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Part 20 16/11/2018

Two days has passed, Mehak was busy at the kitchen preparing some dishes and her phone rings. It was from unknown number as she slide to answer it, the other side greeted Pikachu, and from there she knows it’s Kunal. She sigh and asked him to call her as Mehak and why he called. He said he have something to pass to her and he will be leaving Delhi in the evening so he want to see her. She said will come and ask him to message the details of the place. Once she served Karuna maa and Dolly maasi she asked permission to go out to meet her friend and Karuna maa said she don’t need to get permission as this is her house, Mehak thanked her and said will be back soon. She took an auto and reached a restaurant at the city center. She walked slowly passing the shops and later reached the restaurant. The waiter bring her in to sit at a table and pass the menu. Mehak thanked and the waiter left from there. She was flipping the pages and wondering why Kunal is not here yet and looking at her phone for the time. He arrived at the restaurant and waved at her as he walked to her table. She smiled and ask him to sit down, he apologized for being late as he never expected Delhi traffic is very bad. He already check out from his hotel too so after meeting her he will proceed to the train station. He asked her to order something, and Mehak placed an order along with Kunal. While waiting for their food , Mehak asked why did he asked her to come, and he opens his bag pack and pull out a gift wrapped nicely in gold wrapper, he hand it to her. She hold it and asked what this is, he smiled and ask her to open to see it. Mehak slowly peel off the ribbon aside and carefully remove the gift wrapper and inside is like book more like an album, she remove the light paper type material from the top and saw, it was written, Discovery Manali , photography by Kunal Singh. She lifted her head to see him and he asked her to see inside, she gently flip to the first page , it was breath taking view of the Manali hill, the view that always sooth her mind, she continued to check all the other pages, she saw the shot at the Manali temple, the Gurdwara where she does her sewag. Till she reached the last page it was a shot taken from the Manali hill top, and she was there, she gasped and asked that’s me when you took my shot Kunal Ji, she questioned him. He smiled and said I didn’t take that shot, it was taken by Adi, remember the day we all went to the hill to site seeing, Adi wanted to try taking pictures so he took that shot, but you said you will delete it Mehak questioned him. He rested his back on the chair and said I wanted to but when I go through the photographs this looks good, Adi no doubt he don’t have talent but this angle and shot was good so I decided to keep them and now I print and made into album for you . She closed the album and put it on the empty seat next to her. The waiter came to serve their meal, both started eating their meal and exchanging notes in between, he asked how is Shaurya and everyone at home, Mehak replied all are okay. After they done with the main course, Kunal asked shall I order some dessert and Mehak nodded. They serve them chocolate lava cake with ice cream. As Mehak eats she called Kunal Ji, he looked at her and she said , can you not to call me Pikachu anymore, I don’t like it, Adi said something out of mind and you keep teasing me with that, please stop calling me Pikachu. He laughed loudly and teased her Mehak Ji I never expected you can take me so serious like this. Okay no problem, I won’t call you Pikachu anymore. Mehak smiled and asked him to eat his dessert. While this was happening, it was noticed by someone and that is none other than Shaurya. He was at that restaurant too as he was the partner there and came for discussion. He saw Mehak there and been watching these two for quiet sometime. His anger heighten seeing Mehak with another man smiling and eating together. Ever since they have been married they haven’t enjoyed a single day as a husband and wife and each time that idiotic Kunal make some jokes and Mehak laughed along. He clenched his fist and feel like breaking Kunal’s face with the anger in him. Slowly he pacified himself and told himself, he needs to get into Mehak’s good book for that he needs to act calm. Or else she will run from away and he can’t afford to see that happens again.

