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Devakshi An Eternal Love Saga – Ft.Arranged Marriage Love A Twist In Tale Episode 18

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Natasha is storming into her dad’s room.

Natasha: Dad….what’s all this?

Mr.Gujral: What happened beta?

Natasha: Why did you sue De..Mr.Dixit?

MG: Beta..he was the one who removed you from the deal na

Natasha: Relieving from that project was my own decision Mr.Dixit has no role in it

MG: But…

Natasha: Everything is business for you Dad… but for him relationships matter that’s why he did sue you back..if you want to be happy in a real context withdraw the complain from him and continue the deal with Krish.
MG: Natasha beta you are young you won’t know anything

Natasha: Dad I’m an adult I know it and moreover it’s his wedding today..atleast as a gift don’t give this case to him and shame yourself.

MG: Okay if that’s what you say then I’ll withdraw the complain…seems like Dev is coward to send you to me

Natasha: Mr.Dixit didn’t tell anything to me dad…please stop being so old school…I’m not a baby to mug up what he told and tell you..I have my mind and I can speak it out…if you love me continue this project without hitch and withdraw the case too

Natasha comes out with wet eyes. She takes her car and goes out . The scene freezes.

Scene shifts to Dev’s room. Sona and Dev reach the room and they are guided by Nikki,Rhea,Vicky and Neha. They tease them like hell

Vicky pushes Dev inside the room while Nikki and Rhea push Sona inside. Sona tumbles a bit but Dev holds her

Dev: Vicky….

Before Dev could reach out to Vicky  Neha  closes the door with a thud

Vicky: Bhai..you can beat me later..but tonight is specially for you bhabhi..enjoy

Nikki: If you can

They giggle when Dev and Sona are awkward. The giggling sounds fade out and Dev holds Sonakshi’s hand

Dev: Welcome to my..sorry our room Dr.Sonakshi Bose

Sona: It’s Dr.Sonakshi Dev Dixit from now

Dev: Shortly Mrs.Obodro

Sona: Aur Aapka naam hoga

Dev: Mr.Dev Sonakshi Bose urf Mr.Kargosh

They break into a laughter.  Suddenly they hear a buzzing sound of an alarm.
Dev: Where is this coming from

Sona: How will I know

Dev runs here and there frantically. Atlast he finds it under the cot. He takes it out and switches it off.

Sona: Why did you keep the alarm clock there

Dev: Arrey I didn’t keep it Sona

Again this time two clocks start to buzz. Dev and Sona search for it. They see one of it under Dev’s table and bend down to get it. Their heads collide.
Dev wipes his forehead while Sona holds her head.

Sona: Ouch…

Dev: Sorry …sorry..

He grabs the clock and switches it off while Sona finds another one in his rack and switches it off

Dev: This is all the work of my sisters and that shetan brother.If one more clock buzzes I’ll …

Before he could complete the sentence another clock buzzes. Sona breaks into a laughter

Dev runs towards the cot and finds it under the blanket. He throws it down

Sona: Dev…why did you throw it down

Dev: Aur kya kitna parishan kar raha hai mujhe. (Sona is laughing uncontrollably) Do I look funny ? Why are you laughing

Sona: Sorry…but you look cute when you search for those cloaacks( she yawns)

Dev: Sonakshi I know you are tired…let’s get some rest

Sona: Dev…shall I change before that

Dev: Should you ask for it..your bags are already inside you can very well change.

Sona: Sabse pehle I must remove these pins from my hair..they are all paining

Dev: Sorry Sonakshi I didn’t collide knowingly

Sona: Arrey Dev that’s no the cause of pain..it’s actually paining from the time I wore them..but Shaadi shore mein I didn’t bother much…but..

She starts to remove the pins but struggles to do it.
Dev: Ruko I’ll remove them for you

He makes her sit on the cot and and starts to remove the pins.
Dev: By the way I forgot to tell something very important

Sona: What is that

Dev: I ….I love a girl

Sona: Really ?

Dev: Haan…woh Bohot pyari hai…sabse caring sabse Achi Aur sabse important Baath ye hai ki she loves me too a lot .

Sona: Acha…
Dev: Do you want to see her

Sona: Haan..

Dev: Then look into my eyes…you will see her…

Sona: Wow Dev…you prove that you are a brilliant student…within very less time of introduction to love you have become a shayar…

Dev: Mein ek Acha student toh hoon but teacher toh tum Hona….it’s you who introduced me to love…taught me how it feels.

Sona: Acha agreed agreed…

Dev slowly holds her hand and kisses it. Sona turns red.

unchuye the sapne mere tune chhoo liye
chupke chupke dil me
aaya to jaan do liye
teri ho gayi mein tujhko pata bhi to ho
mere pyar me teri raza bhi to ho
pehli dafa hai ki mujhme tu jhalka hai
mere rango me kuchh
dhang hai tere jaise bhi

kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi
kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi
Plays in the background….Episode freezes.


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