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Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 17th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Gudiya is feigning pregnancy on Bua’s sayings

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 17th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Sarla asking Bua why she didn’t tell her before. Bua calls her shameless to ask her. Radhe says she didn’t mean that. Bua scolds him. Pappu says Babu ji didn’t mean that. Bua says I am Sarla, foolish. Sarla says my daughter did kaand at your place. Bua ji asks her to be quiet and says she is in our house since 3 months, but she has tummy of 6 months. She says she did that here itself. Sarla cries. Gudiya says Amma had kept eyes on me, but what was destined, it happens. Pappu asks who is the baby’s father? Gudiya says baby is mine, I am his mother. Pappu says whoever put you in this situation, I will kill you. Gudiya says she will never tell him knowing about his plans. Radhe takes Pappu to room and asks if he has no intelligence or not. He asks what was the need to say this? Radhe says she will not let in any circumstances about that guy. Nanhe lal and Chunni lal comes there. They plan to make Gudiya say. Gudiya hears them. Sarla prays to God and asks why did he send wrong number to her number.

Nanhe lal goes to Sarla and smiles touching her face. Bua ji shouts at him as she is not Sarla. She scolds him and asks what did you think that you will touch me and I will blossom with happiness. Nanhe lal says I have respect for you in my heart. Chunni lal says he means to say that you are not of that age. Bua says I know you well and asks him not to think her as Sarla. She says if I was on your place, then would have got Gudiya married fast. Sarla cries again. Nanhe lal says Samdhan ji. Sarla says if you had done your work on time, then we wouldn’t have seen this day. Nanhe lal gets angry on Chunni lal. Bua ji asks him to come to room and asks him not to think her as Sarla, as she is senseless, but I am sensible. She says Gudiya is not married, but is pregnant. He asks him to say what they shall do now. Chunni lal says Nanhe lal is very sensible and will say after a thought. Bua ji asks him to find out about the baby’s father and says if they couldn’t find him, then trap some poor guy and get him married to her. He says she will help that guy start his business. Nanhe lal says how can anyone agree to accept someone’s child. Bua ji says I am not Sarla, but talks sensible. He asks do you want your daughter to be called as illegitimate child Mami. Nanhe lal says it is forgotten Chapter. Bua ji asks do you want your samdhan to be called as illegitimate baby’s grand mother. Nanhe lal shouts no and tells that he will trap someone and get her married in just 4 days.

Gudiya comes to Radhe and asks shall I massage your feet? Radhe says no, not in this condition. Gudiya asks him to make her have golgappa. Radhe says you are not understanding my pain and insisting to eat golgappa. Bua ji asks Radhe to get her married seeing her tummy. Radhe goes. Gudiya says she can’t see her Amma, Bau ji and bhaiyya in tension. She says she will go and tell the truth to them. Bua ji stops her and asks her to tell everyone that it was her plan, says if anything happens to her, then she will remain unmarried in the house. Gudiya says she will not tell anyone.

Sweety dances and stamps on Pappu’s feet. She asks until when he will have constipated face. Pappu tells that he is having headache and asks if she is not having any shame. Sweety says it was destined to happy, now Amma will suffer. Pappu feels bad for her bad thoughts. He says my face looks constipated, but your thoughts look constipated. Sweety shouts and cries. Pappu asks her not to cry else Amma will come. Sweety stops and tells that she has seen pregnancy in films, then why it can’t happen in reality. She sings and dances.

Radhe and Sarla look at Gudiya and tell that they should have made Gudiya sleep on flower bed, but the circumstances are such, that they are helpless. Sarla asks if he is not angry on his daughter. Radhe says she is innocent, someone else might be responsible for her condition and sitting quietly somewhere.

Matai comes to Guddu and tells that Gudiya returned. Guddu says she returned, but didn’t meet me. Matai says there was drama in the house all day and asks him to come to the window. Guddu asks what happened? Everyone is sleeping. Matai whistles twice. Guddu says everyone will wake up. Gudiya comes out. They hide. Guddu sits in shock seeing her baby bump.

Precap: Gudiya goes to Guddu and asks if he is happy to become her baby’s father. Bantu and Pappu tell Radhe that Guddu is the baby’s father. Nanhe lal says I will break his bones. Guddu says it is a small matter. Sarla misunderstands Guddu.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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