His temper rose and he can’t see Mehak laughing with another man, he strode towards their table and Mehak was surprised to see him there, Kunal gets up to shake hand with him and greeted him hi Shaurya Ji it’s a good surprise to see you, I was thinking that I wouldn’t meet you before leaving Delhi luckily today I manage to see you too. Shaurya looked at Mehak and him, Kunal asked him to sit down, Shaurya pulled the sit next to Mehak and seated. Mehak and him didn’t say anything just looking at each other and looked at Kunal who was busy talking about his upcoming trip etc. Later Shaurya looked at him and said so what brings you in Delhi, Kunal told him about his Delhi trip and how he met Mehak at the Old Delhi. Kunal asked, Shaurya Ji, Mehak Ji said you are busy and all but you are here how come? The same question strikes in Mehak’s mind as well, in her mind she was telling he must be spying wherever I am going or else how come he is here. He looked at Mehak’s face and he understand from her expression and chided, I have no time to spy around anyone , saying this Mehak’s eyes widened and she was cursing herself he can read her mind now. He continued, this restaurant I am one of the partner. Today I had meeting here upstairs, so when I finish meeting and was about to leave and saw you both so thought of coming to say hi, as it is we are known to each other and it will be rude if we don’t say hi to friends right, he stressed on each word as he was looking at Mehak and later face Kunal. Mehak understand he is very angry that’s why he is being sarcastic and she doesn’t want to go on with this awkward situation, she quickly said , I need to go home, maa will be waiting for me, she gets up from the table and took the album Kunal gave her, she thanked Kunal for the album and if he comes again to Delhi , he must call her as well, he thanked her, The waiter came with the bill , before Kunal takes out his wallet, Shaurya pass his credit card to him. Kunal tries to stop the waiter from the taking the card but Shaurya used his glare at the waiter and said to Kunal, you are guest in our town and besides that it’s our culture to treat our guest so this is also one of my restaurant he replied him egoistically. Kunal asked how many restaurants does he owns in Delhi, and Shaurya replied I am partner almost to 15 leading restaurants in Delhi and I have my very own restaurant chains too. Kunal was surprised to see such a young entrepreneur and he is most sophisticated business man as well. Shaurya, Mehak with Kunal walked off from the restaurant and bid good bye. Shaurya escorted Mehak to his car at the car park, then he gets into the car, and ignited the car.

The car ride was very quiet as Mehak kept her eyes busy looking at the roadside. Shaurya rubbing his forehead as he was in great stress. He didn’t like her being silent with him and he turned on the radio and it played Paniyon se song. He tapped on the steering wheel as he drove, yet she didn’t turned to look at him. He was really pissed and drove haphazardly not seeing the traffic light which already turned red but he already pass. Other vehicles honked at his car and throw some nasty words at them. Mehak turned to look at him and ask why you are driving like this, it can cause accident. In his heart he felt good as he manage to gain her attention now, he didn’t reply and Mehak asked I am talking to you do you hear me or have you gone deaf? He was annoyed with her tone and drove harshly to the nearest park, and stopped the car there and gets down from there and came to her side and opens the door and pull her out by her upper arm. She pushed his grip as it’s so tight and he dragged her to a quiet place and he took his grip from her. She looked at him and asked what is your problem Shaurya why are you behaving like this? Just now at the restaurant you replied Kunal with all your mighty ego, then you are driving recklessly, what will happen if accidently etc., someone’s life could be jeopardize, she reasoned out. Shaurya looked at her with the same glare, I don’t care if accident happens then let it be, I don’t give a damn to anyone he replied her. She pulled his hand so he stand straight to face her, she asked him why are you so selfish , so egoistic and so cruel, you only think about yourself and your happiness is it. He looked at her doe eyes and he wanted to spill the emotion and feelings he has been bottled up but he turned away when Mehak’s mobile rings which break their moment. Mehak took some time to realize her mobile ringing and she quickly took it from her bag, it was from home, Dolly maasi called to ask which medicine to give Karuna maa and she ask her to give the correct one and hangs up. Mehak turned to look for Shaurya but he already sitting in the car igniting the engine. Left with no choice she gets into the car and he started to drive from there.

They reached Khanna Mansion and Mehak walks from the car first forgetting the album given by Kunal. She went to see Karuna maa and Dolly maasi at living area. Shaurya takes a deep breath and gets down from the car before he close the door he saw the album and take it with him. He headed straight to his room, and remove his coat and throw it on the coach and took off the tie and throw it on the floor and he sat down on the couch. His mind scrambled with the event just happen a moment ago. How he yearned to talk to her, laugh with her and many unspoken wishes buried in him but she is ignoring him and he didn’t like it. He straighten his body and he need to vent out the anger he build up in him, he change into his tank top and sweat pants headed to the balcony and started to work on the punch bag aggressively.

