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Preetan FF : Truth Of Life (Sequel) Part 15


Audition day

Host : good evening everybody tonight as you know we have famous classical music event from 25 different countries we will select at least 5 contestant from 10 performers for semi final round lets start

Khushi and Rajiv are nervous for the performance. She paces in the room when collides with Yash

Yash : why this beautiful face is pale?

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Khushi : I am not in mood of joke today please do something yaar

Yash : close your eyes

Khushi ; Yash

“Please close your eyes, take deep breath slides his hand from her eyes and tells her to remember where she belongs from and her background

Khushi takes deep breath

Yash : don’t say anything just imagine that stage, look for that person who are doing this (walks around her)

Khushi and Rajiv both deep down want to win the competition for their mother and make them proud.

Yash ; did you feel something?

Khushi (opens her eyes) : yes thank you (hugs him friendly)

Yash gets more attracted to her seeing the innocence.

The family wishes best of luck to Khushi and Rajiv for their performance

Tanya ; hey my princess, go rock the stage all the best (kisses her cheek)

Khushi ; thank you

Shrishti : my champ this is for you (gives him good luck flower)

Host : and our last performance of tonight is students from Xavier’s college Khushi and Rajiv Luthra please give them round of applause

Khushi : Rajiv you will be okay na? lets do this (gives him hifi)

Rajiv : good luck sister

The curtains raise up with lights getting dim. Yash watches them from screen on floor while family takes sit in venue.

Khushi ; before we start today I want tell you all something

Rajiv : we will represent our culture in our performance today which some people forget staying in foreign place

Khushi plays her cello with slow tune

Hai Ishq Hai Hamein Sarzameen Se

Zameen Zameen Zameen Zameen, Zameen Zameen Zameen Zameen

Har Indian Ki Pahchan Hai Yeh Zameen Zameen Zameen Zameen

Bible Gita Kuran Hai Yeh Zameen Zameen Zameen Zameen

Har Indian Kee Pahchan Hai Yeh, Bible Gita Kuran Hai Yeh

Yeh Hai Ma Hai, Yeh Ma Hai Yeh

Hai Ishq Hai, Hai Ishq Hai Hamein Sarzameen Se

Zameen Zameen Zameen Zameen

Hai Ishq Hai Hamein Sarzameen Se

Ishq Sarzameen Se Hai Ishq Sarzameen Se Hai 

Har Indian Kee Pahchan Hai Yeh, Bible Gita Kuran Hai Yeh

Yeh Hai Ma Hai, Yeh Maa Hai Yeh

Hai Ishq Hai Hamein Sarzameen Se

Ishq Sarzameen Se Hai Ishq Sarzameen Se Hai

Hai Ishq Hai Hamein Sarzameen Se, Zameen Zameen Zameen Zameen

Tan Mann Dhan Tujhe Arpan Tujhe Arpan

Tan Mann Dhan Tujhko Arpan

Tan Mann Dhan Tujhko Arpan

Tan Mann Dhan Tujhko Arpan Tan Mann Dhan Tujhko Arpan

Ham Bete Hain Ise Apni Maa Bulate Hain

Ma Ki Raksha Me Hum Apni Jan Lutate Hain

My Nation Iss My Pride My Nation Iss My Pride

Har Indian Ka Arman Hai Yeh, Bible Gita Kuran Hai Yeh

Yeh Hai Maa Hai, Yeh Maa Hai Yeh

Hai Ishq Hai Hamein Sarzameen Se

Ishq Sarzameen Se Hai Ishq Sarzameen Se Hai 

Hai Ishq Hai Hamein Sarzameen Se, Zameen Zameen Zameen Zameen

All the indians present are very much overwhelmed with the tone of Rajiv. His every voice indicates the patriotism and honor of his country even after living far away from their country.

Vande Mataram Vande Mataram Vande Mataram Vah

Vande Mataram Vande Mataram Vande Mataram Vah

Vande Mataram Vande Mataram Vande Mataram Vah

Vande Mataram Vande Mataram Vande Mataram Vah

Zameen Zameen Zameen Zameen

Host ; that was just phenomenal performance round of applause for our last candidate before I announce judges decision they have question for you both (Khushi and Rajiv) you choose theme of indian culture any reason

Khushi ; we believe to start any new chapter in life we should not forget where we come from

Rajiv ; we didn’t came here in desperate to win or fear of losing our real trophy is seeing that proud in our parents’ eyes

Host ; lets hear about other contestant

Some of them agree with Khushi Rajiv opinion while other one show their desperation to win the competition proudly.

