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Preetan FF : Truth Of Life (Sequel) Part 16


Xaviers school prepare for farewell party of the graduating year.  Few schools gather together in a big auditorium

Yash ; dadi I am going to school, take care

“Wait a minute today is your last day, you know your promise right Dadi tells him to bring Khushi after party to their home

Yash : of course dadi, love you

Luthra house

Door bell rings

Preeta : Shrishti can you check the table? file should be there (opens the door)

Kritika : surprise (shouts)

Preeta : oh my god kritu (hugs her happily)

Roo : bhai (runs to her brothers)

Karan ; you all were supposed to come next week how come so early

Dhruv ; look at that, you are not happy should we book next flight for return

Preeta : have some shame you are father of two children

Shrishti : where is my bacha party?

Kritika : right here, kids come on don’t be shy yaar they are our family

Sona : hello aunty (greets them)

Maya and Krissh too smiles at them

“Wow you both girls grown up so beautiful nobody cast evil eyes Shrishti hugs them

Preeta ; welcome home

Tanya : Krissh don’t worry you are our handsome prince

Krissh (says excitedly) : thank you aunty only your understand me

Sona : where is khushi di and all

Tanya : they went to school its their farewell party don’t worry they will be back by noon

Sahil : Tanya what happened to that music event you were saying

Rishab : Rajiv and Khushi both got selected

for semi final round

Sahil : thats great and one more amazing news Maya is also participating and got selected for next round

Tanya : you all might be hungry from long flight take some rest

Maya ; mom I am hungry

Tanya : oh our little princess is hungry come you kids come with me I have something special for you all (takes kids with her)

Rest of them goes to other room

Kritika : bhai after long time things are getting better

Roo : bhabhi is so happy

Karan : actually other day Khushi found out everything (Reveals them)

Kritika : but bhai how? I mean we decided that she will never found out

Rishab : I guess it was fate that she found out and went into depression

Preeta : Tanya has handled herself with very difficulty I hope she dont’ get hurt again

Dhruv : I think whatever happened was good only I mean she found our right now but imagine if in future she got to know from outsider we could have lost her

Roo : bhabhi how is dev now?

Preeta : he is absolutely fine now, Khushi gave her kidney to save him

Sahil : whatever you all say she will remain Tanya’s daughter by every means

Roo : our main reason to bring kids here was only Maya so she get along with her cousins

Dhruv : Sona and Maya can’t stand each other even for a minute

Maya sees Khushi’s many pictures around

Tanya : do you want anything else?

Sona : mami can I have one more cookie

Krissh ; oye control yourself you will put on weight again

Tanya : Krissh? don’t be so rude to girls, Maya you didn’t have anything

“I am good aunty thank you, i don’t eat much in long journey, I am little tired she says

Tanya ; you want to take rest, I will take you to Khushi’s room come

Maya : sure

Tanya takes Maya to Khushi’s room which is full of trophies and pictures

Maya : mami whose trophies are this?

Tanya : they are Khushi’s and some are Pari’s both are always upto something, hockey, inter state school competition, dance they don’t leave anything behind, you tell me what do you like, and i tell you what you will enjoy with Khushi she is exactly like you

Maya : right now only music but I am also passionate about dance

Tanya ; nice you can give tough competition to your sister

Maya : mom said you were also great dancer in your days

Tanya : I was but not anymore anyway you take rest for awhile and be comfortable

Maya : thank you mami

Tanya : most welcome bye (leaves)

Roo : bhai Khushi’s 18th birthday is coming whats the plan

Karan : we will celebrate in india with mom dad this time

Kritika : india? but we didn’t talk about it

Preeta : next week


Everybody enjoys the party.

Yash : Hi pari you didn’t tell me about your next game

Pari : this time it will be with interstate competition

Khushi : Mr genius nobody can defeat my champion sister

Yash : I was praising her and why are you taking that credit

Dev : mom called Sona, Krissh and everybody is at home

Khushi ; wow it will be double fun

Dev : that (sees Zara)

Rajiv : bhai where are you lost? oh I see girl

Dev is mesmerized with Zara’s beauty who is wearing long black maxi dress with curly hair.

