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You are only mine- ragsan- part 4

Hi sissy’s.. let’s continue with next part.

@Sinha house
All were having dinner. All were quite. Naina thought to light the situation.

Naina: uncle I heard u r thinking to open new branch in Mumbai?

She: yes. I m thinking to open. But it’ll take time. I’ve to manage other companies too. If this I open early, it wud be tough for me to handle.

Nai: Ragu is there. She’ll handle. Rite Ragu?

Rag: if my heart says I’ll. Or else not.

She completes her dinner and goes to her room saying gud nite to all.

Jan: Naina. I know u tried to lighten up the situation. U know one thing, she’ll never change.

Nai: she’ll aunty. I’ll keep on trying and someone special will come to her to change her.

Jan: hope ur words turn out be true.

@ Ragini room.
Naina enters. She saw Ragini doing something on laptop sitting on couch. Naina sits on bed holds pillow and stares Ragini.

Rag: without luking at her. Wat happened? Y r u staring?

Nai: wow, u came to know m staring u without luking at me. Then y can’t u see pain of ur mom. She wants to see u happy.

Rag: m happy only

Nai: then y this rudeness?

Rag: m like this only. U know that.

Nai: then change it Ragu.

Rag: if ur lecture over, can we sleep? M feeling sleepy.

Nai: fake anger. Fine , sleep. GN.

Both sleeps on bed.

@maheshwari house

All gather for breakfast. As usual with teasing and smiling they were having breakfast.

San: mom. U r getting bahu soon.

Kar: luked at him and signs as no.

Suj: do u like any girl?

San: not me. But Karan found her Princess.

Sujuttlak: who’s she? Wats her name? Where she lives?

Kar: stop guys. Keep break. I don’t know anything. I just saw her.

Lak: love at first sight. I think she’s very beautiful.

Suj: Karan is also not less. She’s lucky to have handsome like our Karan. But I want both of u bring my bahus at a time.

San: mom?

Suj: u r teasing Karan. Y not u? Find her soon. Or else I’ve some pics, select from her.

San: stop this topic. Lucky ur results already came . Wat abt ur next step?

Lak: searching job Bhai.

San: gud. U can join in my company for training then they may appoint u there only. I’ll talk with my senior.

Lak: ok Bhai.

@sinha company

Ragini is sitting in meeting room listening to his manager. His manager is scared and telling whatever improvement or loss happened to company in 1 yr.

Rag: how much loss we faced?

Man: 12percent ma’am.. I mean boss.

Rag: y? Reason?

Man: actually last year the company with which we signed deal, that company’s performance was not gud compared to earlier years.

Rag: then y we r continuing with that company? Cancel those agreements. Make list of other famous companies. Send them abt deals details. Inform abt presentation. We’ll select in one of those companies.

Man: ok boss.

Next day @sanskar company

Kar: sanky sir calling u inside.

Sanskar goes .
Sir: come sanskar. Today we have presentation to give at Sinha company. We shud get a deal. But today I got one urgent meeting. I want u to attend to sinha’s.

San: ok sir,

Sir: I hope ull not disappoint me.

San: I’ll try my best sir.

Kar: wat happened.

San:get ready we have to go for Sinha company for presentation.

Kar: y me?

San: how can I go alone. From one company two members shud b there. Come now. Let’s go.

Kar: sanky k bachhe. Fine . Let’s go.

Both reaches Sinha company

San: wow Karan. It’s nice company yar. Everything thing is perfect. Very disciplined. I shud praise owner.

Kar: hmmm.. u r rite

San: but then also.. this much seriousness is not good for health.
Both laughs and gives hi fi.

Ragini listened there talk and luked that side. But she cudnt see them as there back was facing her. She went to her cabin.

San: Karan if I get this deal then sir wud b happy. I can talk abt laksh’s job. He may agree.

Kar: of course ull only bro. Don’t wry.

San: if lucky get settled, after uttara remains. After her degree I’ve to help her in finding job or else in her marriage.

Kar: hey hey.. don’t think so far. M also here. Don’t wry. We’ll do it together.

All gathered in presentation hall. Ragini enters. All kept quite. Karsan shocked for bit. This much noise suddenly stopped as she entered. Sanskar luked at Ragini. At moment he was lost in her. He was standing only seeing her. Karan shakes him and tells him to sit.

Kar: stop staring. I know she’s beautiful. But dint u see how she controls everything.

San: nothing like that. Don’t imagine anything.

Everyone starts giving presentation. Ragini dint see sanskar as her concentration was on presentation.

After one company’s presentation. That person said.

Per: smiling, this is the best presentation ma’am. U will never get such a company. I’ll assure u that ull definitely get profit by signing deal with us.

Ragini was luking at him in as usual serious face.

Rag: urs was not first presentation nor last. Then how did u decide that urs was best.?

That person’s face became pale. Karsan shocked at ragini’s words. Sanskar was just luking at her and her lips which were talking. But he was shocked with her attitude also.

Rag: u told that ull assure that I get profit if I sign with ur company. Wat if I don’t get? Will u give me this in written?

That person blabbers: ma’am.. actually..

Rag: shows hand. Don’t be over confident. Take ur seat.

He sits silently.

San in mind: wat she’ll say after my presentation.

He imagined same situation with him.

Next turn was sanskar’s. He was abt to stand. Ragini gets call and went outside cabin. After a while, her PA comes

PA: boss got important meeting to attend. Remaining presentation Wil b continued tmrw. Thanku.

Karsan become sad.
San: Wats this? I prepared so much and she dint even bother to say sorry. My practice wasted. Let’s go buddy.

They were outside company. Karan started bike. Sanskar was sitting and just he saw a lady crossing road. A truck was coming to her but she didn’t notice. Sanskar just ran and pulled her.

San: aunty, wat were u doing? If I don’t come then u wud hav gone.

It was janki.
Jan: thanku beta. Actually I was thinking something so I was not attentive. Thanku so much. Wats ur name?

San: sanskar. K. Aunty. Bye. Be careful.

Saying so he went.

They went little far Karan saw Naina going on bike. He followed her.

San: hey where r u going?

Kar: I saw ur Bhabhi. Atleast I’ll ask her name.

But she disappeared. He dint get in 2 roads which side she turned.

San: better luck next time.

@ coffee shop

Naina and Ragini were having coffee. Naina was keep on talking. Ragini was just listening to her. Suddenly someone kept hand on ragini’s shoulder from back. Naina stopped her talk seeing that.

Rag: come front.

It was sahil. He’s one of buiseness man. Once he saw ragini in a party. He went to her and told that he likes her. But Ragini was quite. She just showed him palm and said no. But Sahil kept on trying whenever he meets her.

Sah: hi babes. Wats up? I told u na we r made for each other. That’s why wherever we go we meet.

Rag: how many times I told u not to talk like this with me.

Sah: come on rags. Now don’t do drama. Accept me.

He kept his both hands on her shoulders.

Rag: glares with blood shot eyes. Remove ur hands.

Sah: little scared of seeing her suddenly took back his hand.

Rag: let’s go Naina.

Next day
Ragini and Naina were going in car. Naina saw Sahil. He was injured. It was luking like someone beaten him.

Nai: yesterday only he was gud. Wat happened to him.

Rag: he shud know who Ragini Sinha is. Next time he’ll think thousand times before messing with me.

Naina shocked listening her.
Nai: Ragu. U? But..

Rag: no further discussion on this Naina.

Next day
@ Sinha company

Both karsan reached Ragini company.
Sanskar was ready for his turn. Ragini entered inside.

Done with this part.
How’s this? Liked it sissy’s? Waiting for your likes and comments.

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