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RadhaKrishn 16th November 2020 Written Episode Update: A Tough Moment For Krishna

RadhaKrishn 16th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Achyuta tells Sam that even if a son is weak, parents always protect him, so he should drop his anger. Sam asks what she wants to says. She says one gets Govind/god via Guru, so he should apologize rishi Sandipani and request him to return his powers. Sam shouts he will never do that. Achyuta says he should convince rishi Sandipani that he is capable of changing himself and deserves his powers. She continues that everyone loves him, his mother, father, Radha, and even she loves him. He says she hates him and always punished him. Achyuta says he is like her son and she came for him. Sam goes to rishi Sandipani and apologizing him requests to return his powers as he is nothing without them. Rishi Sandipani warns him to go away and he should apologize Krishna instead. Sam shout he will never apologize Krishna. Rishi Sandipani gets angry and says he made another sin by insulting Krishna again and warns him to get out of his ashram, else he will curse him. Sam denies. On the other side, Radha tells Krishna that he did right by convincing Sam to apologize Rishi Sandipani and via her superpowers seeing Rishi Sandipani dragging Sam out asks what will he do now. Krishna says he will teach something to Rishi Sandipani which he was trying to learn since years and will request him to forgive Sam.

Rishi Sandipani drags Sam out of ashram and warns him to go or else he will curse him. Achyuta stops him and requests to forgive Sam. Rishi Sandipani says Sam did a sin of insulting Krishna, so nobody should stop him or else he will send even Achyuta out. Achuyta says she will teach him the knowledge which he was trying to gain since years and which even Abhimanyu couldn’t, breaking chakravyuha. Rishi Sandipani says its impossible as only Krishna knows about it. Achyuta asks to trust her and says Krishna himself will come here to teach him breaking chakravyuha. She turns into Krishna. Rishi Sandipani asks if he was playing prank with his guru and asks reason. Krishna says he Sam was troubling all gurus, so he had to come disguised to teach Sam. Rishi Sandipani praises Krishna. Sam shouts that Krishna tricked him again and punished him a lot. Rishi Sandipani says he is lucky to get a caring father. Sam continues shouting. Krishna requests him to forgive Sam. Rishi Sandipani says he will give him mild curse and says Sam should return to Dwarka with Krishna and if he tries to get out of Dwarka without Krishna’s permission, he will be so weak that even a small insect can kill him. Once he leaves, Radha asks Sam to calm down, but he shouts that all his problems are because of Radha and continues insulting her and Krishna.

Krishna and Radha return to Dwarka with Anirudh, Ulmukh, Nishat, and Sam. Everyone greet them. Jambavati gets emotional seeing him and says she is seeing him after so many years. Sam says why there is ritual to separate children from mother. She says that is going on since ages and they cannot change it. Revati meets her sons and Rukmavati her son. Family bonding continues. Radha brings their sister Vatsala who gets angry and all 3 brothers try to console her. She asks about her gift. Ulmukh and Nishat say Sam has got her gift. Sam gives her precious diamonds and says they all 3 gathered it for her. Balram asks why they came 1 year before. Krishna reminisces all the events happened in ashram.

Precap: Krishna tells Radha its a silence before flood. Sam convinces Jambavati who requests Krishna to let her and Sam go out of Dwarka without anyone’s permission for marriage arrangements.

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