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Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose 16th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Khudiram Gets Arrested

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose 16th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Sarath and Satish get ready to leave for Calcutta. Subhi emotionally hugs Sarath. Sarath asks him to take care of himself and study well. Prabha suggests them to leave now as they will get late. Prabha taunts that she gets late for train always. Prabha says she came late last time and saved them all from train accident. Sarath says they will leave now. Prabha asks him to travel safely and study well.

Dinesh buys new clothes and shoes for himself and Khudiram. Khudiram gets happy wearing them and says he wants to show it to his village friends. Dinesh says he is still a kid, they have to run wearing these shoes after assassinating Kingsford and if they fail, they should carry gun for their safety.

Pandit brings alliance for Satish. Prabha says they need a proper alliance according to their custom and he can return after a few days with good alliance. Subhi and Rono walk down for school. Prabha says Subhi’s school shoes are torn, so he can skip school today. Rono leaves for school. Janaki walks in and asks why Subhi didn’t go to school today. Prabha says she told him as his school shoes are torn. Janaki asks Subhhi to go to his room and tells Prabha that Subhi would never skip a school and would have himself used siblings’ shoes, something is wrong and she needs to find out.

Prabha’s mother tries to convince Akshay and Ajith to consider Barrister Manmath for Vibha instead of Sarath who is jobless. Vibha hears their conversation. Ajith says Vibha herself approved Sarath. Manmath walks in. Mother greets him in and asks Vibha to serve him juice. Ajith hearing Manmath speaking in English asks him to speak in their mother tongue Hindi as someone told in Swadesi mela. Manmath says he doesn’t know what swadesis are trying to do and doesn’t like their views. Vibha reminisces Sarath supporting swadesi goods and his love for mother land. In Cuttack railwaystation, Satish and Suresh enjoy pakodas while Sarath stands holding malpua reminscing Vibha bringing it for family. Satish taunts him. Postman gives him letter. He says its for Subhi from Vibha. Satish says its for him instead and asks to read. Sarath reads it to come and meet her and thinks how to give this letter to Subhi.

Khudiram with Dinesh throws bomb at Kingsford’s car and escapes. He walks in railway station limping. Policemen suspect and try to catch him. He falls down and gun also falls down from his waist. Police arrest him. Tauji notices that and returning home asks Janaki not to send children to school today as he saw a horrifying event today. Janaki asks what did he see. He says he saw a small kid carrying gun and must have come to murder someone.

Precap: Janaki reads newspaper and informs family that Khudiram threw bomb at Kingsford’s car. Police arrests Aurobindo’s team and a few college students for possessing vandemataram news paper.
Subhi hugs Prabha worriedly and says she is worried for Sarath.

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