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Gupta Brothers 16th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Shiv challenges to make Ganga as Sarvagunn Sampann

Gupta Brothers 16th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with the neighbors asking Shiv, how his brothers will do without him. Shiv says the world doesn’t stop for anyone and says my brothers are smart and will run the shop well. They ask what will you do? Shiv says I have courage and the determination for hardwork, I can do something. He says I will take something from here before leaving and takes the100 gms stone, which his father had given him. He says I am standing at the place where I have nothing. He takes the stone and is about to leave. Alok and Veer hear him. Shiv handovers keys in Alok’s hand and asks him to handle Bau ji’s wealth and this shop, asks them not to let anything happen to him. He walks out of the shop and comes to Ganga’s shop. Ganga paste wanted salesman poster. Shiv asks if he can work in her shop as a salesman and tells everything. Ganga says this shop is yours. Shiv says thanks for giving me so much respect. Ganga says ok, this is ours shop and asks him to handle the shop. Ganga brings Shiv out and shows Shiv, Ganga store hoarding on the shop. Veeru gets upset seeing it. The neighbor instigates Veeru against him. Veeru tells Alok that he will talk to Shiv bhaiyya tomorrow. Alok says let him do whatever he wants, one day he will realize his mistake and then he will come to us. Veeru says till then we shall be silent. Alok says we will prove that we can run the shop better than him and asks Rajat to work harder for his studies.

Ganga comes home and keeps some money infront of her mother in law’s frame. She turns and hears Alok asking Rajat to write the paper well. Rajat says I will get 100 out of 100. Ganga finds him cheating and goes to that side. She asks him not to cheat as he will not become capable with cheating. Alok and Veeru find her in that side of house and ask what is she doing here? Ganga says she found Rajat cheating and that’s why trying to make him understand not to cheat. Rajat says he was not cheating. Ganga says I am not lying and asks if they are more understanding than Shiv. Veeru says Shiv Bhaiyya made us capable and sarvagunn sampan. He asks they have all the qualities and asks what does she have? He says the house in which you are staying is of someone else. Shiv comes and asks him to stop. He says Ganga ji is bad, but how are you? He says I made you all sarvagun sampan, but you didn’t understand anything. He says Ganga ji will understand and will have all the qualities. I will make her sarvagunn sampan, but she will not change like you. She will not think right as wrong, will not get egoistic about her qualities. He says her quality is that, whatever wrong she has done in the past, is for someone’s betterment and living. He says your all qualities are small infront of Ganga’s one quality. He challenges them to realize their mistake before it gets too late.

Shiv tells Ganga that the kitchen is like a temple and if health is good then life is good. He teaches her cooking. Alok asks Rahat to get up and says today is your exam. Rajat wakes up and says he seems to be having fever. Alok checks him and asks him not to make any excuse. He asks him to get ready to go to school. Rajat gets smell of the kachoris made by Shiv and tells Alok. Alok asks him to concentrate on his exam. Shiv asks Ganga to pack the kachoris for breakfast and lunch. Ganga packs it and keeps some kachoris on the kitchen slab. Rajat is about to take it, but Alok stops him and asks Veeru to return the kachoris to Bhaiyya. Shiv makes Kachori chaat and asks Ganga to taste it. Veeru brings the box and asks if he thinks them kids that they will forget everything with the taste of kachori. He says this will never happen, this line will never wipe off. Shiv looks at Ganga.

Precap: Rajat prays to God and says this time, he couldn’t study due to the tension at home. Amba asks him to do cheating. Ganga finds him buying the question papers and getting its xerox. Alok throws the party for Rajat’s success in exam. Rajat gets arrested for cheating in exam.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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