Zara : hey I knew you were here, what are you hiding show me

Dev : nothing at all

Zara : dev show me (holds his hand at back)

She finds rose in his hands giving him glare

Dev : sorry I am

Zara (laughs) : oh my god look at your face you thought I will put red mark, so cute

Dev blushes seeing her pulling his cheeks

Zara : want to dance?

Dev : I don’t know how to dance actually

Zara : come on we are not here for competition lets enjoy

The duo goes on dance floor. Zara puts her hands around him

Zara : I guess you have never really danced before or should I say not with a girl

Dev : you are right I don’t befriends girls easily i am not that typebut I wouldn’t make an opinion about somebody very soon

Zara : impressive I like your confidence, you know I admire those boys who respect girls like this I think they should learn something from you

Dev (turns her around) : you are praising me more than I deserve

Khushi ; Yash I think there is certainly something brewing

Yash : you better not use your brains, because you don’t have any

Khushi (stamps his feet) : you are stupid I am not talking with you

Yash : okay as you wish (leaves her and goes to Pari) may I have dance with you

Pari : sure (sees her sister giving killing look) no thanks

Yash : come on don’t be so coward, your sister won’t mind (takes her to dance floor)

Khushi fumes in jealousy

Zindagi ne ki hai kaisi saazishein

Poori hui dil ki wo farmaishein

Maangi duaa ek tujh tak jaa pahunchi

Parvardigara, parvardigara

Kaisi suni tune meri khamoshi

O parvardigara

Ye fitoor mera laaya mujhko hai tere kareeb

Ye fitoor mera rehmat teri

Ye fitoor mera maine badla re mera naseeb

Ye fitoor mera chaahat teri

O parvardigara, parvardigara

Yash twirls Pari holding from back to make Khushi jealous.

Dheeme dheeme jal rahi thi khwaishein

Dil mein dabi, ghut rahi farmaaishein

Banke dhuaan wo

Tujh tak jaa pahunchi, parvardigara..

Deewangi ki hadd maine nochi o parvardigara

Ye fitoor mera laaya mujhko hai tere kareeb

Ye fitoor mera rehmat teri

Ye fitoor mera maine badla re mera naseeb

Ye fitoor mera chahat teri

O parvardigara, parvardigara

Dev and Zaara shares romantic dance holding hands from one side. He lifts her in air smoothly and twirls around.

Ye fitoor mera laaya mujhko hai tere kareeb

Ye fitoor mera rehmat teri

Ye fitoor mera maine badla re mera naseeb

Ye fitoor mera chahat teri


Khushi leaves from place seeing their closeness. Pari feels little attracted towards Yash with this gesture.

“Oh my god pari can you smell something, so much anger on this little nose Yash puts hand on Pari’s shoulder

Khushi removes his hand from her shoulder

Yash ;  there will be shock of 400 volt and place will burst in fire

Pari laughs seeing her sister’s reaction

Khushi ; you come home and I will tell you

Pari : I have some work so see you later bye (leaves hurriedly)

Khushi ; what?

Yash : poor girl don’t be so harsh yaar, after all she is your sister

Khushi ; better be lucky it was my sister so I spared her if that any other girl I would have break her every bones don’t forget I am daughter of wrestler

Yash : ooo I got scared please don’t use those techniques on me (pulls her closer through waist) tell honestly you were jealous right

Khushi : jealous my foot leave me na

Yash : no first accept you were not happy even I danced with your own sister (pulls her hair back)

Khushi : I was (says with pout) I don’t like when you dance like that with other girls

Dev and Zara walks outside seeing the moment of Khushi and Yash

Zara : thats your sister right? is that her boyfriend

Dev : no just a friend, you don’t know my sister any guy would think 100 times before touching her

Zara : you need good eye doctor, see how they are holding each other

Dev : lets go and find out

Yash and khushi are interrupted by Dev

Dev : whats going on here?

