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Siddhi Vinayak 16th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Kundra family are shocked by the reports

Siddhi Vinayak 16th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Everyone is gathered in the living room. Gauri brings Urvashi downstairs. Urvashi continues to pretend to cry. Gauri tells her to stop a little. Urvashi asks her who all these people are and why are they here. Siddhi tells her not to worry. She takes Urvashi to the docs. THey have come here to collect the samples of both of you. Identities should be hidden so Papa ji has called them here. Urvashi acts to be afraid but Siddhi tells her not to worry. A female assistant asks them when it happened. Urvashi shares that it happened last night when everyone was busy in the puja. Doc tells her to take Urvashi inside. Urvashi denies but the assistant convinces her. Vin also goes to give his sample.

Male assistant collects samples from Vin’s nails. Vin cannot stop himself from thinking what

he witnessed in the morning.

Female doc also collects Urvashi’s samples. You can go downstairs now. Urvashi wonders what the results will be.
Docs tell Shankar they will get the reports by midnight. Shankar tells them to make sure this news is not leaked. It should stay between us only. Vin and Urvashi join the family members downstairs. Vin wonders if he indeed misbehaved with Urvashi. Siddhi tries talking to him but he refuses. She pulls him by his hand and takes him upstairs.

Vin shrugs Siddhi away. She tells him she cannot leave him alone. She calls him Vinu but then calls him Vinayak. Don’t avoid looking me in the eye. Look me in the eye and tell me what happened there. He replies that he does not think he owes her any explanation. Why can I not remember anything if I did anything like that?

Urvashi is worried about the reports. Gauri too advises her to pack her stuff and leave before the truth is out. You will otherwise lose everything. Urvashi is tensed.

Siddhi assures Vin that the reports will be negative. It is on the guy I know. Vin walks away a little and is very much disturbed. She tells him that situation might not be pleasant between them today but I know you better than you. I also know that you don’t remember anything but you should trust yourself. He retorts that he does not need to learn about trust from her atleast. There was a time when I trusted you more than myself. Later came a time when you broke my trust into pieces. Don’t talk to me about trust again! Just leave me alone. Siddhi begins to go but stops for one more time. You might have lost this battle in your mind but I will never give up. Let the reports come once. You and entire family will then know the truth. She goes.

Doc brings reports. He hands them to Siddhi. Shankar asks her to give them to him but Siddhi suggests that Vin should read them himself. He drops them in shock as soon as he goes through them. Manjari asks him what is in those papers. Siddhi reads them too and is stunned. It cannot be! The reports are positive. She reads it loud for everyone. All the scratch marks on Urvashi’s body are of Vin’s nails only. It proves that s*xual assault did happen. Urvashi starts her drama again. I was telling it to all of you but no one paid heed to my words. Manjari refuses to believe it. We will get the same tests done in another lab. They are not right. Urvashi asks her if she doubts her. She asks Shankar if he made her take those tests so everyone can insult her. Siddhi and Aai are insulting me again by disbelieving me. What kind of women are they? You told me to get the tests done yet you still doubt me. I cannot take it anymore. I agree that I am from a poor family but I too have some respect. I won’t live here anymore! She runs upstairs shedding fake tears. Gauri is in thoughts. Will Urvashi really leave this house? Siddhi looks at Vin who is looks shaken up.

Urvashi is laughing in her room. All of them are simply mad. I can turn night into dark. Will I not take care of such simple things? Flashback shows Urvashi opening Vin’s kurta. I gain control of whatever I want. You are smart and rich. You fulfil my every need which is why I will stay here with you only. She scratches his chest using her nails, tears her clothes and scratches herself using his hands. Till now Siddhi was acting smart but I will make her repent now. I will change my name if I don’t do this! What will Siddhi do now?

Precap: Urvashi cries that this would not have happened if Rudra had been alive. Shankar promises to get married again. She asks him who he will marry her to. I am a widow. Vin offers to marry her.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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