Host : so lets hear what the judges decision, as you know 5 of contestant will go for next round (announces four candidates) and the last one is Rajiv and Khushi luthra

Luthras feel extremely proud of their children and hard work. Yash and Tanya gets little emotional

seeing the glow in Khushi’s eyes of achieving something first time.

Host : I would like to wish you all good luck for next and semi final round will be in india in few months have a good night everybody

“Congratulations so proud of you both Tanya and Shrishti hugs their kid

Sameer : give us also a chance to pamper our children only you both mothers will shower love

Shrishti : till today when he didn’t do good you were blaming us now what happened

Sameer : excuse me I am not alone to be blamed

Rajiv : can I decide who is guilty?

Everybody widens mouth

Sameer : here comes mom’s spoiled brat, I would pray to god dear you also get a girl who is twisted mind like your mom then you will understand

Shrishti : what? shorty don’t spoil my mood today

Rishab : stop it fighting in front of kid seriously

Preeta : time for celebration Rajiv Khushi we are very proud of you both

Karan : lets go out for dinner

Pari : yes you both deserves this treat

Khushi recalls her promise to celebrate her victory with Yash if she ends up getting selected

Khushi : oh no I promised Yash to be with him, I can’t even tell anybody about him

Preeta : where ere you lost?

Khushi : actually masi I had plan of going out with my friends today

Preeta : yaar you enjoy whole year with your friends some day spend time with us also

Karan : your masi is craving for your attention more than mine

Preeta stares at him

Karan ; see how she is killing me with her small eyes like she will slash me next moment

Rishab ; are you done?

Tanya : Khushi go with your friend later

Khushi agrees to go with them with heavy heart but is also happy to finally get attention

Pari ; why is your face pale?

Khushi : I promised Yash to meet him after event, I know he will understand me but still

Pari : di its good to have expectation but not testing somebody’s patience

Khushi : please don’t start your lecture I know Yash more than you, why is he not picking up my phone

Dev : you both are still here come on mom, masi everybody is calling you

Khushi looks at her phone

The family spend fun time together after long years of painful days.

Karan : tonight is the treat for our winners, so you both will order okay

Khushi : you can get whatever you want

Tanya ; my smart princess we are celebrating your both success

Rajiv : I think it would be better you make your handmade food masi, your hands are magical

Sameer : for first time you said something sensible my dear

Shrishti kicks his feet angrily

Pari ; mom didi’s 18th birthday is coming lets do something exciting

Preeta : that reminds me, Karan, Rishabji, Kritika and Roo are flying out here next week we will have double blast in her birthday

Khushi : mom I will have italian food and pasta

Pari ; me too but include hummus and pita bread

Tanya ; Dev you don’t want anything

“Actually I will have Chinese noodles and manchurian he says

Khushi ; mom I will just be back from washroom

Tanya : yea sure

Khushi secretly goes out and call Yash who has arranged very beautiful candle light dinner

Yash ; yes late comer

Khushi : I am really sorry but I cannot come tonight for dinner mom and everybody insisted to celebrate our success

Yash feels bad but does not show in front of her.

“Don’t worry you enjoy maybe later bye he hangs up quickly

Everybody enjoys the dinner and heads back to home happily.


Dhruv and Sahil’s family also gets ready to for Maya’s performance.

Sahil : Maya are you ready baby how much time this girl is taking just like her mom (whispers)

Roo coughs behind him

Sahil : see na your daughter is taking forever tell her she is not going for fashion show

Roo (Stamps his feet) : sure why not

Kritika : come on yaar we are waiting forever where is she

“Right here masi Maya stuns everybody with her glamorous attire with curly hair, shining eyes and blue long dress

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Sona and krissh does not react much

Maya : how am I looking

Kritika : hayee nobody cast evil eye on you (puts kohl’s on her)

Maya ; thank you masi after all whose niece I am

Dhruv giggles

Maya ; did I make a joke?

