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Kundali Bhagya 16th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Sherlin comes to the party

Kundali Bhagya 16th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Preeta is shocked to see the ring, she asks that where her ring is, he says that her engagement with Prithvi is now broken because he has taken the ring and given it to Manisha, she ask him how he did it, he says that when he slipped from the floor was actually all planned and he made it
Karan comes to Preeta, he says sorry, she is very angry, he however starts to tease her, he answers that it is a brand new ring, she says that it is not hers but he says that it Is a ring, he says that she is overreacting, she says that he took her ring and now she is wearing someone else ring, she says that it cannot be nothing, he asks ig she found the reports, she says that she was not able to but has taken a screenshot and has it in her mobile, she is about to show it to hi but sees that her phone is

broke, she remembers that it was because of Karan and the they are again about to have a fight, just then she hears that Sherlin has come.
Everyone is shocked to see that Sherlin came to the party and they make her sit, Shrishti asks Preeta why their mother is so caring, She says that she is a mother and must have not been able to bear the fight , they all look after her and Rishab asks her why did she came, she says that she has an important work to take care of, Preeta tries to pressurize her, she yells at her that she got hurt because iof her, Karina asks her what she meant buy this, she says that what she really meant was that Preeta us getting hurt because of her because she has to do all the tings which were her responsibility, she asks to use the washroom and leaves for the room refusing anyone’s help.
Manisha hugs Sherlin and praise her for coming to her engagement even in this condition, they all share a happy moment, and Sherlin leaves for the washroom, and Manisha says to Rishab that he has a beautiful wife. He says that she is still his finance and has not become his wife, Manisha also agrees with what he is saying.
Sherlin says to Prithvi that Preeta has seen her pregnancy report, he gets realty angry starting to blame her for the mistake, she says that it is because he did not pick her call, she says that when Preeta will tell Rishab then they both will be thrown out of the lives, he gets really sacred.
Preeta is very tensed, Karan comes and asks her if Sherlin came back from the washroom, she says that she has not come, he asks what is the reason for her worries, she says that she is only worried because of him, she says that she must think on how to take back her ring from Manisha, she gets really annoyed from his talk and he is continuously teasing her by saying that her engagement with Prithvi is now broken, she is not giving any importance to anything that he is staying, he requests her to let him give her a ring, he takes out a box, it gives Preeta a plan, she makes him go away.
He leaves, she thinks of what she will do now because she is not able to find the reports of Sherlin and also will have to take the ring back from Manisha, she stat to shiver.
Sherlin says to Prithvi that she also has something else to tall him, she says that the hospital people have sent her reports to the Luthra mansion, he again asks her what she said, he then thank god and says that it means that the reports have not reached the mansion, she asks him about his confidence he says that it is because if the reports had reached the mansion then they would not be here, na d that the Luthra’s would have never welcomed her the way they did. She says that she is not sure because Preeta knows that she is pregnant and what will they do, he says that nothing will happen, requesting her to think positive even though they are doing something that is not acceptable however she must think that everything will be in their favor.

Precap: Sarla warns Manisha that her daughters both love each other a lot and will do anything for the protection of the other, she must realize that they have forgiven her this time but it will not always be the case.

Update Credit to: Sona

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