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Indiawaali Maa 16th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Rohan saves Kaku’s hardwork

Indiawaali Maa 16th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Cheenu saying we should not waste time on this 3d presentation, its not worth it. Kaku makes the designs on the papers. She works really hard. She sees time and goes. Rohan comes and smiles seeing her hardwork. He clicks pic of her designs. Kaku gets her bag. She picks all the papers of her designs. He calls her out. She leaves. He gets sad. Kirti sees Fawad working with Cheenu. He goes to get coffee. She asks do you plan to stay in office at night. Fawad says yes, madam has fired that aunty, she has to make the presentation. Kaku comes to office. The lady stops her from going inside without ID. Kaku says I kept ID card somewhere. The lady says its corporate policy. Kaku argues. She looks for the card and shows it. Kirti asks why did you come. Kaku says I have made the presentation to show to Cheenu. Kirti says you can show me. Kaku says no, Cheenu called me to work. Kirti says I can help you. Kaku shows the designs.

Kirti likes the designs. Kaku explains her. Kirti says its perfect, come we will take a copy and print out. Kaku says fine, I will get it done, how shall I put it. Kaku puts the paper in the machine. The paper gets torn. Kaku thinks the print will be good. Kirti goes. Fawad says the copy isn’t coming out. Kaku says I have put paper in it. He asks why did you put it in paper shredder, we put waste papers in it. She cries seeing her designs shredded. She says I had made it with hardwork. Cheenu asks did she come. She sees Kaku crying. Cheenu asks where is the presentation. Kaku says I had put it in this machine to take print, but everything is over. Rohan comes and says everything isn’t over.

He gives the print. He says I have saved it from getting ruined, I had taken pics of the presentation because it was so beautiful, I will upload pics and make presentation ready. He asks why are you crying now. Kaku says I don’t understand it, when will I learn it. Fawad says upload, we will go and make presentation ready. Cheenu asks her to come. Rohan connects the phone to laptop. He makes the presentation ready.

Kaku sees Cheenu seeing Rohan. She smiles. Rohan says its ready. He plays it on the screen. Cheenu likes it. Kaku says groom and bride may know each other, but when they see each other, time will stop. Rohan and Cheenu imagine themselves as groom and bride.

Kaku asks how do you like it. Cheenu says it was nice, there is one change, faces shouldn’t be seen. Rohan sees her. He says I will make changes and mail it. Cheenu goes. Rohan and Kaku come home. He looks for food. He says I will order some food. Kaku hugs him and thanks. He says its not a big thing. She says you have helped me, the way you got focussed and worked, the way you explained the presentation, I realized that everything isn’t finished, its a big thing for me, thank you.

He says Cheenu has no hopes from me, I m still a loser for her, she will never come back. She says I have cried a lot, you just care for Cheenu. He says I didn’t mean that. She says I m just joking, when a person loses everything, its start of his success, like you have learnt studies in childhood, you move on slowly with patience, faith and sincerity, I m with you, always, your parents will be with you.

Rohan says I m trying, but I have no faith in myself, what did I do, I left MBA in between, I have no qualifications, I want to walk, but there should be some way. He cries. Kaku says your path will open, your faith will return, I know this, the one who can openly talk about his weakness is brave, not everyone can do it, you just see, your courage will become your strength, everything will get fine. She hugs him. He goes to washroom. He closes the door and cries. Kaku prays for him.

Fawad says NRI’s clients’ manager called, the wedding is cancelled. Akshay says its a big loss for us. Cheenu asks Kaku to leave now.

Update Credit to: Amena

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