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Preetan FF : Truth Of Life (Sequel) Part 17


Within few days Maya have little meltdown seeing the love and concern Khushi, Pari and Dev showers on her something she hardly experienced with Sona and Krissh even after growing with them.

Maya : Khushi di can I ask you something?

Khushi : of course baby what is it

Maya : can I play your cello?

“No formalities go ahead but you know how to play one she asks

Maya : I am rockstar’s daughter didi of course now see your mom was good dancer so you are terrific dancer

Khushi : that Pari is not, she is not fond of such things

Maya : I guess she is more bookworm

Khushi : go ahead I will just be back

Maya holds the cello gently without breaking the strings. She have hard time forming lyrics while playing instruments

Sona ; not bad didi, in all years she hardly talked with decency to us and here she is showing so much love

Khushi : you are crazy, first of all tell me why do you both that cat fight and for what

Sona : don’t ask me that question she start that world war we always talked politely

Khushi : I am sure you might have done something anyway now you are here with me I will make sure this cat fight is over

Sona : that won’t happen di so soon

Khushi : you forgot I can make every impossible as possible

Sona : I am telling you don’t get into her sweet talks easily

Maya : oh so you are not able to digest that she is being nice to me

Sona : I am talking with you go back to playing  your cello whatever

Maya : excuse me thats didi’s cello not mine

Sona : you are mistaken I was not jealous but I was warning her you can’t be trusted

Maya : I will show na how much I can be trusted by people

Both girls start to hit each other

“Stop it enough what is this Khushi and Dev pulls them apart

Parents gets tensed seeing them fighting

Roo : Maya you started again?

“Why do you always feel its my fault, she was instigating Khushi di against me, mom you only wanted me to be good with my cousins thats what I am doing but she cannot digest the face either you always take her side Maya gets furious

Tanya : calm down Maya thats not what she meant, Khushi can you please take her inside

Khushi and Pari takes Maya inside room

Kritika : Sona you still haven’t mended your ways what was the need to do that

Sona : mom I was only telling my sister to be careful what wrong I was

Dhruv ; just shut up this is not way of talking and Maya is not outsider we are family

Dev and Rajiv takes her away too

Roo ; did you see bhai this two can never end

Preeta : they will Roo, Kritika few things take a while to change I trust our other children they will end this rift very soon

Maya : didi please don’t lecture me, I know I was rude to her before but when did she talk politely with me

Khushi : okay calm down you what mom says anger mess up things more, listen to me we all are a family nobody is outsider

Pari : you are here to enjoy please don’t spoil your mood come on continue your playing

Maya : okay if you are saying then I will let this go but if it happens again

Khushi : it won’t okay come on cheer up

Dev ; Sona at least here don’t start your fight whats wrong with you

Sona : bhai you all don’t know here she is not that good she looks

Rajiv ; really? we know she is weird but this is not way to fight

Krissh : I have tried enough making both understand you all can try

Dev : listen Sona, she is our sister like you, and in this house there should not be any rift between any of our relations

Sona nods hesitantly

Maya ; didi I can’t play this you help me, I saw you played this on event

Khushi ; you should not give up like this now watch me okay

Tu Muskura Jahaan Bhi Hai Tu Muskura

Tu Dhoop Ki Tarah Badan Ko Chu Jara

Sharir Se Yeh Muskurahatein Teri

Badan Mein Sunati Hoon Main Aahatein Teri

Labon Se Aake Chhu Le Apane Lab Jara

Tu Mukura Jahaan Bhi Hai Tu Muskura

Sharir Se Yeh Muskurahatein Teri

Badan Mein Sunati Hoon Main Aahatein Teri

Her every beat has hidden one name Yash while playing.

Maya : you are so good at this but I think I will stick to guitar

Khushi : its not necessary to play every instrument for event but just learn for your own interest

Pari : by the way Maya what else you like to do apart from this

Maya : a lot, hiking adventure, Tanya mami was right I would enjoy a lot with you

Khushi : we dont’ need to have something common to form friendship

Maya : camping is my favorite last year I went to one of them near mountain

Pari ; I am scared of heights

Khushi : dont’ mind she is little crazy

Pari : not bigger than you and mind it you always leave everything on my shoulder

Khushi (hugs her): oho my sweet little sister you are very grumpy

Maya ; your 18th birthday is coming we will have blast, di you have any boyfriend?

Pari coughs sarcastically

Khushi : Maya my chocolate pie don’t become influence by this bookworm please

Maya : I was just asking generally, since you are turning 18 I thought maybe

Dev ; Maya dare can any boy touch her he will will 100 volts shots

Sona ; same with her bhai, right Maya?

