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My wife, Yuvani, part 28

Suhani’s sleep was disturbed by the morning rays. She opened her eyes irritated and was confused by her surroundings. It took her a moment to understand that they both had slept on balcony only, cuddling.

Suhani has leaned her head on Yuvraj’s chest and his head is on her shoulder. She smiles widely seeing him sleeping peacefully and kissed the side of his head with all the love she has for him.

Yuvraj woke up by this smiling widely.

Yuv: Good morning Suhani. ( He looked around) Oh man, we slept here only?

Suh: No Yuvraj, we slept in the room only to prank you I lifted you and placed you here.

She winks at him and he fumes, but smiles.

Yuv: Oh so you are in good mood of teasing??

She smiles.

Suh: Come, let us get fresh.

He nodes.  After getting fresh, she sat to write diary, skipping her morning revision. ie, she always make the note of what to be taught on the next day and then in morning, she will go through her notes again. Today she is using that time to write her diary.



Dairy of that day:

Yuvraj was too much emotional by reading her diary and also was very proud of her.  He remembers the sixth day’s diary and recalls how broken she was. But now he reached the diary of the previous day of his arrival and she was back in her real form. Her will power is something!

So now the diary of the day he came back.

“Hehe,  sorry sweetu, for not meeting you yesterday, I didn’t even realise when I slept. Only got sense today morning.

I am so happy now. Yesterday Yuvraj came back. I was desperately waiting for his return. Even though I don’t share anything with him, when he is with me na, I get an extra couSuhe. I feel safe and stronger. Yup, he is my strength.”

Yuv: And you mine.

“But I was scared, scared of how I will react.  Thankfully I was normal.”

Yuvraj chucked.
Yuv: Yup, it was your normal self only.

“And you know before he could make me swear on leaving ice cream, I made it clear that I won’t do it yayyy.. Arrey, ice cream is life and how can I even think of leaving it no way!”

Yuv: Actually that was not in my mind that time, even though I know you won’t listen to me, I would have given it a try later. I was so worried hearing your voice and I was angry on you for being careless. But I didn’t know the real reason behind your dullness. I am sorry Suhani.

“He told me that he will take me out for having dinner, arrey how can we leave now, then what about the surprise I planned. So I calmly rejected the offer.”

Yuv: (shocked) Calmly???
He laughs remembering her blabbering and calling him unromantic.

Yuv: If that was calm for you, I can’t imagine what is violent for you.

“I became hyper active because of my normal behavior with him, I felt like I won the universe, yayyy, that means I am not that weak. Thank God.”

Yuv: You are the strongest of all.

“I think Yuvraj was horrified seeing me hyper active. Well but there was notthing wrong with me, I was just happier than usual.”

Yuvraj smiles.

“But again, my silly tongue, you know when he asked me what happened to me, I told him it is just mood swings.

Yup, I used that words silly me, God didn’t think once before speaking??”

Yuv: Of course you don’t.

“I am na, always gives Yuvraj chance to tease, he teased on this too. Damn, I so hate my tongue.”

Yuvraj laughs.

“And then we kissed.  Later I asked him to get fresh and he told me that he is excited for his special dinner. Damn, why can’t I keep my mouth shut. I told him that too. Well, but it wasn’t my fault completely, I mean who asked him to plan a dinner date outside when I planned a surprise at home. He was all set to spoil my plans, unromantic fellow. I don’t want my plan to get spoiled so I scolded him for that but accidentally I spoke of the surprise.”

Yuvraj was numb, he was not understanding how to react to this. Seriously, his wife is a unique piece!

“I was upset for spoling the surprise but he said it was fine. I wasn’t sure, but he was saying it right, so it would be true only. And it turned to be true, I mean we both had fun while having dinner, it was romantic, and uuuuuu, I lovvved it.”

Yuvraj smiles on his matured yet childish wife.

