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Mere Sai 16th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Kulkarni Sarkar tortures Sumati

Mere Sai 16th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai, Udhav and Bheema are collecting fodder. Chandu brings Chandorkar ji and Radha ji there. Sai is cutting fodder to help his devotee. They all smile. Chandu tells Sai that they have come to meet him. Chandorkar ji asks him if the one who runs the world is trying to help his devotees. Sai smiles. Chandorkar ji offers to do it but Sai advises him to rest first. Chandorkar ji says you have done so much for us. We can atleast do this much for you. Radha ji seconds him. We really want to help you in some way. Let us do this as you hear every wish of your devotees. Sai agrees. Chandorkar ji and Radha ji start cutting the fodder.

Sai lights a diya in front of Tulsi in Dwarkamai and folds his hands.

Raghav is working in the fields. Santa and Banta shout at him as he stops for a moment to wipe the sweat off his face. Sumati continues attending the classes. She later teaches the lesson to Ashok at home. Days pass by like this. It is Saturday again. Raghav goes to offer oil to Hanuman ji’s idol in Sakori again. Rukmani gives almonds to Ashok stealthily and hugs him. Santa and Banta seem to be only pretending to sleep. They stand up as soon as Raghav returns and picks the axe. They give him difficult work. He chants Om Sai Ram and is able to do it without much difficulty. Santa and Banta are boggled to see him thus. Rama cries seeing Ashok wiping the utensils. Sai continues helping Sumati by giving her the fodder after the classes.

Sumati asks her Baba if he spoke to Sarkar. He says I know his answer already. There is no point. Sumati is hopeful but even Rama is sure Sarkar wont agree. He will keep us as his servant for a lifetime if it was up to him. Sumati asks her why. Rama says education makes us strong and capable. Someone who is trying to make us their servant will never allow it to happen. Sumati has faith in Sai. We have to ask him though. She requests her father once again. We can only do our karma. We must make sure Ashok gives his exam tomorrow. He has worked so hard. Sai has worked so hard for him. Wont it be wrong if we wont even try? Raghav says your Aayi is right. Only Sai can do a miracle now! She walks out saying that she will ask Sarkar himself. Rama sends her husband after Sumati.

Sai asks for neem leaves in alms from a lady.

Sarkar asks Sumati and raghav what they want. Sumati requests him to give a day’s leave to Ashok tomorrow. Sarkar laughs. He will give exam without studying? Who do you think he is? Sumati says he really want to give exam. He will write as much as he can. Please give him permission. Sarkar calls him servant. That’s what he will be his entire life. Sumati says you only said that we will be able to leave once we repay your debt. This exam can shape his future. I will work on his behalf. Please let him go tomorrow. Sarkar asks her if this is a dharamshala where people can come and go as they please. Pay me my debts first and then you can go wherever you want to. Sumati begs him but it only angers Sarkar. What else can the devotees of a Fakir do! Your father is under so much debt that freeing one of you for a day will delay it for another 5 years. What’s the point of giving exam anyways? Sumati calls injustice. I can also calculate and I am sure this cannot be true. Raghav tries to stop her but she is sure this isn’t true. We all know how debts are calculated here. Sarkar fumes. How dare you! She says I only came to request you but your words tell me that you are doing this intentionally. Show us how much we owe you and how has it been calculated. Sarkar says should he show calculations to someone who knows nothing. Sumati repeats that she knows calculations. Whatever I don’t know, I can show to Srikanth Sir to figure out the truth. Sarkar thinks she is trying to manhandle him but no one can mess with me. He laughs evilly. I will just show it to you. He goes inside.

Bheema comes to tell Sai about Chandu. Sai asks him to take him to Chandu. Bheema nods.

Sarkar comes to his room and is furious with Sumati for daring to question him. Tejasvi says let’s do it. You haven’t done anything wrong this time anyways. Raghav is illiterate so you wrote things as per your wish and made him put his thumb impression. Sarkar says if Sumati sets the tradition to Srikanth then everyone will follow her example. People who have not been asking me questions because of fear earlier will start questioning me now! Tejasvi asks him what he is thinking. Sarkar says I will give her what she is asking for. She will end up wondering how she dare could ask for it. He picks up a box, throws the papers kept inside and goes to the kitchen. Tejasvi follows him. She notices him looking at the burning coal.

Chandu is screaming in pain. He has burnt his right hand. Sai asks them how it happened. Bheema shares that Chandu was adding coal to the fire but the fire aggravated and Chandu got hurt. Sai tells Bheema to make a lep using the neem leaves.

Sarkar asks Sumati to extend her hand and see the compulsion of her father’s burden. You will then realise that one should never question Sarkar. She extends her hand. Sarkar drops pieces of hot coal on her hand. Sumati winces in pain. She runs to her hut. Raghav fumes but Sarkar warns him to keep his voice low. I will send you and your family to jail tomorrow. Raghav reasons that this is against law but Sarkar calls his actions lawful. Raghav says we bore everything till date as we were afraid but we aren’t afraid anymore. You cannot do any worse. I wont sit quietly now. I wont let anyone trouble my daughter. She is my pride. Sarkar smiles. I haven’t told you what fear really is! He asks Santa and Banta to beat Raghav. They are more than happy to oblige.

Bheema gives the lep to Sai. Sai mixes udi in it. It will hurt for some time but then it will be fine.

Rama and Ashok are pained to see Sumati’s condition. Rama curses Sarkar. He must pay for his misdeeds one day. She dips Sumati’s hand in cold water.

Sai applies the lep on Chandu’s arm. Chandu continues writhing in pain all along. Sai looks up once he is done. Chandu’s pain disappears in few seconds. The wounds heal and his arm looks normal once again.

Sumati’s hand heals as well. She opens her eyes in surprise. Even Rama and Ashok are stunned to see her hand perfectly alright.

Chandu looks at his hand in surprise. Everyone smiles in relief. Sai tells Chandu he is fine now. Chandu says how a wound cannot heal with your touch. I don’t feel any pain.

Precap: Sarkar threatens to send Raghav’s family to jail tomorrow. You can give exam then! You can continue trusting this Fakir. He challenges Sai to use his black magic and save them if he can!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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