma you are going through. I can feel the storm raging in your heart. I can feel your soul crying. But I want to tell you only one thing, if you won’t pull all those memories and fight back, you can’t get rid of them. They are going to haunt you all your life.

Angre: Riddhima, you need to face it and vent out all your anger, frustration, hatred, fear, every other emotion related to that incident needs to be vented out. If you want to cry, cry your heart but make sure you won’t cry for the same reason once again. We all are here for you, just once and for all try to face the situation and

Vansh and Angre (together): and remove that incident related memories from your heart and soul. Please face it for us.

The way they were encouraging Riddhima came as a shocker to everyone. All were wondering why and how come they understood the pain and trauma she was going through. They didn’t know that these 3 had some special bond and this bond was connected through their hearts and emotions were linked to it.

Riddhima was happy and puzzled seeing 2 unknown guys whom she met that day understood her trauma and were encouraging her to face and vent out her emotions. She stared at Angre first and the at Vansh and then at Rudra who was signalling her to follow her heart and he is with her. She felt like she has the whole support of the world.

Aryan who was totally high on this drama, he started his arrogance talks and was using bad words for Riddhima when suddenly, he received another tight slap and then another and then another. He was stunned how he received 3 slaps at a time and he was on rage to see who’s that who dared slap him and when he turned his head, he was shocked to hell while others were having a smile on their faces, because the one who slapped him now was…none other than…Riddhimaa!!!!

Yes, you read it right, finally Riddhima stood against her fear, she conquered her fear, those haunting memories, her hatred was on high level that the hatred, the fear which were stopping her from fighting and standing for herself were conquered and she finally stood for her self-respect. She finally won over her trauma, she won over those haunting memories. Though not fully, she was prepared to face all those memories so that she can fight back. She stood for herself as she had support from her family, friends and this support was like support from the world for her. Everyone had a broad smile as she did what they wanted her to do. Rudra, Chanchal and Sejal knew that their girl is back. The fierce Riddhima who never let anyone touch her, never let anyone hurt her emotions was back. They were happy. Sejal ran and hugged her friend tight which was joined by Ishani and Siya. Aryan who was pissed and angry as his ego was hurt, was shocked at the fact that a girl whom he overpowered few hours back and dragged her for his evil motives now hit him and stood strong in front of him. He couldn’t bear this insult. He decided to take his revenge and proceeded to hurt her and was stopped by Vansh, Angre and Amar. Before he could react and say something, their attention was grabbed by someone who entered the house, they were… police. Aryan was shocked and looked at others while everyone was wondering who could have called them. They wanted to but they didn’t call as they thought they’ll call once after Riddhima gets ready for giving her statement. Aryan looked at Riddhima angrily, while Riddhima herself was clueless as to who informed police.

Precap: Everyone hears a voice who says that they called the Police

So that’s all for today. Hope you guys are enjoying and please do comment and let me know your views and suggestions if any needed.

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