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Barister Babu 16th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Bondita impresses Anirudh

Barister Babu 16th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bondita seeing everyone arguing. She worries. She starts narrating the Varnmala. Anirudh smiles. Everyone looks at her. Anirudh says Bondita… you have told the entire Varnmala without any mistake, I can’t believe it. Everyone smiles. Binoy holds his head. Anirudh asks her to read again. Bondita says all the alphabets again. Anirudh says I was teaching her, but she told it altogether, I knew she can study. He goes out and tells about her to the postman. He says I m so happy. He tells the same to pandit also. He asks pandit to bless Bondita. Pandit blesses her. He goes out to tell everyone about Bondita. He asks Bondita to tell it to everyone, she has to study and become inspiration for everyone, studies can change life. They whistle.

They jump happily. Rishta tera mera….plays…. Saurabh comes. Anirudh says Bondita told the entire Varnmala. Saurabh tells something in his ears. Anirudh stops and looks at Bondita. They go to see the training centre. Ramayya says we will leave Tulsipur. Surayya says no one will buy clothes from us. Anirudh says no one will go anywhere, they can break the machines, not our courage, we will clothes again and sell it. Ramayya says villagers will kill us. He says fine, I will sell the clothes, I will see who stops me, don’t worry, I will arrange security here. He asks Saurabh to help them. He says I will arrange security guards, we will not lose courage, we will win. Bondita asks Batuk to have food. He refuses. She asks what happened in the school, why are you hiding your face. He says I was caught, my friends got me in trouble, principal asked me to get someone from the school, else I will be expelled. Bondita says then take someone. Batuk says I can’t tell dad. She says I can also come, I m also family, I m elder to you in the relations. He says yes, you are my Baudi. She says none can win over me in words. He says right, you come with me.

Its morning, Anirudh says I have become a businessman now, I have to sell the clothes made by the women. He asks can I sell it. Bondita says everyone does the work for the first time, why to get worried. She says you can sell it well. She teaches him. He smiles. He says its good. She asks him to sell clothes to her and show. He asks shall I sing like this. He sings like her.

She asks do I wear pant shirt, I m a girl, say differently for girls. She sings again and teaches her. He says wow, I think I will sell all the clothes in the market. Trilochan asks what, you didn’t forget it yet, you are a landlord’s son, you will sell cheap clothes in the market, will this look good, you can send Saurabh or any other servant for it. Anirudh says no work is small or big.

He says I have taken responsibility. Trilochan asks what will you go. Anirudh says they want self esteem, I want to get self esteem for those girls, I want them to become independent, they don’t need any man, they should write their own fate, I will go and sell the clothes, don’t stop me. Bondita stops him. She gets curd and sugar. She asks him to have it, its good omen. He eats it and goes. Trilochan says you should have stopped him. Bondita asks why, he is going to help my friends from hira mandi. He says don’t say that word again, its a bad place, bad people stay there. She says good and bad people are everywhere, Tulsipur is good place, but Saudamini was here, same way… Batuk comes and stops her. She says sorry to leave the argument in between, I have imp work now. She goes with Batuk. Trilochan says she was saying right, but its against my haveli’s traditions. Bihari says even alcohol is against the traditions, but its to please the british officer. Trilochan says go and prepare, Mr. Greenwood is coming.

Binoy shouts Bihari. Bihari goes to him. Binoy says you have to cook food for John Greenwood and his wife. He gives the menu. Bihari says I don’t know. Binoy says I called an English cook, can you just supervise things, we have to please the officer. Bondita asks what’s this. She asks Binoy about the tough sounding food. She asks why don’t we make what we know to please them, the officer will be happy. Binoy says I know how to please him.

Batuk says we have to manage my principal, come fast. They leave and reach the school. He shows the big school. She greets the school. She washes her feet and leaves her slippers before stepping in. He asks why did you remove slippers. She says school is like a temple, does anyone wear slippers in a temple. He says its not like other temples, everyone wears shoes here. She sees the kids. She wears the slippers. She tells Anirudh’s words and laughs.

Bondita gets glad to meet Gandhi ji at the school. She smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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