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Hamariwali Good News 16th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Adi learns Renuka’s plan

Hamariwali Good News 16th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Renuka praying to find Anchal. She asks Lord to get Anchal back home. She cries. She sends an audio message to Anchal. She says everyone is worried for you, no one is upset with her, they want her back home. She asks Anchal to come back home and get family’s blessings for her future. Sumitra waits for Anchal. Adi brings Anchal home. Sumitra slaps Anchal. Adi asks her to listen to them first. He says Anchal was going to coffee shop, she fell down on meeting an accident, she called him for help, she was much scared. He recalls Anchal calling him home. She says so sorry, I couldn’t have not called you, I heard Renuka’s message, I thought she will be in trouble. He says come home. She says no, they will not forgive me. He makes some mud marks on her hand and asks her not to worry. He says you won’t say anything. FB ends. Sumitra checks Anchal’s hand. She asks did you get any other stain. Adi says no. Mukund says I think she is really hurt.

Sumitra asks Indu to take Anchal home. She says her Sasural shouldn’t know this. She asks Mukund to meet Sanjay and tell him to keep marriage in ten days. She says I will get Anchal married soon. She takes her phone. Navya comes and hugs Anchal. She asks Mukund to get Renuka home. Mukund asks why, can’t she come on own, she did a mistake so I made her out, I won’t welcome her home. Navya says please think about her, she will be glad if you go and take her. He asks did she think about this house duties. Navya says you can’t blame Renuka, she wasn’t at fault alone, everyone knows she thinks about this house’s happiness every day. He says then she would have come back home. He goes. Navya asks Adi to say something. Adi says its no use to talk to dad.

She says you should support your mum. He says I feel bad, more bad than you, I can’t change dad’s decision, I could have gone and get mum back. She asks him to think of Renuka, she is ready to take a big step to make them parents. He asks what big step, tell me. Renuka comes and stops Navya. She says its Mukund and my matter, don’t get in between, I m not a newly wed bride that he comes to call me, its my house, I have come back, its not a big thing, why do you always fight and argue. Navya hugs her. They cry.

Renuka takes Navya with her. She asks her not to say anyone till they succeed. Navyaasks will you forget your self esteem for my sake. Renuka says its just in films, Mukund gave me this big house, two children, his name and respect in society, I guess its self esteem, I m not much educated, I have to bring a new life in this world so that you get a child. I want to end your problems. Navya hugs her. Adi hears this. He gets angry and throws a vase at the mirror. He hurts his hand. He says Navya cheated me, why.

Its morning, Mukund gives his new kurta to Ashraf. Renuka gets sad. Mukund gives him money and asks him to wear it. Renuka takes the kurta from Ashraf. She says it means Mukund is still upset with me, so he had given my gifted kurta like this, its fine, I will try again. Navya does the aid to Adi’s hand. She asks him to take an injection. Adi says I can take care of myself, what did you want to tell me. She says I was angry about Renuka’s matter, the matter is over. Adi angrily goes. Navya says she does a lot for us. She turns and doesn’t see him. Sumitra scolds Anchal. She says I don’t want any troubles after the marriage. Indu says we will take Anchal to the hospital. Sumitra asks Indu to call and take an appointment.

Anju calls Navya and says Renuka is a superwoman, her health is fine. She asks Renuka to meet the dietician. Renuka says I told you that if anyone knows about it… Anju says this matter will be between us, come tomorrow. She gets Indu’s call. She says we will come tomorrow with our daughter. Anju asks what’s patient’s name. Sumitra asks Indu to give her name. Indu tells her name. Sumitra says our family respect is at stake, Mukund’s family shouldn’t know this. Navya says Adi is trying to know the matter, he didn’t do this before, don’t know how he will react on knowing the truth. She says we will tell him that we have no such risk in these tests. Navya waits for Adi. Adi comes home drunk.

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