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Choti Sardarni 16th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Manav demands Karan’s custody

Choti Sardarni 16th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Manav says to Meher I want my baby. Meher says today? He says yes today. I didn’t come here to celebrate Diwali. Meher says see.. He says enough. I have begged, I have cried. You told me you will talk to sarab. Meher says I gave you Karan in your lap. Manav says take this phone, now return. He says you did the same with me. You gave me Karan and took back.

Robbie’s gambling friends call him. He says if Sarab find out it will be a trouble. His friend says no one would know. Pathak says to the friend, well done. We have a donkey with us now.

Manav says you are stepping back from your promise but I won’t. I will speak to Mr. Gill myself. Sarab comes and says what will you tell? Sarab stands in front of Meher. Sarab says I know what you want to say. Meher already told me. I know you are Karan’s biological father, but I am also his papa. I can know the pain you’re going through. Manav says you can’t understand. The one who goes through understands only. Sarab says sometimes the one healing you also understand. He picks Karan and says look at him. He’s very young. So many lives are attached to him. Sarab says the easiest thing is to show your authority and the most difficult is to show responsibility. I am already taking care of his responsibility. Meher knows that. From his diapers to his sleep, everything. I change my office timings for Karan.

He’s my life. That day when you took Karan from our place, you couldn’t even handle him for half an hour. You don’t know how to do it. Manav says like parents teach kids, kids also teach them how to become a parent. I will learn it so well that no one will complain. It will take time. Sarab says this isn’t the right time for Karan. Karan wants to be with his mother. Meher takes Karan. Sarab says who is the most important to you in your family? Manav says Karan. Sarab says in your family. Your mom.. Nothing is more important than a mother. Especially for a kid. Look at how happy he’s in Meher’s lap. A mother is his world. You know I realized this when I married Meher. I felt the same that I can manage Param. I will learn. But no, I was wrong. The love and care a mother can give, no one can. KAran needs Meher ji. So I request you, don’t take Karan away from us. You can always meet him, play with him. But I won’t let anyone take Karan out of this house away from me and his mother. Manav says so this isn’t your request, this is your decision. You can say whatever you want. My decision is the same. I will take Karan. Meher took her time, I won’t give time to anyone now.

Manav goes to Karan. Sarab stops his hand. Sarab says you can’t take KAran from here. Manav says then there will be a huge drama here. Sarab says are you threatening? He says yes. Sarab says what will you do? Manav says I will divorce your sister Guddan. Sarab and Meher are shocked. Manav says today, right now. Seema slaps Manav. He’s shocked. Seema says what did you say? You will divorce Aditi? How dare you even think about it? You can’t do whatever you want and say what you want if I am not strict. Pandit ji is right your kundli.. Who is she? Who is poisoning your mind? Who is it? Seema says if your dad were alive.. She cries. Manav says mom are you okay? She says yes I am fine. In fact, so happy. My son is making me so happy. Seema cries. Manav says mom, please. She says I am dead for you. How can you even think that? Aditi is such a nice girl. Manav says mom please.. Seema says shut up. Seema says Sarab and Maher I won’t let anything happen to Aditi. Please forgive me.

Sarab says mothers don’t apologize. Seema says your dad just died. Who are you doing this for? Who is that girl? Who wants to ruin my home. Seema cries. She faints. Manav says mom please calm down. Your BP is low. Seema says if you cared you won’t have done this. What will I say to Aditi? She cries.

Aditi comes there. She says what happened? Mom are you okay? Vikram? Veer ji? Harleen comes as well. Sarab says everything is fine. Your husband doesn’t take care of himself so aunty was mad at him. Vikram was saying you don’t take care. So I told them my Guddi will take care of both of you. Aditi says of course. I am always there for them. Aditi says mom, please don’t get mad at Vikram. He doesn’t sleep the entire night, then I don’t sleep either. Manav looks at Meher. Meher goes inside.

Precap-Manav says I begged and cried already, now I will fight. I will go to court and file a case. I will win his custody. Sarab says what will you do if you don’t get the custody? He says I will get his DNA test done. The truth that you have been hiding will come in front of the world that before marriage your wife had a boyfriend and it was me.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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