Maya : obviously who can dare to touch us without our permission we are 21st century girls after all

Khushi : exactly

Tanya calls Khushi from other side

Khushi : coming, excuse me

Maya : she is so cute na, Pari di you know before coming here I was thinking so much how will I talk with you all, Sona and Krissh were always close to you

Pari : you don’t need to know us from years to be part of us, now you are here we will make sure you won’t feel alone and yes Khushi di is very twisted but she won’t let anything happen to any of us come lets have lunch

The children enjoy food by Preeta and Tanya

Maya ; wow mami you both cook so much delicious I must say my dad uncles you all are very lucky

Karan : why so? just because your aunty can make good food sorry Maya baby but this time your opinion is wrong

Preeta ; excuse me

Karan : bhai you say am I saying wrong? you leave it you won’t say anything against your wrestler wife sorry bhabhiji

Preeta : because he is not ill mannered like you who will not appreciate wife

Karan : Preeta think before speaking in front of kids yaar

Kritika ; of course bhabhi he is our brother show some decency

Preeta : really? decency to him please

Krissh ; mom where are going in india to meet nani and all

Roo ; first we will all go for some other places indian tour TajMahal, Banaras everywhere

Sona : thats sounds so exciting I already can’t wait for this trip

Khushi realizes about Yash she forgot for a while in all chaos.

Pari ; di again you are lost in thoughts

Khushi gets text from Yash asking her to meet him at midnight

Kritika : kids don’t forget we are leaving tomorrow noon okay complete your packing

Sona : you will help us na? (says sweetly)

Kritika (mimics her) : no thank you, one should do their work by own

Meeting Yash like this secretly became part of my life and my day would not finish without meeting him. But that night was something very different maybe last time we both could meet like that. If it was India I wonder if we were able to meet like this Khushi laughs 

Around in midnight Khushi again goes out from house secretly. She goes to terrace decorated with lights and roses petal. Yash plays piano for her

“Happy birthday Khushi she sees her name between heart shaped decorated with flowers and roses

Yash (bends on his knees) : happy birthday to the most beautiful girl on this earth, you know after mom left me here I always had complaint to god why does everybody go away close to my heart then he sent an angel in my life the one who I can call my own she became so important for me that now I cannot think a moment without her

“Dont’ praise me so much that I break down, I am not that good you think me Khushi hugs him letting tears coming out

Yash : ask me your worth, (buries his face in her hair) I cannot lose you

Khushi : don’t be so nice to me I cannot handle so much goodness

Yash (holds her face) : you know what I don’t need to do that you are only one that influence in my life to motivate me

Mere Rang Mein Rangne Waali

Pari Ho Ya Ho Pariyon Ki Rani

Ya Ho Meri Prem Kahaani

Mere Savaalon Ka Jawaab Do

Do Na

Mere Rang Mein Rangne Waali

Pari Ho Ya Ho Pariyon Ki Rani

Ya Ho Meri Prem Kahaani

Mere Savaalon Ka Jawaab Do

Do Na

Yash kisses her shoulder pulling all hair in front slowly. Khushi is completely lost in the heat of moment.

Bolo Na Kyon Ye Chaand Sitaare

Takte Hain Yoon Mukhde Ko Tumhaare

Bolo Na Kyon Ye Chaand Sitaare

Takte Hain Yoon Mukhde Ko Tumhaare

Chhooke Badan Ko Hava Kyon Mehki

Raat Bhi Hai Behki Behki

Mere Savaalon Ka Jawaab Do

Do Na

Both share passionate kiss laying in ground voiding the emptiness in each other’s life. Yash kisses her forehead

Kyon Hon Tum Sharmaayi Hui Si

Lagti Ho Kuchh Ghabraayi Hui Si

O Kyon Hon Tum Sharmaayi Hui Si

Lagti Ho Kuchh Ghabraayi Hui Si

Dhalka Hua Sa Aanchal Kyon Hai

Ye Mere Dil Mein Hulchul Kyon Hai

Mere Savaalon Ka Jawaab Do

Do Na

The clock strike noise brings them back to senses breathing heavily.

Khushi : I want to tell you something

Yash : don’t ask me for a gift now (teases her) sorry what it it

Khushi : i am leaving tomorrow to india

Yash ; is that it? why do you create so much suspense anyway when are you coming back

Khushi : I might not back this time, mom dad wants to settle there back

The ground slips from his feet hearing her striking words

Yash ; what? (leaves her shoulders) and you are telling me now

Khushi : I just couldn’t get courage I know you won’t be able to handle this

Yash : you are leaving? (says in broken voice) you won’t see me again ?

Khushi looks down

“You go, i can’t stop you from leaving but at least don’t talk burden of guilt in your heart that you hurt me Yash turns to other side not able to face her

“I am sorry but I am helpless she hugs him from back tearfully

Yash (runs hand in her long hair touching her head) : don’t cry this does not suit you, I will miss you a lot, now who will enter my room in midnight, and take your tantrums

Khushi : this world is very small maybe someday we might again collide

Yash : its late you should go back and I will come to airport at least last one last time I can tease you wholeheartedly

Precap : Parents and kids head to India for tour before going for Mumbai.

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