“Then I took him to the balcony and we both sat there, cuddling to each other. I wanted to enjoy his presence, and that to in that calmness of that beautiful night, it was so pleasing. I felt blissed. We didn’t speak a word , just enjoyed each other’s company and then slept there itself.”

Yuvraj too smiled pleasantly thinking of the previous night.

“Anyway see you later, I am getting late, and today again I have an appointment with that akdu doctor. Hope it goes well.
See you.”

Yuv: This appointment of yours with Sharad, even though it made you cry, was the best one.

He closed his eyes and thought of the video he saw.

(So now, in third person’s pov, we are going to see what had happened actually, which changed the lives of Yuvani.)

Sharad was going through Yuvraj’s report frustrated. If Yuvraj won’t stop playing,  by no chance he can be saved. But the irritating thing was he can be saved and can remain healthy if he quit his game. Medication would be a bit tough, but it would surely help him.

But Yuvraj’s idiotic wife, she won’t let him resign na, it is all because of her, why she is hell bend to snatch his best friend from him. What is her problem. Today Suhani will have to answer all his questions, she can’t keep mum any longer.

Sharad was waiting for Suhani to come. He was determined. Today either he or she one of them will have to follow the other, no, there is no choice, today he will make her listen to him, it is about his bestie’s life.

Suhani came in, she was scared of the reports, she know his condition would be worsened.

Sharad: So you are back again. You know what, I really can’t understand you. What are you?

She looked at him blankly.

Sharad: Do you really love Yuvraj, or are you faking it? Why is that you can’t understand the seriousness of the the situation?

Suhani looked at him with anger filled eyes.  Again her love is being questioned.

But then a fear captured her, Sharad’s words were making her wounds fresh. She was remained of that worst day of her life. All those venomous words and that brutal accusations which broke her mercilessly,  started to ring in her ears again.

No, no, no, her heart pleaded, no she can’t take it once more. She is not strong enough.

Fear and anxiety inside her came out as anger.

“Yes” she shouted, in a dangerous voice.

Sharad was startled.

Suh: Yes, I am a sadist, a gold digger, selfish, characterless and heartless person. I am  and I am not going to change.

Sharad: Suh, Suhani, you ok right, what are you saying?

Suh: Exactly those words which you and everyone else wanted hear, which you  guys believe me as.

Sharad understood that she was not talking of his accusations, but was taking out her frustration on something else. Did anyone else accused her?  He thought to deal with this in a calmer way.

Sharad: Suhani, listen, I am very sorry that I questioned your love. I …that, trust me Suhani that was not my intention. All I want is your support, I  want you to make Yuvraj realise and I want him back. Only you can do that, so I was trying to provoke you.

“All want Yuvraj back, but no one is ready to think from his side” Suhani thought in her mind.

She closed her eyes, took a long breath.

Suh: Ok, I am ready to listen to you, I will make sure that Yuvraj will never ever touch his ball and will never step into a football ground.

Sharad smiles.

Suh: But I have a condition.

Sharad: Condition?

Suh: Yes, you see I am going to do as you wish and this is not something which I as a person want to do. So when I am doing your job, I should get payed, right?

Sharad nodes confused, where is she heading to? There was a deep determination visible in her eyes.

Suh: So you are ready for paying, good now you can’t back off.

Sharad: Anything for Yuvraj.

Suh: Alright, so my condition is that you should make Yuvraj immortal.

Sharad: Sorry?

Suh: (coldly) You heard me.

He looked at her like has grown two heads, has she lost it? Then he felt like she is taunting him, he was offended.

Sharad: see Suhani,

Suh: (dangerously) Yes or no.

Sharad: Suhani you,

Suh: I need answer, will you or will you not fulfil my condition.

Sharad: You know I can’t.

Suh: Then forget about your work. I am not going to cooperate with you.  Give me the reports, I have to leave.

Sharad: You can’t leave like that, I need an explanation.

Suh: I don’t owe you one.

Sharad: I know you don’t,  but…

Suh: Alright, have you heard this Sanskrit slogan “Matha Pitha Guru Deivam” ?

