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Excuse Me Madam 16th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Sanam loses his chain to madam

Excuse Me Madam 16th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanam is playing cards with Madam and Chatterjee. Jugal is standing behind Sanam. Madam recalls the flashback of how she planned with Chatterjee and Madam to make Sanam lose. Jugal takes a picture of Sanam’s cards and shows it to Chatterjee and Madam. Madam makes Sanam lose by cheating. Sanam says it was the first game so it’s okay. He plays again. Sanam loses again.

Kranti tells Amar that she gifted her grandmother’s pendant to Sanam.

Sanam tells Chatterjee to change the seats. He does but Jugal keeps standing behind Sanem. He shows his cards to Madam and Chatterjee again. Sanam loses again so Chatterjee makes fun of him. Madam’s fuse goes again and acts as a flight attendant. She acts like jumping from the plane but Jugal pinches her. Madam asks Sanam if he wants to leave the game as he doesn’t have coins to bet on. Sanam looks at his pendant and says I will bet this chain. I will play. He recalls Kranti’s words to take care of that chain. Sanam plays again, Jugal shows his cards to Chatterjee and Madam. He loses and gives the chain to Madam. She says I like it.

Scene 2
Sanam comes home in a vest and shorts. Addu asks what happened to you? Did you lose everything? Sanam says this is all Bhaisa’s fault. He teased some dog and that man took of my clothes to beat me. Bhaisa says I just love Mishti but I kissed that dog. Kranti comes there and says you went to play the cards? I knew it. Sanam says leave me alone, he leaves from there.

Sanam sits on his bed. Kranti says I want to talk to you. Sanam says I am sleepy but I loved the chair. Kranti says give me that chain back. Sanam says it’s my gift. Kranti says Amar wants to get the same chain so she is asking for a sample. It had our wedding photo inside. Sanam is stunned and thinks Madam can open the pendant and see our wedding photo. He says why did you have to put our photo? Kranti asks where is the chain? Sanam says it’s in the office, I kept it in my drawer, I will bring it tomorrow. Kranti says how can you leave it there?

Sanam comes to the office and sees Madam wearing his chair. Madam says let me look at the loser’s face. Sanam asks for the chain. Madam says I won this so I won’t give it back.

PRECAP – Sanam calls Addu and says I have to get that chain from Madam before she sees the photo inside.
Addu comes to Madam and acts as a thief but Madam beats Addu.
Sanam comes to Kranti and says a thief stole the chain from us. Amar comes there and says there was a witness when that chain was stolen. Sanam is stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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