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Qurbaan Hua 17th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Neel is balmed for replacing the gold coins with the fake coins

Qurbaan Hua 17th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chahat is unconscious in the back of the truck when Baleq is driving it to a distinct location.
Neel comes out of the room, he sees that each and every mirror of the room has been covered and there is a note where she has asked him to wear the kurta with the colour which she likes as he would look nice in it, when he wears the Kurta, Jamuna calls him mentioning that he should come downstairs as everyone is waiting for him. Neel tries calling Chahat however she is not answering the phone and he wonders where she might have gone.
Baleq brings the big vase, ordering that he set it on the ground, Godamabri inquires how much is Viyas jee donating at which Baleq mentions that he is donating all the money which has been gathered from the past five years, Godamabri tries to take some of the stones from the thali, Baleq stops her mentioning hat she should stop this act as he is planning a master plan for them so she should not be so low.
Bopho asks Neel that he should go downstairs and not remain sitting like this because Viyas jee is waiting for him, Neel answers that he would come down like this as everyone would say that he came back as a means of ruin for them all so Viyas should ask Chahat to fulfil the rituals.
The local people of the village praise Viyas jee for providing them with the money, then he explains that he would not be the one but it will be his son, however he is worried as to why did Neel not come till now, Bopho comes asking Viyas jee to come with him then explains that he is not ready to come downstairs, Viyas jee explains that he knows that Neel has lost all his confidence after the incident.
Baleq pleads with Viyas jee to start the pooja as Chahat would soon come to the pooja, Neel is constantly trying to call her but then sees that she is in the kalash, he immediately runs to the Kalish ordering everyone to stop pouring the water, he jumps in then lifts Chahat out of it.
They try waking her but she doesnot respond and when she finally regains consciousness, they all inquire what had happened, she explains that there was a puppy in the kalash and she got hurt while trying to protect the puppy, everyone from the village starts calling names to Neel mentioning that he has bene punished by god as he might have done something after which his face has been turned like this, Neel is not able to listen so runs inside.
Chahat goes after him, he is no state to talk and constantly pleads to go into the house, she asks him to count backwards as then he would calm down, he mentions that he is very lucky she is with him as then how would he be able to bear such a thing.
Chahat brings Neel outside then starts accusing everyone mentioning that they were saying how she can be with Neel but she doesnot have to be with him as he is her love and she would always be with him then when she is fighting someone from the crowd realizes that the coins are fake as they are just covered with the colour of gold, after which Baleq mentions that the blame for this would be on Neel and he would be thrown out of the house.
A reporter starts recording at which Baleq says that he should not record this, Viyas jee stops him saying that if the coins are fake then how can they stop anyone from recording this, Godambari is with Naveli explaining that she has now understood what Baleq was talking about because he is the one who stole the real coins so that the entire blame comes on Neel.
Viyas jee mentions that Neel was the one to order the coins and how can he be so careless, Neel explains that he ordered the coins with great care as the jeweller even weighted them when he was on a video call with him then how can they be fake, Viyas jee responds that even then they got changed because of his lack of responsibility as he thought that after the whole pandemic situation the poor would be able to make something of themselves from the gold coins that are of the Mandir but instead the entire Dhiani family are ashamed in front of the entire village as they were in charge of the Mandir and because of Neel they were not able to fulfil their rights towards the villagers and he is not responsible enough.

Precap: Neel packs his bag and also orders that they both will leave the house at the same time and as soon as they step outside she is free to go wherever she desires as he cannot bear that she lives with someone like him, Chahat stops him mentioning that they would have to first find out who placed the fake coins in the kalish.

Update Credit to: Sona

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