Dhruv ; of course its no less than joke my dear you should say whose daughter you are this masi of yours does not about fashion she is very simple

Maya : so? isn’t that simplify you fell for

Roo ; oh my kindness epitome please save this for later we are getting late

The families go to the venue filled with crowd

Roo : best of luck I know you are not from those people who are nervous

Sahil : excuse me she is rockstar’s daughter

Roo : thank god you reminded me I completely forgot I am getting old

Dhruv : be careful you have to get your daughter married then go to pilgrimage

Kritika : shut up yaar both don’t see place to start the fight Maya you go their silliness won’t leave best of luck my baccha

Maya : thank you masi love ya

Sona gets jealous seeing their bonding but ignores

Host announces Maya’s name as final participant of evening. The spotlight focus just on her in middle of stage holding guitar. The crowd watches her fascinately playing tunes of the guitar

Tinka – Tinka

Zara Zara

Hai Roshni Se Jaise Bhara

Tinka – Tinka

Zara Zara

Hai Roshni Se Jaise Bhara

Har Dil Mein Armaan Hote To Hai

Har Dil Mein Armaan Hote To Hai

Bas Koi Samjhe Jara

Tinka – Tinka

Zara Zara

Hai Roshni Se Jaise Bhara

Tinka – Tinka

Zara Zara

Hai Roshni Se Jaise Bhara

Har Dil Mein Armaan Hote To Hai

Har Dil Mein Armaan Hote To Hai

Bas Ko Samjhe Zara

Sahil feels extremely proud of her. She got his inheritance of singing from heart and have knowledge of every tune and lyrics

Dil Pe Ek Naya Sa Nasha Chaa Gaya

Kho Raha Tha Jo, Khawab Lauta Gaya

Dil Pe Ek Naya Sa Nasha Chaa Gaya

Kho Raha Tha Jo, Khawab Lauta Gaya

Ye Jo Ehsaas Hai

Jo Karar Hai 

Kya Ise Ka Hi Naam Pyaar Hai

Ye Jo Ehsaas Hai

Jo Karar Hai 

Kya Ise Ka Hi Naam Pyaar Hai

Puche Dil Tham Ke Zara

Tinka – Tinka

Zara Zara

Hai Roshni Se Jaise Bhara

Har Dil Me Armaa Hote To Hai

Har Dil Me Armaa Hote To Hai

Bas Koi… Samjhe Zara

Tinka – Tinka

Tinka – Tinka

Loud noise of applause

Host : that was our last brilliant performance of tonight now I would like to request all our contestant to come on stage for winner

Roo and Sahil holds their breath

Host : so our final candidate entering semi final round is Maya Luthra for her phenomenal performance , I want to wish all candidates good luck for next round

Roo : yes congratulations well done (hugs her happily)

Dhruv : finally its scientifically proven you are rockstar’s daughter proud of you (hugs her)

Maya : thank you uncle

Krissh : congratulations you were brilliant

Sona wishes her blankly

Maya ; thanks, Kritu masi you promised me to make dinner of your hands if I win

Kritika : of course I remember how can I forget that lets go we will have blast

Music, to hear its just a word but has so much depth into it nobody could understand real meaning. Only this music has big hand of changing our lives we experienced every tune, pain, sadness, love and much more Khushi says 

Maya : masi I must say your hand are just magical so delicious

Kritika : you like it?

Maya : of course I mean mom does make it but still I just love your food

Dhruv : don’t praise her too much dear or else next time she will make bitter food

Krissh : dad then you should get habit of drinking karela juice it will be helpful

Sona : oye don’t say anything to my dad

Dhruv ; okay now listen up you all start your packing we are flying out to london tomorrow night alright

Maya ; but dad said we are going to Europe

Sahil : I tried to book tickets but whole flight was full but don’t you worry there are lot of places we will go

Roo : Maya don’t be upset it will be lot of fun with your cousins

Maya : whatever you say (gets huffed)

Sona (in mind) : while ago she was jumping high now when came to know we are meeting our cousins she felt we are going on war


Around 10:40 pm after everybody sleeps

Pari ; di where are you going at this time?

Khushi ; to meet Yash stop shouting everybody will wake up

Pari : see the time, what if somebody comes

Khushi : you are big jinx don’t say such things when I am going anywhere

Pari : I always tell for your good but you never listen to me fine go but come back soon my heart is pumping fast

Khushi ; put your stupid novel on table and go back to sleep

Pari goes to bed irritatedly when Khushi leaves from her room window. Yash’s house is to close neighborhood on walking distance.

She walks in the garden at dark night when somebody puts hand on her mouth turning out to be Yash itself. Both shares passionate eye lock pining to wall.

