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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 17th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Happu surprises his family members

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 17th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Happu listening to Rajjo and Amma’s conversation using the spy machine. Amma tells that Happu will wear the shirt, brought by her. Rajjo tells that Happu’s choice was bad before marriage, but now his choice is changed and got better after marriage. Amma says you said right, that’s why he chose you. Happu and Manohar hear them. Beni asks them not to argue and think about some other gift. He asks Amma to think about shirt and asks Rajjo to think about cake for Happu’s birthday. Happu says that’s why I like my friend. Manohar says he made two fighting ladies end their fight. Beni asks them to focus. He asks how the jeans will be? Amma says yes, it will be good. Happu says I like lungi and not jeans. Beni asks if she likes pineapple flavor cake. Rajjo says ok. Beni says so it is decided. Happu says beni gave a bad idea to them. Manohar asks Happu to tell them what he needs. Happu asks why I am doing this test then.

Rajjo tells Malaika and kids that they have decided to give jeans and cake. Amma tells that it was her idea. Malaika and Kat ask Amma to say in low tone as even walls have ears. Happu comes there and asks what is the matter? Rajjo asks him to have food. Happu asks how they have planned his birthday? Rajjo pretends as if he reminded her of his birthday. Happu asks who asked you to give me blue jeans. Rajjo says I told Amma that you have many jeans. Happu says who asked you to plan pineapple cake. He says she should have thought something good. Amma slaps him and asks how did you know? Happu says he can see the future. Kat asks how did he know? Happu says he can know everything. Manohar uses the spy machine to know about Rajjo and Happu’s romance. Rajjo pushes Happu on bed and tries to get romantic with him. Happu thinks Manohar is on night duty today and tries to resist the romance. Rajjo tries to woo him with her romantic talks. Happu asks her to understand and says even wall has ears. Manohar says that ears are mine. Happu asks her to sleep and let me sleep. Rajjo says she will not let him sleep and dances, singing namak ishq ka…They sleep covering the blanket.

Next day, Happu comes to the PS and asks Manohar if he slept last night on duty. Manohar says he had watched film on mobile. Happu asks him to set up the spy machine. Manohar sings namak ishq ka…Happu asks why are you singing this song? Manohar says even wall has ears? Happu gets shocked and asks him to connect the spy machine with Amma’s room. Beni tells Amma that Happu is very clever to know. Amma slaps him. Beni asks did Happu ask you for anything? Amma says Happu will ask if Rajjo will stop. Rajjo says she don’t ask for gift daily. Happu gets happy. Rajjo says they shall give perfume to him as a gift. Amma says ok, bring it. He says he don’t like it and calls Rajjo. He tells her that he don’t like scent, but ittar. Rajjo asks how do you know? Happu says your husband is an Inspector. Amma asks if he came to know again, how? Rajjo gets thinking. Beni says I am in shock, how does Happu coming to know everything in detail. Ranbir, Chamchi and Hritik spy on him from outside the PS and come to know about the spy machine. Manohar says camera shall be fixed too.

Precap: The kids inform Rajjo, Amma and Beni about the spy machine.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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