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Love Makes Life Beautiful Episode 56

Hai friends I’m back with another episode. Thank you so much for commenting and supporting me. Please keep supporting let’s go to episode.

Anurag and Prerna come out of the doctor’s room. Others gather around them looking at their face in anxiety.

Anurag and Prerna : Keerthi is fine now hurray…

They start to jump in joy and hug each other.
Anurag: The treatment was successful..kidney functions will slowly become normal
Kartik and Naira hug each other in joy.
Mishti is about to hug Abir..but realises that no one knows about their love …they share their happiness by holding their hands tighter.

Naksh breaks down. Kartik turns to go to him

Manish: Kartik…let him alone…he was choking with feelings for long let him cry it out and become normal

Kartik: Ji papa

Naksh slowly goes to Keerthi and sits near her and Keerthi rests her head on his chest

Naksh: Keerthi…you scared me a lot..I’m sorry for letting you alone to Lucknow

Keerthi: Naksh..don’t say sorry…it was beyond our control…

Naksh: I love you (he kisses her forehead)

Keerthi: I love you too

The scene freezes.

Its been 15 days since Keerthi’s reports came as positive. As per Viren’s plan all the families go to a resort for a picnic. Akash and Naina join them.Komolika too is in the same resort with her friends.
The youngsters are sitting in a round table and it’s night time. Sara is sleeping peacefully with Maa and Papa.

Kartik: Arrey kya yaar such a great night and we are sitting here doing nothing

Naira:What about a game

Abir: Truth or dare


Kartik: I’ll get a bottle to spin.

Kartik gets up and goes to the counter.
Kartik: Bro do you have an empty champagne bottle ?

The server: Yes sir…

Kartik gets the bottle and turns to leave and bumps on a girl

Kartik: Sorry miss..hey..Aashi

Aashi: Hey Kartik…it’s been so long since we met

Kartik: Haan..it was in school

Aashi: How are you.

Kartik: Handsome as usual..by the way you are here

Aashi: With family…its dadu’s 75th birthday celebration

Kartik: Thats great..

Aashi: What about you

Kartik: With family..a small get together…why don’t you join us if you are free

Aashi: Sure why not

Both of them go to the others.
Kartik: Hey guys this is Aashi my school bestie and Aashi this is my family…you already know most of them and

Anurag: She will know the others during the course of the game..it’s getting late Kartik

Kartik and Aashi settle down.

The bottle spins and stops pointing Aakash and Keerthi…it’s AKASH’s turn to answer.

Keerthi: So it’s my time to ask..you choose

Akash: I’m an honest police officer so Truth it is

Viren who is sitting near Keerthi whispers something in her ears

Akash: Hey no cheating..Keerthi you must ask what you want..don’t get influenced by Viren

Keerthi: So the question is..have you ever lied to Naina?

Naina: Waah Keerthi you have asked my long time question..

Akash: Waise I haven’t lied …

Viren coughs..

Akash: Except once..

Naina stares at him

Akash: Arrey sorry yaar…it was just a small lie…one day saying that I was at work..I was actually with Yash consoling him on his breakup…he didn’t want anyone to know so…

Naira: Wow Akash bhai so honest

Kartik: A round of applause for Akash

Akash: Naina…that was my first and last lie…

Naina: How do I know that it is the truth

Viren: Arrey we can’t do a lie detector here..maan jao na

Naina bursts out laughing..

The bottle spins again..and stops pointing Abir and Jeevika…it’s Jeevika’s turn to answer

Abir: Jeevika didi truth or dare

Jeevika: I go with…dare

Abir: Wow…so what do I ask you to do..hmm…didi..you have to kiss jiju in the public

Viren: Thank you yaar Abir…I love you

Jeevika blushes but accepts as everyone insists on it.

Prerna: Arrey Jeevika just close your eyes if you are so shy.

Jeevika kisses Viren..

Everyone cheer them…

The bottle spins again..and stops pointing Mishti and Prerna.

Its Prerna’s turn to answer

Mishti: Didi..is it truth or dare

Prerna: Truth

Mishti: Safe …so..what I ask is…tell us about…your darkest secret that no one knows

Prerna: That isn’t possible…Jeevika knows everything..

Mishti: Oh my…

Abir gets up and goes to Mishti and whispers something in her ears..Kartik and Naira giggle among themselves

Mishti: So then I’ll ask it in this way..have you ever hidden anything from Jeevika bhabhi

Jeevika: Wow Abir…nice one huh

Kartik: Abir always cares for everyone Hena (in a mocking tone)

Abir smiles sheepishly and sits down.

Prerna: Woh…actually in high school a guy gave me love letter …he was actually  a good friend of Jeevika..I threw away the letter and never told Jeevika about it..

Kartik: Honest answer

Naira: Super didi


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