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Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 16th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Nia shares with Kabir about New York Trip

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 16th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Nia and Kabir holding hands and looking in each other’s eyes. Kabir says Nia…since I first saw you, I wanted to tell you that…now, here and says I can’t back off now as I really, really love you. He says if you have any doubt or need any doubt then tell me. Nia recalls about going to Newyork for 2 years course. Door bell rings continuously…..They open the door and find police Inspector standing. Police Inspector says that they got the complaint from here. He asks to call the house owner. Nia says my dad is not here. Inspector asks Nia if the guy is threatening him then blink her eyes twice, then I will understand. Nia looks at Kabir and blinks her eyes naturally. Inspector says so he is threatening you and says we will do enquiry. Amber and Guneet come home. Inspector tells that he got the call, that someone entered the house forcibly and troubling a girl. Amber asks Inspector to have tea. Inspector thanks Amber. Guneet understands that Amber must have called Inspector and tells that this is not tea time. She asks Inspector what is the punishment for making a fake call to Police. Inspector says such person is taken to the PS and beaten up. He says last week, an old man was beaten up in the lock up for the fake call. Amber says it is not easy to locate the caller. Guneet says Inspector will do it. Amber gets tensed.

Inspector asks Constable to find out the person wasting their time. Nia tells Inspector that surely there might be a misunderstanding, and if they have any problem then will call him. Inspector leaves.

Nia looks at Amber’s face. Guneet and Kabir also look at him. Amber makes an innocent face. Kabir says I will go and will meet in the evening. Nia says why will you go, whoever has spread the mess, will pick it too. She takes him with her. Amber gets tensed.

Nia tells Kabir that they have lost much time already and now they shall not hide anything and keep any secrets. She tells that she has to go to Newyork for CEO training and says she doesn’t want to force anything on him. She says I really love you. Kabir says for how many days you have to go? Nia says 2 years. Kabir holds her hand and kisses on it emotionally.

Guneet and Amber come to the hospital. Doctor does the ultrasound scan of Guneet. She says scan is excellent and makes them hear the baby’s heart beat. She says everything seems to be perfect. Amber and Guneet smiles and gets emotional. Amber holds her hand tightly. Guneet says ouch and pats on his hand. Doctor says it happens after hearing baby’s heart beat. Guneet gets teary eyes.

Guneet asks Amber why is he getting nervous? She says this is my first time, but not yours. Amber says this is also my first time after 50. He tells that when he goes to drop the baby to school then they will think him as his grand daughter. Guneet asks him to calm down and makes him heart his, her and their baby’s heart beat. She says we will be one life and three bodies. She says the baby will love you like Nia loves you. Kajal asks Nia, how was her first time? Nia says nothing happened? Shri asks Kabir to tell what happened in his ear? Kabir says I will hit you. Kajal says ok, I am leaving you for last time. Shri says you are forgetting your friend now. Kabir asks he has waited for Nia since 5 years, and can wait for 2 more years. Shri says long distance don’t work usually. Nia asks why are they talking as if we are sitting separately. They laugh as they are sitting together.

Dr. Pandey asks Guneet why is he upset? Guneet says he might have some tension. Dr. Pandey asks if he is thinking about Nia and Kabir. Guneet says marriage.

Precap: Amber tells that they are thinking about Nia and Kabir’s future. Kabir asks Amber what did he decide about them. Amber says we will decide the marriage date after Diwali, says when the baby comes then he will have jija also along with Didi.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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