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Shakti 16th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Harman and Suomya together in a hiding

Shakti 16th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Harman helps Suomya walk but she couldn’t, he holds her into his arms. They get into an old house nearby and gives her his jacket. Suomya insists on him to let her go. She tries to leave the house and go outside, Harman pushes her towards the wall. Her bloused was untied. She complains him. Harman asks if she has noticed her condition, she has been shivering of cold. He now looks around to check if all windows and doors are locked? He decides to lock the only door from outside, she must stay here until he returns with medicine for her.
Harak Singh came with police and Sameer and sends the police to look around, Harman and Suomya must be someone around. Sameer asks Harak Singh who told Harman about the venue. Harak Singh says Preeto held herself on a gun point.
There, Preeto calls Sameer’s

mother who was annoyed of Preeto. Preeto says she only wished to see her face. Now Khushi will be her daughter in law, here the true love has won over. Ravi calls again. Preeto brings a letter for Ravi, she asks Ravi to get stamp papers from the lawyers. No one would let Harman and Suomya live here together.
Veeran and Shanno discuss that it appears Khushi is Suomya. They send Ballu to ask Ravi and confirm the news. Ballu finds Ravi walk upstairs, he stops her and says he doubts Khushi is Suomya. What Ravi thinks about it? Ravi encircles Ballu with her arms and says no matter Harman loves any girl, these people will always be his enemy. Ballu must behave sensibly himself.
Harman brings clothes for Suomya. He promises to sit on a side with his eyes closely shut. Suomya confirms if his eyes were shut, then goes to change the dress. Suomya returned to the bed and denied any medicines. Harman was angry and stuffs the medicine into her mouth forcefully, then makes her gulp it through water. He feels her fever, and keeps wet cloth piece for reduce her fever.
All at once, the kinners open the door and comes in clapping. Malika was happy to see Harman and Suomya together, they ask Harman for some alms. Harman says he has nothing in hand. Malika moves forward to bless Harman and Suomya to always stay together with each other, happily. Suomya says she doesn’t want to live with him. Harman was boastful that their prayers are always answered. Malika sends other kinners to go and bless them. As they turn to leave, Malika gives a knife to Suomya for her protection, she might be able to protect herself and Harman from this knife. It’s only about times, sometimes whoever appear to be their biggest enemy is their best friend. The kinners then leave. Harman shuts the door. Suomya sat with the knife, staring at Harman.
Outside, the kinners discuss that Harman and Suomya are annoyed with each other. Malika was sure that their bonding is deeper than it can be sensed, this bonding will keep them safe from each other as well. They find the police and Harak Singh coming towards them and goes into a hiding.
Harak Singh and Sameer reach the house where Harman and Suomya had taken the hiding.

PRECAP: Sameer takes Khushi. Harman calls her from behind and says if she decides to leave today, he won’t be able to return. Suomya turns around, then shouts at Harman to run. Both gets their hands off and runs the opposite way from Sameer and police.

Update Credit to: Sona

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