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Hamariwali Good News 17th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Adi creates a scene

Hamariwali Good News 17th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Adi coming home drunk. He asks Navya why isn’t she telling him the truth. He says you think I won’t know it. He hurts her. She says you are hurting me. He says I m also hurt by your lie. She says everyone will get to know it. He says let them hear it. He shouts on her. He says you took a big step without telling me, you asked mum to take this big step for us, she will be becoming mum for our sake. He gets angry. She says we will go inside and talk. Kusum and Madhu come and see him. Kusum asks why is Adi getting angry on you. Navya says his friends made him drink, I will handle him. Adi shouts on her. Navya takes him inside the house. Mukund and Renuka come and look on. Adi says now I know my place in your eyes. He falls in Mukund’s feet. Mukund asks what’s all this. Navya says nothing. Mukund asks Renuka to answer, what does Adi know.

Renuka asks Adi to answer. Adi cries and says its Navya’s mistake, ask her. Renuka says you should solve it yourself, go to your room. She asks Navya to take Adi. Adi pushes Navya and falls down. Mukund scolds Adi. He asks Navya to move back and not touch Adi. He says I want to know the matter. He asks Adi to tell him. Adi says Navya thinks she is very smart. Renuka worries and slaps Adi to make him quiet. Kusum and Madhu look on. Renuka asks Adi to go to his room and not say a word against Navya. Navya cries and takes Adi. Kusum and Madhu leave.

Adi says you did a mistake, I got slapped, you forced mum to take this big decision, wow Navya, great, you are so selfish, what can I expect from you. Navya says enough, listen to me, Renuka took the decision herself, she forced me to take her to doctor, she got the tests done. Adi asks did you agree if she said, you didn’t think of discussing with me. She says she told me. He asks what will she face the society, how will she hide it, won’t she get insulted, will people not make fun of my mum. Renuka comes and stops him. She says leave Navya. She asks do you worry for your mum so much, you are scared of your insult. He says fine, what will the world say, they will say that we have some weakness. She says people will always joke, we are not thinking of the world, but ourselves, I want a child to come in this world. She cries and says you all go out for work, I want someone with me, who spends time with me. Adi says whatever mum says, its your mistake Navya, what did you do Navya, I will never forgive you. He goes. Navya cries and hugs Renuka.

Renuka comes to her room. She takes the pillow and goes out. Mukund is sleeping. Mana ke hum….plays…. She cries and doesn’t go out. She shuts the door. She lies on the bed, next to Mukund. She thinks distance increased with time, I have less time to end this distance. Mukund turns towards her. Its morning, Renuka sweeps the floor. Kusum comes to ask about Adi. Renuka says Adi has tension in office. Kusum says Guptain met me in the temple, she was asking a lot about Adi. Renuka says what can we do, Gautam was also there with Adi, he is habitual to drink, Adi doesn’t drink every day. Kusum says I will go and prepare my trip to Shimla, I got a lucky draw. Renuka says good, you can have fun. Kusum says everyone can take one couple along, husband and wife don’t get a chance to spend time. Renuka gets an idea. She says you are a liar, you call yourself my best friend, did you ask me if I will come to Shimla with Mukund. Kusum asks will you come, will Mukund agree.

Preeti likes Sandhya’s dishes. She says its good you have come here to stay, Alok got bored eating the food made by me. Sandhya says I will make good dishes for you also. Preeti says no, Alok doesn’t like me to gain weight. Sandhya gets angry. Mukund asks Shimla, no, I will not leave work and waste money. Kusum says everything is free there, we will go there and have fun. He says I can’t leave work. Kusum’s husband says you should get some time for yourself. Mukund says if Renuka wants to go, then you can take her. Renuka says I will see. She goes to Mukund. He asks what now. He counts money. She says look at yourself. He says I m fine. She says your bp stays high, doctor asked you to take a break, take a holiday from work. He asks is there any other story behind going to Shimla, you want to go there, you are making me a reason. She gets shocked.

Indu and Sumitra see Renuka in the hospital. Sumitra goes and sees Renuka talking to the doctor.

Update Credit to: Amena

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