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LOVE, LIFE, SECRETS: Answers lie within – CHAPTER 27

CHAPTER 27: Need to find a way

(A week after Ranveer and Shivaay met Siddharth and Om met Dushyant)

A week had passed since Ranveer and Abir had visited Siddharth…. They had trusted Siddharth that he would provide the necessary information and so it happened….
The next day Siddharth had himself come to the police station with the employee who was using the number Tia had contacted over the past months…. Upon enquiry it had been revealed that he was helping Tia by giving her all the updates of Ranas…. He had also confessed that Tia paid him a good amount of money to do the work and he had readily agreed to help her…. Siddharth had filed a complaint against the man for cheating and got him put behind the bars….

Mishti had checked the documents Siddharth had presented and they believed whatever the employee and Siddharth had told….

It was another dead end and Ranveer and team were again back to square one…. The only hope that they could find any clue related to the murderer had also died for the time being…. They had to find some other way now…. High profile murder cases involving reputed business families always led to many dead ends before the actual truth was out….

Mishti: The call records were one way to find out any clue related to the murderer, now even that has been ruled out.

Ranveer: I know but we have to keep working, we have to find the killer at any cost.

Priyanka: But what will we do now?

Abir: I think we should start from a different angle now, all the while we have been thinking about the murder from anyone or any enmity related to Tia, but maybe we are wrong and it is not directly related to Tia.

Mishti: That can be the case, maybe Tia was the not the direct victim but got indirectly involved.

Ranveer: It can be possible sensing that we have not found any valid reason for her murder; it can be true that she was only a victim of the circumstances.

Priyanka: So, you mean maybe they killed Tia to only take revenge from either the Kapoors or my family.

Mishti: Maybe, we need to dig into the history of both the families if we have to be sure about anything before we come to any conclusion.

Ranveer: It can be true, let us try from a different angle now, let us check the family’s past.

Abir: Priyanka, don’t get me wrong, but do you know anyone who could do this to harm your family or specifically, your Shivaay Bhaiya?

Priyanka got into thinking…. There were so many people whom her Shivaay Bhaiya would have offended intentionally or unintentionally…. His attitude did not go well with many in the business world so he had many rivals and enemies…. But considering Tia was killed, maybe more than professional, it was a personal enmity…. And the only person who would have this much hatred for Shivaay was Siddharth Vikram Rana, both professionally and personally…. But then nothing about the Ranas was suspicious….

Priyanka: The only person I can think of is Siddharth Rana, he so wishes to destroy Bhaiya, both for professional and personal reasons.

Mishti: But nothing seems suspicious about Mr. Rana.

Abir: Nothing may seem suspicious at this point, but we cannot be sure. Let us take a dig of his activities.

Ranveer: Hmm, we need to find all information about the activities of the Ranas.


Siddharth was relieved that his brother’s and family’s name was now away from the controversy of the murder….

Only if even one person got the slightest idea of Ranas being related to Tia, hell would break lose as people, police and media would come with the possibilities of Ranas being involved in the murder….

Already women had been a strong reason for the hatred relation between Oberois and Ranas, first Janhvi and then Mallika, he just wished Tia to not add on to that list….
He did not know for how long the truth would be hidden…. He knew one day or the other Oberois would know and so before that he had to sort the matter and makes circumstances that would keep his family away from the mess…. One wrong move and all his years of hard work could come down crumbling….

It was high time; he had to make his professional and personal life stable….

He had to make amends in his relation with Mallika…. The recent incident of Tia’s sudden death and his brother’s broken state had made Siddharth realize the mistake he had been doing for the past two years, what if Mallika left him and the only memories he would have with her would be his hatred filled words and her pain filled tears…. No…. He had already done enough damage to their relation, he would not continue doing the same mistake again…. He would make things right with Mallika as soon as the chaos created by Tia’s murder was cleared…. He had to apologize and repent before it was too late….


Soumya and Gauri were really busy the entire week as they had to manage two important events…. With the company’s name in suspicion Gauri did not want to lose any clients and was working very hard…. Seeing Gauri with loads of work, Rudra and Soumya had decided to take a break from the investigation and let Soumya be there to help Gauri…. Rudra was also busy with his college submissions as his exams would start from next month…. Romi and he had come back to their initial friendship…. Rudra knew that Romi and Tia had lied to him and his family but he also understood their reasons behind the same…. Romi stayed away from Rudra after the confrontation but after Rudra talked to her, things had become somewhat normal…. Rudra was lost in thoughts as to how to help his family and solve the case…. Soumya and he had decided to meet the next day and continue with the investigation….