Yash : I knew it, that owl don’t sleep at night what are you doing here

Khushi signals him to remove hands

Yash : sorry

Khushi :  I should be sorry for not coming but

you know first time mom asked me something and I could not say no to her

Yash : of course now you got what you wanted why would you remember me

Khushi : its not that who knows better how much I was craving for this day

Yash : why did you come now? to rub salt on my wounds

She looks at him with shock

“What does it matter? after all what am I for you nothing right but for me you are everything my day does not complete without seeing your face, I can’t get enough of spending time with you Yash keeps moving closer to her

She does not realize anything around completely lost in his world. Next moment she sees him laughing

“Oh my god look at your face it seemed like somebody broke your favorite thing into pieces Yash teases her

Khushi feels little tensed with his prank which she thought to be true seeing genuineness in his eyes and tone.

“You know what I was stupid, idiot that I took so much risk and came here I thought I would pacify you like a sweet girl, make you feel better by celebrating biggest success of my life with you but not I was so wrong you only care for your stupid pranks don’t talk to me Khushi angrily pushes him away and starts walking but is pulled back very closely to him

Yash : not so soon Ms london, you really came here by lying to your family

Khushi : leave me why do you even care if I took so much risk (tries hard to go)

Yash (tugs her hand behind) : so much anger on this beautiful face

Khushi  ; mind it you will realize the day I am not with you and go far away what will you do

Yash (holds her hair tightly) : I won’t let that moment come when you have to go away from me ever Ms luthra

Khushi : and my gift

Yash blindfolds her and takes to room

Khushi : what are you doing? if I fall

Yash : I won’t let that happen you trust me?

Khushi ; yash what are you upto

He opens the blindfold and shows very simple yet elegant pendal of heart shaped with her name initial

Khushi : wow so gorgeous so simple

Yash ; beauty will glow more on the one who wears is (turns her to mirror)

Khushi : won’t you tie in my neck

Yash moves her long thick hair in front to see the lock of chain. His touch on her bare neck makes her feel thunderbolt

She closes her eyes blushing first time.

Yash : now see in mirror was I right or not?

Khushi sees the pendal shining in dark

Teri Baahon Mein Mili

Aisi Rahat Si Mujhe

Ho Gayi Jaan-E-Jahaan

Teri Aadat Si Mujhe

Dekhun Main Jab Tujhko Toh

Tab Mera Din Ye Dhale

Deewana Kar Raha Hai

Tera Roop Sunehra

Musalsal Khal Raha

Mujhko Ab Ye Sehra

Bata Ab Jaayein Toh Jaayein Kahaan

Yash : what are you thinking?

Khushi : I am very happy today, you are the only person I can blindly trust as friend, thank you for everything

Yash : this was your hard work don’t thank me

Khushi : should I ask something? while ago whatever you said was it true or just joke

Yash : ask yourself what do you think

Khushi looks down

“You are very special for me more than anybody else and I didn’t feel bad when you didn’t came you know why my heart said that your mom needs you more than me holds her face gently

Both share soft kiss not realizing the moment. Her hands wrap around his neck pouring much passion to soothe his pain. Never he felt any sort of love and compassion from anybody else before neither any solace to heal this heart. He could be strong in every sense but not losing her at any cost from himself. Both shared unknown relationship more than friendship but never been able to name it and kept ignoring their feelings. Khushi in the heated sun found shelter in his heart but unknowingly both exceeded boundary and limit of friendship

Yash moves away thinking about her uncomfort like last time.

Khushi : I should leave now

Yash : don’t go alone I will come with you wait

Khushi : thats okay i can manage, where is my house so far

Yash ; don’t be stubborn wait a minute

Luthra house

Tanya comes to the girl’s room but does not find Khushi anywhere.

“Didi where did you trap me? today you are gone nobody can save you Pari says

Tanya : Pari I am asking something where is Khushi (asks softly) where are you lost

“Mo…mom she stammers

Khushi ; right here mom (comes from back)

Tanya : where were you?

Khushi : I went to drink water you at this time did you need anything

Tanya : no I just came to tell you, next week we are going to India for vacation, your dad wanted me to tell you

Khushi : okay mom

Tanya (feels suspicious) : good night

“good night mom girls tells her

Pari ; di thank god, I feel one day in saving you I will die in heart attack

Khushi : seriously today I was saved or else mom had chopped me like onions

Next day Kritika and Roo’s family starts heading to London to finally meet their family.

Precap : Maya challenges Khushi and Rajiv of winning the music competition.

“No matter what happens but I will win this music event by hook or crook and defeat you both brother sister” Maya tells Khushi and Rajiv very confidently

Khushi ; one should focus on their own victory rather than thinking about defeat of others (says with cool attitude)

Isha’s entry (Sherlyn’s daughter)

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