Yash leaves her hand and gets away

Khushi ; nothing at all hi (greets Zara)

Dev : oh sorry Zara thats my sister Khushi and Pari (comes there too)

Zara : hi I am Zara nice to meet you, by the way you are exactly like Dev told me

Yash ; I am sure he might have done more than deserved praises

Khushi ; excuse me I am worthy of praise

“Yash somebody calls him

“Yea coming, I will see you guys in a while excuse me Yash leaves

Zara : Dev what are you doing between girls go and enjoy with your friends

Dev’s football team friends take him away

Pari : you are in Trinity school right?

Zara : yes I remember you from last year hockey tournament star player

Khushi : of course she is my star sister nobody can be like her (hugs Pari from side) where are you from

Zara : Lahore Pakistan I just live with my aunt here on king’s street

Khushi : wow our house is very close somebody come at our home

Pari : yea definitely we have big giant family you can’t imagine

Zara : for sure I will come, okay I have to leave but it was very nice meeting you bye

“Bye girls bids her bye

Zara : Dev I gotta go now, see you later anyway from tomorrow we have holidays coming up

Dev : okay but i am going to india on Sunday so maybe not

Zara : oh you didn’t tell me

Dev : our family decided suddenly so we are going back

Zara : I am sure you will enjoy, but don’t worry I will come to meet you before that bye (starts walking)

Dev sees her leaving

Ek Din Kabhi Jo Khud Ko Taraashe

Meri Nazar Se Tu Zara, Haaye Re 

Aankhon Se Teri Kya Kya Chhupa Hai

Tujhko Dikhaaun Main Zara, Haaye Re

Ik Ankahi Si Daastaan Daastaan

Kehne Lagega Aaina Subhanallah…

Jo Ho Raha Hain Pehli Dafaa Hai Wallah

Aisa Hua, Subhanallah..

Jo Ho Raha Hai Pehli Dafaa Hai Wallah

Aisa Hua

She turns around and waves him happily.

Pari : di you didn’t tell Yash we are going to india I am sure you did not

Khushi : if I did would he be standing here like this and what was that dance

Pari : what dance

Khushi : don’t act smart with me, I know everything more than me you are always concerned about him

Pari : what nonsense? i hardly see him in like three weeks

Khushi : so? but during dance I did not see any uncomfort, better be careful (fakes anger on her)

“Oho my so cute sis can I ever do that to you, like eyeing on your boyfriend nah nah Pari hugs her from back

Khushi ; first of all he is not my boyfriend and second even if you eye I won’t hesitate to sacrifice anything for you

Pari : yea right thats why you let him touch you when in whole school none of the boys can dare to befriend you but I hope that day never comes in our life di that you have to lose something because of me (gets emotional)

Khushi ; stop being such drama queen

Yash ; can I interrupt this sweet sister conversation

Khushi ; no way what is it

Yash ; dadi wants to me she ordered me bring that girl today at house or else today your entry is banned

Pari (keeps holding her sister from back) : oh so today is didi’s seeing face ritual

Khushi : Pari shut up you and Dev go home after a while

Pari : so mom dad shower us with so many questions how convenient you leave everything on our shoulder

Khushi (batters her) : because you are my very sweet sister, at least you can do this for your sister

Pari : stop that battering now and come soon Yash please drop her early today you cannot deny your bestie’s request

Yash (pulls her cheek) : my innocence highness your command bye (takes Khushi with him)

That day I hardly had any idea about Pari’s attraction for Yash. I did warn her funnily and she too ignored for my sake but we both sister’s fate was such entwined in a web more we tried to find way we were only trapped more Khushi says with serious tone 

Yash takes Khushi to his again

“Here is your parcel dadi Yash teases her

Khushi : hi dadi (touches her feet) I hope he is taking care of you properly

Yash : excuse me much better than you

Khushi : can’t you see two important people are talking go get something to eat

Yash ; dadi not fair she is ordering me

Dadi (hits him funnily) : didn’t you hear what she said but do one thing, get something from outside and bring my medicine

Yash : then why did you call her here?

