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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Kartik and Naira fail in making Samar confess anything

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dadi slaps Akhilesh as he tries pulling his kids away from Kartik and Naira. You got the house, money, jewellery, ego and anger but your kids have become strangers to you now. Why can you not see what everyone else can? Open your eyes and realise what you are really up to! Do penitence. Do your puja, give jewellery to your wife and celebrate! She asks everyone to come inside. Leave him alone. Everyone follows Dadi. Samar calls it unjustified. They first called police and are now using Love Kush as shields. You used to praise Kartik Naira so much but they insulted you badly. They are not good.

Dadi is crying. I did not think I gave such bad bringing to my son. Swarna and her husband try to convince her but she keeps crying. Love and Kush tell her not to cry. Papa will understand

his mistake himself and apologize. We are here. Kartik’s father looks sad. Naira and Kartik decide to dig out the truth and find proof against Chachu asap. They ask Kartik’s father about Samar’s past. What happened that can still be seen in your and Dadi’s face? Samar is passing by from there and stops by to watch them talking. Naira notices him watching them but he hides.

Naksh asks Keerti if it is fine. She smiles but says I don’t know. He takes her with him to show her the small tent from his childhood. It helps me forget all my tensions and worries. She tries to say something but he accepts that he has been too concerned everyone else lately. I know the pain of families stay apart from each other. I experienced it myself when we were in Cape Town away from everyone else. I used to even cry but I was hopeful that everything will be fine one day. Sometimes it is important to keep the hope alive even after going through pain. Sometimes even a small ray of hope changes everything.

Samar looks at the house. You need lights when there is darkness everywhere. He comes face to face with Kartik and Naira. He takes aarti from the thaal she is holding up. She does his tilak and hands him prasad. He taunts them to celebrate their last festival in this house as they want to. Celebrate it with grandeur. He begins to walk away when Naira remarks that whatever happened in the past was his fault. He stops in his tracks. Naira keeps talking in circles to him. Kartik says we were worried for no reason. It disappeared when we found out the truth. It wont be difficult to explain it to Chachu now. He will understand where he got stuck once he finds out about it. You were at fault but you put someone else in the tight spot. It was you who were at fault but you were trapping someone else. Naira says you are trying to ruin our family because of what you did wrong. Samar tells them to be quiet. Flashback shows Kartik and Naira requesting Kartik’s father to tell them the truth related to Samar’s past but he outright refuses. Kartik and Naira are sure his father wont tell them anything. Naira tells him that Samar Chachu was trying to eavesdrop. I have an idea. We can shoot some arrows in the dark. We will see how it turns out to be. Flashback ends.

Samar calls everyone a liar. They have twisted the facts and fooled you. They have instigated you so Akhilesh Bhaisahab stops trusting me. Kartik and Naira hope their plan works out somehow. They continue trying to scare him so he ends up spilling something. Samar is about to say it but stops himself. They are blaming me for their mistakes. I will now make sure what happened in the past is repeated again. Kartik tells him to do whatever he wants to but Chachu wont fall in your words again. Samar says he did not find out this till now. I will manipulate him just like I have done till now. He will never know that he was only dancing to my tunes. Kartik and Naira smile. You don’t have to say anything else. It will be enough to show to Chachu. Love and Kush are recording everything. Samar glares at Kartik and Naira. Kartik says we too are capable to making people accept their truth. Samar lunges at the kids but they throw the phone towards Kartik. Samar fails in getting holding of it. Naira asks Kartik to hurry up. We have to show it to Chachu. Samar throws the thaal at Kartik’s feet who ends up falling down. Samar manages to grab the phone before Kartik. Will you fight with me or raise your hands on me now? Go ahead. Akhilesh asks everyone what the commotion is about. Samar pushes the phone in the diya; lifts Kartik’s hands and pushes himself behind. He falls on the floor and his clothes catch fire. Akhilesh sees him shouting in pain and runs to save him. He douses the fire somehow. Kartik and Naira are tensed seeing the phone’s condition. Akhilesh asks Samar if he is fine. Samar smiles at Kartik and Naira. Akhilesh asks Kartik what problem he has with Samar. He is sympathetic with me and it is insitgating you. Naira tries to explain but he blames her for instigating Kartik instead. You doubted him first and are now trying to hurt him today! What if he had gotten hurt? Kartik says you are so worried about the guy who came a few days ago. You can see his love and concern but not ours. He can never love you as much as we can! If we are saying that someone is wrong then it is true! We do not have to prove it! Akhilesh tells him to stop his drama but Kartik advices him to tell it to Samar instead. We have found her truth now. Akhilesh tells him to stop but Kartik refuses. He has come here to seek revenge of something that happened years ago! Dadi and Kartik’s father are shocked.

Precap: Akhilesh keeps talking well about Samar but Kartik refuses to stop talking till he accepts it. Akhilesh pushes him hard telling him to stop. Kartik is about to fall over a diya but someone holds him by his face just in time.strong>

Update Credit to: Pooja

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