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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 16th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Mangesh and his friends attack Puranjan and his family

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 16th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sakpal family is looking for Puranjan. Meanwhile, Mangesh and 3 of his friends tie Puranjan’s feet as well. They tie the ropes to a stone and throw it off a small hill. Puranjan gets dragged down automatically. The villagers smile at Puranjan’s state and leave. Eagles start hovering around the hill.

Bhima is shouting Puranjan’s name. Maharaj asks him if he isn’t ashamed to have been running around shouting. Bhima says someone might have taken Kaka somewhere. Maharaj says you are using the right words. You may be young but you are smart. Bhima runs away. Maharaj mocks him. Be careful or the same people might take you away too! He apologizes to God as Bhima ruined the atmosphere using his voice.

Mangesh and his friends are outside Puranjan’s house. Mangesh’s friends want to set the house on fire from outside but Mangesh wants to make sure they kill everyone. We will get ourselves purified later on.

Puranjan’s niece (Bela) is with her grandmother. They are happily talking to each other when Puranjan and his friends barge in. Puranjan’s mother loses conscious as Mangesh pushes her. Bela manages to run away. 2 men chase her whereas Mangesh sets fire to the house.

Phoolchand informs Bhima that Mangesh and his friends have set fire to Puranjan’s house.

Dhansukhlal stands in Bela’s way. Mangesh and his friends catch up on her. Mangesh tells Dhansukhlal that they set fire to Puranjan’s house. She escaped somehow. She shouts but Mangesh says let’s send her back in that house where her Nani is. She might understand her status after getting the right punishment. Maharaj tells them to leave her. She begs for her Nani’s safety. Please help us. Mangesh begins badmouthing Puranjan again but Maharaj says anger and hatred can eat your brain. Puranjan is from lower community. Your reaction based on his actions aren’t right as you are from the upper community. Maharaj tells the girl to go to her house. She asks about her Nani. Maharaj says everyone’s end is written by God. No one kills or saves anyone. We are only His medium. They want to be the medium of how your Nani should die. You should go and try to save her now. This is His will. The villagers aren’t happy. Bela runs away.

Dhansukhlal asks Maharaj why he let that girl go. Maharaj smirks.

Villagers are trying to douse the fire. They manage to take Puranjan’s mother outside. Sakpal family and Bela reach there as well. She tells them everything in detail and is freaking out but Bhimbai assures her that her Nani will be fine.

Maharaj says you cannot punish everyone for their sins at any point of time. Fear can be inculcated in people when the punishment is given at the right time. I let that girl leave but she will be surely punished. Mangesh asks him when the right time will be. Maharaj says right time will come. You should keep an eye on her till then. The villagers nod.

Bela is scared but Bhima tells her not to be afraid. We are with you. Anand seconds him. They try to scare those who get afraid of them. They cannot stand or face those who aren’t afraid of them. She cries and hugs Bhimbai tightly. Bhimbai assures her that nothing will happen now. We are in our home. Meera asks about Puranjan. Bhimbai shares that Bela came to stay at her Mama’s place a day ago. Bhimbai tells her family everything. Meera and Ganga comfort Bela and give her strength. They know no mercy. Meera says we have been blessed with everything but they don’t consider us humans at all. She cries. Bhimbai says no one has an answer to that. Meera wipes her tears and they help her drink water. They help her lie down while Bhima covers her with a blanket. Bela wonders how her Nani would be. Where would be Kaka? Meera and Bhima assure her that they will be fine. These people do business of fear. Humans are only afraid of fear. No one can do anything if they stop fearing. These people are smart as they know it is impossible so they constantly try to scare everyone. Bela cries.

Precap: Maharaj orders 2 guys to keep an eye on Bela all the time. Keep a tab on her constantly. One guy is told to sprinkle something in her hair. Braids will grow in her hair then and she will have no option but to become a Daasi. Bhima, his brothers and Bela are coming back from the fields. Bhima notices something in the hand of the guy approaching them.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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