Dadi ; my choice now you are going or not bring something good food

Yash : fine (leaves with huff)

Khushi : dadi your grandson is little crazy you know that

Dadi : he is my grandson of course I know him after all I raised him from years

Khushi (massages her leg) : dadi did his mom never even call him

Dadi : what should I say dear? ever since she got married again she hardly got any chance to give him love, only he don’t miss motherly love she gave him to me, saying my son should never feel my absence

Khushi : I always see he hide his pain from everybody else

Dadi : only your support he have in life dear thats why he rely on you most

Khushi : dadi I am going to india next week

Dadi : oh to meet your family when will you come back

Khushi : I don’t know mom was saying maybe this time we might not come back, my college everything will be there

Dadi : you know what you are saying? you didn’t tell this to Yash

Khushi : I don’t have courage dadi, if I tell him I might not come back he will break

Dadi : see you have to tell him right now and going with parents in not bad idea they only think about your well being

Khushi ; I know but I am just worried for Yash please you help me

Dadi : your birthday is coming soon, you will leave after that tell him on that day, I know it might hurt him a lot but dear he has to face truth one day

Khushi nods : dadi your anklet is very beautiful

Dadi : his grandfather gave me on marriage day you like it

Khushi : thats very pretty, love you dadi (hugs her happily)

Just like mom, I always looked for someone who can give me best tips and who could be better than dadi, unlike my other cousins I also missed that love in my life but god was mercy on me for fulfilling my wish of having most sweetest and understanding dadi but who can fight with time Khushi talks about her detachment from Rakhi and Mahesh more than her other siblings 

Yash sees both of them enjoying time together.

Khushi : he is here what did you get, indian food? (Asks him)

Yash : yaar at least someday behave like an indian girl

Pari and Dev comes back home much to surprise seeing their cousin

“Pari, my sweet pie Sona runs to her excitedly

Krissh ; careful she don’t have muscles like you just look at her are you on dieting

Pari : what? no way its my other crazy sister not me

Sona : where is Khushi di?

Tanya ; Pari she didn’t come with you

Pari : mom, (in mind) this Khushi di always make me scapegoat and goes away

Dev ; don’t worry aunty she will be on her way you know her friends always pull back

Sona : thats not fair we have been here since five hours waiting

Roo and Kriitika are overwhelmed with Pari’s calm nature

Kritika ; you have grown up so cute

Pari : how was your flight? where is maya

Roo : Maya come here (brings her)

“Hi Pari smiles

Maya : hi (says blankly) you were on farewell function ?

Pari : yes but it was Khushi di and Dev bhai not for us

Rajiv : somebody ask me I am standing like a fool under sun

Roo : aww so cute (pulls his cheek) bhabhi can you please call our eldest princess she is always behind her friends

Tanya ; let her come today

Khushi comes back in a while

Tanya : what is it? I told you today your cousins have come

Khushi : sorry mom but my friends were forcing me so

Preeta : never mind, look who is here

“Khushi didi Sona and Krissh jumps on her happily

Khushi ; whats up?

Sona : what di? we traveled so long only to meet you but you have no time

Khushi : my Nirupa Roy don’t show that tears on me please, Maya hi

Maya : hi

Khushi : so you all elders can enjoy we youngsters can go into room come

Shrishti ; this girl is crazy, di I am so excited for her birthday but why do we wait for so long its on Sunday

Preeta : we are leaving on Sunday noon just one day later whats difference

Rishab : this time mom dad wants to celebrate with her you know she missed Khushi’s childhood

Maya : I heard you also participated in the competition

Khushi : yea you also got selected ? thats amazing

Maya : but I want to win it at every cost, this is my dad’s dream

Khushi : I think one should focus on their victory more than defeating others

Maya : Pari di, you are state hockey champion, can I see your other games if you have any recording

Pari : of course why not here is the CD

Maya : thank you

Rajiv : she is little weird na

Sona : we have stopped talking with her anyway

Khushi : come on yaar she is just little different from us

Precap : Yash celebrates Khushi’s 18th birthday day before her departure at his house in midnight. Both get intimate with each other sharing passionate kiss. Family starts preparation for departure. Maya shares mixed feelings with Pari and Khushi.

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