Hi guys. Back with Episode 3. Glad to receive such immense love and support from all of you, guys. This episode is all about Mishbir’s and Kuku’s first meeting. Both will have different types of conversations. Have a look🧐.


At Maheshwari house –

Here I had skipped the Meeting of Ananya’s in-laws and Maheshwaris. Don’t mind it as it was just normal formalities going on. After 3 days…

Varsha : Bhola bhaissa! I had already told you not to make dishes with ghee. They eat dishes made of less oil. They didn’t told anything. But that doesn’t mean that they didn’t minded it.

Bhola bhaissa : Sorry! Varsha Bhabhi. I was in a hurry.

Rajshri : Leave it, Varsha. Why are you scolding Bhola? Sometimes mistakes happen. We should ignore some.

Varsha : Yeah Maa! But will they ignore?

Mishti just comes there. She hears Varsha and Rajshri talking.

Mishti : Maa! It’s too good that Bhola Kaka made food with desi ghee.

Varsha : How is it good?

Mishti : See, maa. Their son’s marriage is fixed. And in some days, functions will start. And then, many people will come in functions. Will it look good that people are praising everything but not the groom?

Varsha : But why people will not praise the groom?

Mishti : Maa! Have you seen that would be groom? How skinny he was? (With a slight laugh)

Rajshri laughs. Meanwhile, Varsha looks Mishti with a slight angry gesture.

Varsha : This girl!

Mishti : Anyways Maa! Me and Kuhu are leaving for college now. Will see you soon. Bye maa! Bye badimaa!

Just then Kuhu comes from her room.

Kuhu : Bye maa! Bye badimaa. Love you.

Varsha and Rajshri bids goodbye to Mishti and Kuhu. Soon they leaves for the college. They are going in a car with some driver. After sometime, the car stops in the middle of the road.

Kuhu : What happened Ramu Kaka? Why this car has stopped?

Ramu Kaka : I will see, daughter. (After Seeing) : Oh, no.

Mishti : What happened?

Ramu Kaka : The tyre got punctured. It’ll take half and hour to get the tyre from shop and put it.

Mishti : Half and hour?

Kuhu : We’ll get surely late today, Mishti.

Mishti and Kuhu got out from the car. And both were finding for a lift. Just then a bike came. Abir was riding it. Actually both Kunal and Abir were having a race when going to college. Abir comes first. He stopped his bike in front of Kuhu. Mishti was standing ahead of Kuhu.

Kuhu : Will you please give me a lift?

Abir : Sure! Why not? They are stupid who refuses such beautiful girl for the lift. And I am not of those stupids.

Kuhu : Oh Thanks (smiles)

Abir : Where you have to go?

Kuhu : St. Teresa Medical College. Today is the first day of college. And I don’t like to be late.

Abir : Wow! You also study in this college.

Kuhu : Also, means? Who else is studying in this college?

Abir : Me only. Just sit. We both will go together.

Kuhu : Wait a minute. Mishti please come here.

Mishti : What happened, Kuhu?

Kuhu : See I got a lift for you. You go on his bike.

Abir : Wait, now who is she?

Kuhu : She is my sister. She’ll go along with you only. Please, drop her okay?

Mishti : How will you come, Kuhu?

Kuhu : I’ll manage.

Mishti : Sure?

Kuhu : 100% sure. Now go.

Mishti sits on Abir’s bike. They both leave. Kuhu is standing at the footpath waiting for some help.

Just then, Kunal comes. Kuhu is asking him for a lift. But he goes doesn’t looking at her. After sometime he realises that someone is calling him. And he takes a turn and return to Kuhu.

Kuhu : Hello! Will you please give me a lift?

Kunal : Obviously! But where you have to go?

Kuhu : St. Teresa Medical College.

Kunal : Oh! That’s cool! I am also going there. I’ll surely drop you.

Kuhu : Great! Thanks a lot.

She is thinking : What a wonder! Today everyone is going to same place only.

Kunal : It’s my pleasure. Please have a seat.

They both also leave.

At the Journey – Mishti and Abir

Abir : By the way, it seems we had met each other before. By the way! What’s your name, Mishti? (Teasing gesture)

Mishti : My name is… You had met me before?

Abir : It seems.

Mishti : Okay. Then you don’t know my name also?

Abir : No, I don’t know your name.

Mishti : Are you Jay of Sholay?

Abir nods no.

Mishti : Then are you a bhulakkad?

Abir nods no.

Mishti : Then you are a comedian?

Abir nods no.

Abir : Why are you asking me all these things?

Mishti : Then why are you asking my name after knowing it. Do you think I am a fool?

Abir : Obviously!

Mishti : What? You are a fool. No, no you are not a fool but you are a ullu. Or else…

Abir : I am giving you lift and you are fighting with me! Not only fighting but also telling me fool.

He thinks : Khadoos kahin ki!

Till that time, college also came. They both got off from the bike.

Mishti : (In a slight irritated mood) Okay, Thanks. By the way, who told you my name?

Abir : Your sister was calling you na. That time I heard.

Abir thinks : Khadoos hai, lekin acchi hai.

The Journey – Kunal and Kuhu

Kunal : What’s your name, miss?

Kuhu : My name is Kuhu. Kuhu Maheshwari. And what’s your name?

Kunal : My name is Kunal Rajvansh. It’s going to be a first day at my college.

Kuhu : Oh! Really?

Kunal : You don’t believe me?

Kuhu : No, I believe you. I mean I believe that you study in this college. But this was just #Expression. I am also having first day in my college today.

Kunal : Wow! That’s really good. That means we both are in same college and same group.

Kuhu : Yes, therefore #Friends

Kunal : Friends? Of course.

Meanwhile they also arrived at the college. They both shake their hands and become friends. They both form a special friendship  in such a short time.

Abir comes there.

Abir : Kunal, You with this girl?

Kuhu : (To Abir) You both know each other?

Meanwhile, Mishti also comes there seeing Kuhu.

Mishti : Kuhu, you came? Thank God! I was worried for you. (To Abir) You?

Kuhu : Yeah! Mishti. I came and…

Kunal : Actually Kuhu, this is my brother. Abir.

Kuhu : Oh! That’s great.

Mishti : Kuhu, who is this man?

Kuhu : He is Kunal. My friend and my helper with whom I came.

Kunal : Kuhu, who is she?

Mishti : I am Mishti, her sister.

Abir : Yeah! Kunal, they both are sisters and we both are brothers.

Kuhu and Mishti : Oh!

Mishti : Okay, now shall we go to the class?

Kunal : Yeah! Let’s go

All the four leave.

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