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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 16th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Ramesh and Beena’s tiff

Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 16th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Ramesh giving gifts to all the kids. He says I was much happy to buy a gift for Suman, she can’t refuse to it. He shows the beautiful diamond necklace to Suman. Suman smiles. He says I want to say something, dad used to say that lucky people do Kanyadaan, we don’t have your parents and my dad now, I will get this chance twice, I want to bid farewell to you well, would you refuse to your dad, you are getting married, Vikram is very good, keep this as my blessing. Suman hugs him. Beena says our blessing is with her always, but the necklace is costly. Ramesh says its for Suman. Kanchan hugs him and says I m proud of you. Ramesh asks Beena to keep the necklace in locker. Beena asks Kanchan to keep it. She goes. He says I will just come.

Beena asks how did you get money. Ramesh says I was arranging money for it. She argues. Suman sees them arguing. She feels bad. He says parents have some duties. Suman comes in. He asks her to sit outside. She says you took dad’s place, Beena also took mum’s place, if you fight because of me, I won’t like it, I want your love and support, I don’t need anything, we can return jewellery and get money back. He says if you refuse, I will think you never regarded me dad. She asks what if I keep your word, I will apply for loan and pay for the jewellery, I also worry for Veer and Kanchan’s future, you can’t refuse for it, I m keeping my duty towards their education and future. She asks Beena to smile. Beena turns away. Suman leaves and sees Shravan.

Suman comes to meet Vikram. He says this looks nice, I like it. She says I also like it. She says its good, we have same choice. She says don’t take me wrong, I want to make a request, I have some responsibilities towards my family, I need some time. He says now its my responsibility also, tell me. She says I know, but some responsibilities are just mine. He says fine, we will do as you want. She asks what’s it. He says nothing. She says its imp, so I requested, else I will never hurt you. He says I know, are you fine. She says yes. He asks sure. She says yes. She thanks him and says you are really nice. He jokes. She leaves.

He sees their rings. He says I will ask her later about the choice of ring. Bunty says I didn’t know they have much financial trouble. Shravan says yes, Suman’s life is tough, I m not feeling bad, I m just reporting, chill, Suman is a strong girl, she will manage. Bunty thinks we have to see if you will feel her pain. He asks won’t you help her, you stay there. Shravan says why will I help, I m helpless to stay there, leave it, when are you marrying. Bunty says break up. Shravan asks what, why didn’t you tell me. Bunty says you already have troubles. Shravan says you can tell me if you have any problem, I didn’t get anyone like you. Bunty hugs him. Suman walks in the lawn. She calls her friends and asks for help, a loan of 5 lakhs. She doesn’t see the nail near her foot. Shravan wakes up and recalls Suman’s words. He says its imp to talk to her. He goes to Suman’s room and knocks. He doesn’t see her in the room. He sees her in the lawn. He sees her diary.

Avni says stop lying to me, see the truth, you just love Suman. Shravan says yes, I can’t forget her. He goes to Suman and says I always miss you, if we were together then…. Suman cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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