Mehak spend time with Karuna maa and Dolly maasi, Sonal came back from work too. Mehak wonders why Shaurya was not coming to living area and she excused herself to go up and see him. She went to her room and saw he was at the balcony unleashing his fury against the punch bag truculently his sweat dripping down his body. He didn’t see Mehak coming there and as his hands give a powerful punch and the bag flung to her face and she hit her head on the wall and shrieked loudly. Shaurya who came off from his reverie looked at Mehak who was lying on the floor crying badly in pain. He runs to her and hold her closer and tapping her face gently calling her Mehak, are you alright, Mehak, he called her again and she hazily opens her eyes. He cupped her cheek and asked are you okay, did I hurt you, I am sorry I didn’t realize you were coming in, Mehak cut in and started to cry childishly badtameez kahinka, you hit me and now saying sorry, she tries to get up but she was still feel light and can’t stand straight so Shaurya carried her to the bed, he asked her are you okay shall I call the doctor, tell me where is it pain, please Mehak I am so worried now. Mehak started to scream asking him to leave her alone and she started to call maa, Sonal, maasi, Vicky. Hearing her screaming Sonal , Vicky and maasi runs upstairs and sees Shaurya standing helplessly as Mehak crying like a baby, her left cheek redden immediately. All started to question him what happen, why is Mehak is crying he tries to explain but Mehak cried loudly and he can’t say much. Seeing her like this Sonal runs to her and asked what happen, why she is crying. She sobbed and manage to point to Shaurya and said he beat me. All three of their head turn towards Shaurya in disbelief and Shaurya tries to explain is not like what you all thinking. Sonal quickly ask Awara to bring icepack and she wrap with a towel and she caresses Mehak gently and said don’t cry Mehak, if I see you crying, I will start crying too, please don’t, Mehak manage to suppress her cry. Maasi asked Shaurya what happened now till that you raised your hand on your own wife. Shaurya pacify maasi and said maasi I didn’t beat her, trust me it was an accident. Vicky express his grievance assuming he hit her. As none is giving him chance to explain, Shaurya has to raise his voice and ask them to quiet and explained. I was at the balcony with my punch bag and she came there I didn’t notice so the punch bag straight went to her face and blow up her face. So it’s not my fault. Maasi, Vicky and Sonal turned to look at Mehak. She scrunched her nose and asked punch bag is whose, his ones right , so it was him who beat me with the punch bag, he can’t beat me directly so he waited for his chance and when he saw I was coming to balcony he took revenge on me she talk like child. Maasi asked in middle, revenge, for what?  Mehak said don’t know he always like to take revenge on people right, today I went for lunch with my friend and he didn’t like it so he took revenge on me, she explained. Maasi sees Shaurya and Mehak’s uncivil behavior and ask them both to stay quiet and ask why these two behaving like small kid. She asked Sonal to apply the ice pack on her cheek and ask Shaurya to fresh up.

Sonal slowly put the ice pack on her cheek and Mehak ouches as its very pain. Shaurya felt guilty because of his temper he hurt her unknowingly. She let out a small cry as the ice pack touched her skin. She mumbled to Sonal, khadoos kumar, badtameez bhel. He heard it and amused with the names she is giving him and went into the shower to freshen up. When he came out he saw no one in his room, he wonders where she went and opens his room door and went downstairs. He saw Vicky , Sonal , maa and maasi sit together with Mehak all watching some comedy show and laughing loudly. Although Mehak was sore in her cheek that didn’t stop her she was laughing even loudly and Sonal pressed the ice pack on her cheek. He went in to the living area and saw all watching Kapil Sharma show. Whenever Dr Gulati does something comically, Mehak’s face brighten and laughing as she leaned on Sonal’s shoulder. He sat there not to watch the TV but her expression which is chortling along. Although Shaurya is not the type of person watches comedy show but he sat there with a purpose. Awara came to call all for dinner, and all went to the dining table to have dinner.

After dinner, Shaurya was walking in the garden near the pool, Nehal called him. Shaurya asked how is her studies and everyone at home, she replied him all are okay, and asked if it’s okay if she comes over there to stay for few days as now she is having her break and it’s too boring to stay at home as Sonal and Mehak also not here, Shaurya asked her to come over and he have no problem, this is Mehak’s home and she can come at any time. She thanked him and said she will come the next morning. He wished her good night and walked back inside the house and went into his room. As he lock the room door he saw Mehak already sleeping and her soft cheek swelling has reduced and he smiled when recall how she conveniently blamed him and made up all. He whispered nautanki and tucked himself under the duvet as he switch off the light and sleep peacefully facing her beautiful face.



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