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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 16th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Rani sees a person with Ramo

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 16th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
The beggar says you called the police? She says he was here on his duty. The beggar says focus on the information I have not on who I am. He shows her a drive. She says what is this? He says I have the whole picture. And the price is 1 crore. I know it’s nothing for you. I will tell you where to give and when.

Jai says to Rani you’re so innocent and beautiful. If I were in VEer’s place I won’t have spoken to you like this. She says you’re a price and you’re complaining like this? He says I was praising you. Rani says don’t make a relation between us. Rani says we fight, we can handle that. Jai says let me clean your hands. He holds her hands and says small pretty hands, they are blue now. Ran takes her hand back. She takes his napkin and cleans her hands. Rani says thanks and leaves.

Scene 2
Pinku says to made champa clean the house and used Veer’s name. Doctor sahab is not that bad. Rani says you’re in his team now? He says no I will always be in your team. Rani says then help me make dias. He says we can buy dias. rani says on dhanteras we make dias at home. Rani says I am coming.

Everyone is playing cards. Vikram says I am not playing. Jai says don’t spoil the mood. Vikram says I am not winning. Rajeshwari says playing so early? Sanjay says Jai wanted to play. Join us. Veer you too. Jai says yes uncle needs lady luck. Rajeshwari joins.

Rani comes in. Rani says to Sanjay I wanted to talk to you. I used to light th first candle with my dad, he’s not here this time. Can I light with you. It will be like a blessing for me. His hand collides with hers and the dia falls. Sanjay says how dare you touch me. Rani gets teary. She says babu ji.. He says I was giving a blessing. You people forget your limits. He’s drunk. Sanjay says get lost. Veer stands up. Rajmata asks him to sit. Veer says papa control yourself. He says pick your dia and leave. Rani picks it and leaves upset. Veer says she’s new and innocent. She doesn’t understand the class differences. She came to take blessings from you. Sanjay says she ruined the game. Rajeshwari says don’t give us lectures Veer. Your father is right. Veer leaves.

Veer brings Rani to his room. Rani says what are you doing? He says showing your reality. See in the mirror and then see everyone in the photo. Do you see a difference? She says I see humans. Veer says there’s a difference between the one in mirror and the ones in photos. Veer says their worlds and yours have a line in between that you can never cross. Rani says I only went to take blessings. He says there’s a difference, understand it. I hope I don’t have to say it again. Rani says you won’t understand. Your family is with you. When my dad used to come to the village for one month, I used to celebrate all months. I feel his absence so I came to your father. As far as the difference is concerned, it’s in the eyes of the beholder. they also cry and laugh like us. We live under the same sky and breathe in the same air. Veer says I can’t make you understand anything. Rani says you only scold. Rani says it wasn’t my mistake but even if your dad scolded me, it’s okay. He’s elder.

Scene 3
Rani comes to the police station. She sees a man with face covered there. Ramo sees her. He says Rani.. The person runs. Ramo says why did you come here? Rani says to meet you for Diwali. Rani says who was that? Ramo says no one. The person runs. Rani tries to go after him. Rani says who was that? Why was he scaring babu ji.

Scene 4
The next day, all servants are in line. Rajeshwari says where is Rani? Kumud says she.. Rajeshwari says if she stays here she will learn our family’s rules. rani says I am here. Rajeshwari says where did you go? Rani says I got gifts for everyone. rajeshwari says you will give me gift? She says I got you phone. You broke yours. It won’t brek. Kumud says Rani keep them on the table. Rain says I will distribute them. Kumud says we will take gifts from Rani sa first. Kumud gives her gifts.

Pinku asks Rani you look worried. Kiara comes. Kiara says I wanted to see their faces. Did you give my gifts? Kiara says who brought such cheap gifts? Rajeshwari says throw them away Kumud. Kiara says we went to Johari bazar. Rajeshwari says you went there? She says for your surprise. Veer gives a diamond bracelet to Rajeshwari. She says I really like it. Kiara says I knew she will love it. Kiara leaves it. Veer says did you like it? Rajeshwari says it’s okay. It’s old design. Rajmata you keep it. Rajeshwari says I can’t lower my standard.

Episode ends.

Precap-Rani meets the person who met the accident. Rani says kaka please tell me what happened there.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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