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Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 15th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Satya questions Samar’s integrity

Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 15th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Girl says sorry to Samar for putting him into trouble. He says car broke down, it’s not her fault. He wishes he could call at least. She says his family must be worried for him. He says yes, especially his wife. She says seems like he loves his wife a lot. He says yes.

Samar’s dad comes back and informs they couldn’t find Samar anywhere. Rama tells Jaya not to worry, he must be stuck in bad weather. Jaya goes and prays.

Girl and Samar are both sleeping. Girl wakes up to close shades. He asks what happened. She said she’s feeling cold.

Next morning, villagers catch Samar and girl sleeping. They wake them up. Samar says his car broke down, but villagers misunderstand them and decide to call police. To handle the matter, girl says they are husband

and wife. Villagers now calm down.

Later in car, Samar asks girl why she lied. She says they were talking about calling police, so she said whatever came in her mind. She’s going to get married soon and she doesn’t want any issue. They reach close to her home and she gets off.

Samar’s family is still waiting for him. They decide to write report in police station. Just then Samar returns home. Rama hugs him saying she was so worried. Chachi says they couldn’t sleep whole night, where he was. He says his car broke down and there was no network. He was also going to tell them about the girl, but Rama interrupts and asks him to go and see Jaya first.

Samar comes to Jaya and asks whether she got scared. She says she almost died and hugs him and cries. He says now he’s here and asks her to stop crying. He was also going to tell her everything, but she says she doesn’t want any justification. Jyoti comes and informs about Bhai Duj function and Sarika coming soon.

Sarika comes and meets everyone. Whole family is very happy seeing her. She asks about Vijay. Chachi says he’s gone out of town for work. Rama asks to start Bhai Dhuj ritual. Samar says he has called Satya and Kabir there as well as Jaya takes Kabir as her brother. They also arrive. Bhai Dhuj rituals start. Sarika video calls Vijay and says she’s very upset. They do rituals through video call. Samar gives 501rs. Dada says that’s it? He’s grown up now. Samar says they have decided to give same amount every year. Sarika recalls Samar helping her by giving 15 lakh rupees and hugs him. A boy asks Jaya she won’t do tilak to Satya? Chachi says sister does tilak to her brother. Jaya says Satya has protected 3 sisters since childhood, so she is used to do tilak to her. Samar asks to do it today as well. Satya says they all are there now for Jaya. A flower guy comes to drop flowers. He sees Samar and recalls seeing him in morning with that other girl. He goes and tells Samar that he didn’t tell that he is such a big person. Samar looks confused. The guy reminds that he saw him in morning with his wife. Servant says Samar and Jaya have not been out since morning. The guy sees Jaya and says that’s not his wife. He was with someone else whole night. Servant asks him to take money and leave.

Samar’s parents ask what was that guy saying. Samar says he was right. He tells full truth to everyone. Jaya understands him. Rama asks why he didn’t tell before. Samar says no one gave him chance to say. No one seems to have problem, but Satya has an objection. She says this is not a small matter. She doesn’t trust Samar. Jaya says he already said the truth. Satya says he didn’t say it before. Samar says he was going to say it, but didn’t get chance. Satya says those who want to say truth don’t wait for chance. Rama says she knows Samar more than himself and he doesn’t lie. Satya says hiding truth equals to lying. He spent a night with some girl. They can ignore that, but she can’t. She needs proof.

Precap: Satya says she will take Jaya with her. Jaya refuses to go with her.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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