Sharad: Suhani where are you heading to?

Suh: Yes or no?

Sharad: Yes.

Suh: Good, well parents are treated as God because it is through them which we have our lives, but then it is a doctor who saves our lives, then why is it a  teacher being called as God and not a doctor?

Sharad looked at her blankly.

Suh: Because mind is important than body. It is not how much you lives but is how you lives that matters. What is need of living a life a hundred years if it is miserable, if you can’t remain happy? It is better to live a short happy life than a long lifeless life. And the same I am trying with my Yuvraj.

Sharad: But how can you be so sure that he will have miserable life only, I meanwe all are with him, I am sure that we can heal him, both physically and mentally.

Suhani sighs again. She took out her mobile, and showed him happy pictures of Yuvraj with all his family members, taken at down events and also ones with Sharad and herself too.

Suh: You see the happiness here right now look at these.

Those were the pics of Yuvraj while he was playing or while he achieved soemthing due to his game.

Suh: Can you find the difference?

Sharad: I… Yes.

Suh: Did you find the happiness Yuvraj has in his game in any of the other pics?

Sharad: No,

Suh: Then on what rights are you saying that we will heal him.? Sharad his game is his life, his heart beat. That happiness is priceless and there is no alternative for it.

Sharad just stared her.

Suh: Yuvraj will never be able to take it Sharad, he mostly will go into depression, or may even,

She couldn’t continue, she closed her eyes, she was getting emotional.  When she opened her eyes, it was filled with tears.

Suh: You always ask me why I am doing this when I have an option? Yes I do have an option, but the option is not between keeping him alive and letting him die. It is between keeping him happy and letting him lead a miserable life. Which shall I choose? You say, which of these should I choose? Sharad I am his wife, I love him, he is my world for me and when I have one option as his happiness, how will I go for other one?

She cried.

Sharad looked at her guiltily,  he has misunderstood this girl in front of him very much.

Suh: You know Sharad, I can never take his sad face too, then can you imagine my situation when I find him struggling for breath, when he feels weak both physically and mentally.

She cries.

Suh: I know I can never heel his physical pain, if I could I  would have done it, even if it meant to sacrifice my life, my happiness, my everything. I can’t right. So I am trying to heal his mental pain. It kills me seeing him pain, my heart bleeds seeing him suffering, still do I have an option? If ever I  could find an alternative for his game na, then I would have made sure that it reaches him, come what may I would have saved him. Because even the thought that he is going to leave me kills me brutally. But I don’t have an option Sharad, I just don’t.

She cries miserably, that miserable that her tears could even melt a hard rock.
Sharad was speechless.

After few seconds.

Sharad: But what will you do after his….

She was startled.

Suh: I, I  don’t know, I just know that he is the first and last man in my life, and when he is g…gone I will cherish all our beautiful memories.

Sharad: So you are going to live in his memories?

Suh: Of course I am, what do you think then, I will marry again? Never ever.

Sharad looked at her painfully.

Suh: I don’t know how that life would be, but still I would have that relief that I was able to keep him happy. Seeing him happy is the best thing in my life, and me being the reason behind his happiness…

She smiles, there was a spark in her eyes.

Suh: Me being the reason behind happiness will always be a blessing for me.

Sharad was speechless, what is she??

Suhani wiped  of her tears, she took a breath.

Suh: I , I am really sorry, I I don’t,

Sharad: It is ok, please don’t be. Here, take his report. I won’t say take care of him, I know no one will take care of him like you. But take care of yourself.

She nodes and leaves.

He held his head. Whatever just happened changed his view point completely. For the first time in his life he has seen the real Suhani. She rose very high in his mind.

She was trying to make him understand Yuvraj, but now he was not concerned of Yuvraj, he was concerned for Suhani. Her efforts shouldn’t go unnoticed. He will have to tell Yuvraj all these.


Finally done, the longest part by me.

How was it?


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