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My True Love (Episode 11)

Assalam O Alaikum Beautiful People
How Are You All?
Back with the incomplete story to complete it guys….

Episode 11
The Episode start with Ragveer kissing each other passionately while laksh was standing as if his world is crushed… Ragveer was lost in each other and kept kissing each other… laksh left from there not able to see it anymore and Ranvi make Ragini lie down on bed and came on top of her… Ragini moan when Ranvi bite her lips and then he suck the blood… both broke the kiss being breathless… Ragini hug him shyly and Ranvi kiss her forehead hugging her tightly… both slept peacefully…

Next Morning
Ragini woke up and saw Ranvi sleeping peacefully… she smiled and kiss his lips softly… Ranvi smile in his sleep and hug Ragini even tightly… Ragini smile again and then carefully get up without disturbing Ranvi’s sleep… she came in her room and get fresh… she get dressed in White Anarkali… she came down and made breakfast for everyone… after a while swasanlak came down and Ragini wished them morning… soon Ranvi also came ready for office and Ragini hug him wishing him good morning… he hug her tightly and said morning… everyone sat for bf and had bf… soon days passed and the day came for them to go Kolkata… it was night flight everything was packed for RagVeer and now both were ready…
Ragini was looking in the mirror when Ranvi came inside her room saying
Ranvi: Gini r u ready
Ragini looked and Ranvi and said
Ragini: I’m scared Ranvi
Ranvi: why baby
Ragini: how’ll everyone react
Ranvi: does it matter
Ragini: not really saying this she smiled and hugged Ranvi… both came down and everyone left for airport… soon they reached airport and sat in flight… Ragini was sitting with Ranvi while SwaSanLak sat together…. Ragini smile and said
Ragini: r we going to get married in Kolkata
Ranvi: yeah baby
Ragini: simple wedding or grand
Ranvi: off course grand baby I want to take u with me with all the rituals
Ragini kiss Ranvi’s cheek and smile shyly… Ranvi smile and kiss her forehead… soon they reached Kolkata and came out of the airport… and looked around and it all felt new like she is here after a long time… soon 2 car came and Laksh open on car door… he said
Laksh: come Ragini
Ragini looked at Laksh and said
Ragini: our car has came Laksh u guys go we’ll come in our car come Ranvi saying this Ragini sat in car along with Ranvi and left from there…. SwaSanLak also left for baadi… soon they reached baadi and came at the entrance… Ragini felt a mixed of emotion… song start in background This Song Is From A Show (Satyamev Jayate)

wo garmiyon ki raat
wo jaade ki baat
wo paani ka matka rasoi ke swaad
sab satata hai mujhe
ghar yaad aata hai mujhe

Ragini looked around seeing the house after a long time… Ranvi hold her hand and assure her through his eyes that he is with her…

saathi ik saath hai
itni si baat hai
wo ped wo aangan dikhana hai use
kehta hai mann mujhe
ghar yaad aata hai mujhe

Ragini smile at him but tears filled her eyes… remembering her time there….

jin dilon mein raha main barson tak
ek hissa un mein mera bhi tha
phir wahin rehna hai mujhe
ghar yaad aata hai mujhe

she remembered each and everything and at last her family’s hatred and whatever she did…

sehme chaukhat pe khade
mera mann ye kahe
pyaar karna seekha tha tumse
pyaar tumse phir paana hai
kitni doge saza,
ab to de do duaa
intezaar ab hai mujhe
ghar yaad aata hai mujhe

  • song end and Ragini wiped her tears… they came in and people whispered seeing RagVeer… they stand in front of there house door and Swara rang the doorbell…. shamista open the door and saw SwaSanLak… Swara said
    Swara: maa see who came with us saying this SwaSanLak made way and shamista get shocked seeing Ragini….
    So how’s it guys ?

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