Soumya: So, finally we have some time from our schedule to work on the case.

Rudra: Yeah, the entire week was too hectic. Finally some time to get back to our detective modes.

Rudra said getting into his agent Rudy avatar and Soumya let out a chuckle…. Over the last few days they had become good friends…. Soumya was amazed by Rudra’s cheerful nature even in such serious situation…. He would lift up anyone’s mood and make the atmosphere stress free….

Soumya: Of course Agent Rudy, finally you are going to solve a very important case.

Rudra: Yes, Agent Soumya, we’ll together solve the matter.

Both of them laughed at each other’s antics….


Ishana and Omkara were also busy with their respective works…. Om had been quiet busy and hardly met Ishana twice during the entire week…. He had an important art exhibition coming up the next week and he had to fulfill his professional commitments…. Ishana was also busy with the completion of her previous story edits…. They both understood each other’s work commitments and had given a break to Tia’s murder investigation…. Things had changed between them over the past week…. Although they couldn’t meet each other in person, they were in constant touch through calls and messages…. They had gone all the way from being acquaintances to becoming good friends over the past few days…. Ishana had visited Om’s gallery once and was mesmerized by all his works…. She could feel the in depth emotions his paintings portrayed…. Om was also amazed as to how she understood what he wanted the world to feel…. He had met very few people who understood his works with accuracy…. Ishana had officially declared herself as his biggest fan…. Om had also gifted her a painting that she had very excitedly put in her living room…. And somehow seeing his painting being in her living room had given Om a completely different happiness…. A happiness he could not describe in words….

Omkara: Don’t worry Ishana, I’ll reach on time tomorrow and we’ll restart our work on the case with great enthusiasm.

Ishana: I don’t know about enthusiasm, but yeah, we need to start working soon. Abir also told me that even they have been stuck up at the same place since a week.

Omkara: Ishana did you….

Ishana: No Om, I didn’t tell Abir or anyone about Tia and Dushyant, and don’t worry I won’t tell it without your permission.

Omkara: How did you know I wanted to ask this?

Ishana: Om, I am good in reading people and you are an open book so very easy to understand.

There was a moment of silence as Om admired Ishana’s easy to get along nature…. With their initial meetings he had concluded that they would take a long time to get along but he did not know it then that what he thought to be complicated was actually very simple…. He smiled thinking about their first meeting at her house when she had concluded that he was a stalker…. Ishana’s voice brought him out of his thoughts….

Ishana: Om, are you listening?

Omkara: Yeah, so….

Ishana: So, nothing, we’ll talk tomorrow then, bye and good night.

Omkara: Good night.

A stupid smile made its place on their faces as they disconnected the calls….

Om had never felt this kind of connection with anyone in his life…. Ishana was sure that she had developed a crush for Om, but then had also chided herself for acting like a teenager….

Whatever lay ahead was all the work of time and destiny….


Shivaay had been busy the entire week owing to the foreign deal he had worked hard for…. The foreign clients had come on a short notice and Tej had given all responsibilities to Shivaay…. The deal was very important for the Oberois especially in this situation…. But even through all this he would take regular updates on the case from Ranbir or Prachi…. Many a times he wanted to directly talk to Anika but something in him would stop him…. Maybe his ego that wanted Anika to call him…. But Anika also being stubborn had not called him even once, she would send messages either through Prachi or Ranbir….

Both Prachi and Ranbir understood that these too were just showing each other attitude but couldn’t do much to change the situations….

Prachi and Ranbir had developed a good friendship over the period as many a times they would end up working together on the case…. When Siddharth had informed them about the employee whom Tia was in touch with and his cheating with the Ranas, there one way to find any clue had been closed…. Anika and Prachi had tried thinking from various angles but nothing seemed to give any results…. Nothing could reason out for Tia’s murder….

Prachi: Nothing, nothing seems to give even a slightest clue for this case.

Anika: You are right Prachi, nothing seems suspicious about Tia. I still don’t understand why someone would kill her?

Prachi: Oh, how did we forget about that?

Anika: About what?

Prachi: The documents we had about Kapoors and Oberois, we completely forgot about that.

Anika: Oh yes, we had to talk to Shivaay also about that.

Prachi: I think we should talk to Sir about this as soon as possible, it can be related to Tia’s case.

Anika: Yes, we’ll talk to Shivaay tomorrow only.

Unknown to Prachi or anyone Anika had been working hard on collecting proofs about Kapoors and Oberois and their relation over the years…. She had found some shocking information and before coming to any conclusion, she wished to talk to Shivaay…. It was high time they put aside their attitude and talk about the important matter….


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