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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 17th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Angoori humiliates Vibhu

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 17th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Angoori calls Amaji, Amaji tells her a solution by Pandit Rampal for chid birth as to find a good character man and ill-treat, abuse and insult him, other than Tiwari, Angoori asks who will I find, Amaji says if you want a child find one, Angoori says okay I will think even you think. Angoori thinking of a person to insult and prays to god.
Anu meditating, Tiwari walks to her, Anu doesn’t respond to him, Tiwari asks why aren’t you talking to me, Anu says because I am not your bhabhiji, Tiwari says then who shall I call bhabhiji, Anu says there are lakhs of women, Tiwari says but you are one in crore, Anu says I am Devi Satyavati and bot bhabhiji. Tiwari says but I will call you bhabhiji, Anu says okay why are you here, Tiwari says lets discuss on Spirituality, Anu says great tell me about Dharma, Tiwari says he is Hemas husband and Sunny and Bobbys father, Anu asks and Adharma, Tiwari says a flop film, Anu says Adharma is the alcohol youd rink, that wife you insult, Anu asks who is Shatru, Tiwari says Sonakshis father, Anu gives cold look, Tiwari leaves.
Vibhu is told that he is selected for final round, Vibhu says my father would be so happy, Charitravan asks is he no more, Vibhu say sno he is in Himalaya for Tapasya, He says that means your father is of great thoughts, Vibhu says right, he is there for Moksha, Vibhu is told there is one last round because I don’t believe on papers, we will now have a background check in your colony, we want a character certificate from your colony mates and then we will finalise you, Vibhu tensed.
Tiwari on call with client, Charitravan asks for Vibhus address, he tells Tiwari that he is here for Vibhus character background check, Tiwari says who else would know him better than me, he is a useless, characterless man, alcoholic gambler, whole family is into gambling alcohol and bar dancing, Vibhu walks to them, and says don’t trust him he is a bad person lets go inside talk to his wife, she will tell you the truth.
Vibhu and Charitravan walk to her, Tiwari at door standing and listening, Vibhu asks Angoori to tell him about his character, Angoori thinks he is here at wrong time, Angoori says Vibhu is a characterless man, 1 lakh unemployed, characterless, people must have died and then he was born, Vibhu in shock, Angoori says because of I’m women are unsafe, Vibhu says she is not like that, she is lying don’t believe her, whats wrong with you bhabhiji, Angoori says he drinks, gambles and have relations with Gulfamkali, Vibhu starts crying, Charitravan says sorry we cant appoint you, Vibhuu follows him and begs him. Angoori later says im sorry but Amaji has asked me to do.
Charitravan says your neighbours have told me the truth, Vibhu says you can ask my Mommy and my uncle they respect and love me so much, and you know a mother never lies, Charitravan says lets go. David and Helan discussing about Vibhus theft, David says are you sure Vibhu is born from our blood or from old relations, Helan says stop nonsense jokes, Vibhu says here are my parents, My mother and my uncle, David asks who is he, Vibhu says he is my would be boss, and is here for background check, and if I pass will be appointed as manager, so tell them about my character.
Helan says he is my son but I feel ashamed to call him my son, he is the most useless, David says and unemployed thief, he steals in his own house, Charitravan says your own mother is mad at you, Vibhu says actually she is mad they both have psychology problem, actually they are upset, Charitravan asks why, Vibhu says my uncle gifted my mom fake gold jhumkas, and so I stole it to clarify the truth, and now I want you to meet three important people, Charitravan says tomorrow I shall come, Tiwari hears that.
Boys drinking, discussing about a girl, Vibhu walks to them, Vibhu tries to butter them, Malkan says this doesn’t suit you, Vibhu says there is a job scene and I need your help, my boss will come and ask about my character and you have to talk good, Teeka says we have to lie, Vibhu says if you feel so go ahead, for the sake of all favours, boys say none benefited us, Vibhu says I will give 25% from my salary around 25000, Teeka says agreed.

Pre cap: Angoori asks Vibhu to get his boss and she will praise him. Angoori humiliates Vibhu again in front of Charitravan

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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