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I Hate That I Love U (RagSan) Episode-12

Episode 11 here

Ragini sat holding one packet in her hand..she gets a call from sanskar..
Sanskar:did u see
Ragini:u sent it??
Sanskar:hmm..did u open
Ragini:not yet
Ragini:what is it
Sanskar:open..u wil get to knw
Ragini nodded..she opens the packet nd sees beautiful lehenga with matching choli nd dupatta..
Sanskar:get ready wearing that..i wil pick u as usual our outing time 11:30 pm
Sanskar:dont question me..i have work
Ragini:work??which work
Sanskar:just something
Ragini:i want to talk to u
Sanskar:i have urgent work..
Ragini:that was important to u than me..
Ragini pouts angrily..
Sanskar:dont make that face..get ready..bye
Before ragini could speak ,sanskar disconnected the call..
Ragini gets angry she murmurs his work important him than me..she huffs..
Ragini gets a sanskar’s call..
Sanskar:im waiting..come
Ragini:i will not come
Sanskar:are u angry
Sanskar:we dont have time baby..come naa..gussa chodo
Ragini:i dont knw u give more importance to ur work than me..
Sanskar:i loved it
Sanskar:this possessiveness..u knw u looks very cute being angry..
Ragini:dont divert topic..bolo
Sanskar:come..i will tell u..
Ragini:i told naa..i wont come going
Ragini fumes..
After 5mins..
Ragini comes wearing lehenga choli ,pinning her dupatta oneside ,which makes her belly visible..
Sanskar jaw dropped seeing divine beauty in front of him..
Ragini taps his shoulder..
Sanskar composed..
Ragini:u said u r going
Sanskar:i knw u would come..
Ragini looks away…
Sanskar:dont be angry dear..come
Ragini:first tell me…
Sanskar:u will get all answers..sit..
Sanskar( closed her mouth):chup chap sit
Ragini pouts..
Sanskar smiles nd drives..
Ragsan comes to beach..ragini is surprised to sees the place which is decorated beautifully with balloons nd flowers,a small table placed in middle which is covered by beautiful curtains..sanskar held her hand nd takes her towards table..
Ragini:what is this all sanskar
Ragini:what are u asking u something
Ragini(irritated):ok u count..i will go..
She turns to go..sanskar held her hand..ragini looks at him..
Sanskar:1..its 12:00
Sanskar smiles nd pulled one thread which makes rose petals showering all over ragini..ragini looks at him delighted..
Sanskar:happy birthday dear
Ragini then reminded herself its her b’day..
Sanskar:hope u understand what my important work was..
Ragini smiles..
Sanskar held her hand..ragini looks at him..
Sanskar:i want to ask something
Sanskar:Will u marry me
Ragini was shocked by his sudden proposal ..she recalled y she came here nd what is she doing..
Sanskar:kya hua ragini..will u marry me
Sanskar:haan..kyun dont u want to marry me..
Ragini:vo..its not like that sanskar..we are studying naa..
Sanskar:haan..i will talk to my parents after completing our studies..i want u be mine..
Ragini was blank..
Sanskar:will u be mine forever
Ragini nodded faintly..
sanskar feels happy nd pulls her into his embrace hugging her..ragini closed her eyes..when she was in his embrace she forget about the world..she encircled her hands around him tight placing her head on his chest..after a while sanskar brk d hug..
Sanskar:come..cut the cake
Ragini nodded smiling nd cut d cake nd feeds him first..Sanakar feeds her nd some of cake applied on her cheeks..
Sanskar:now u are looking bday baby..
Ragini pouts..
Sanskar:u looks so cute with that cake on ur cheeks..
Ragini:achaa..then i will apply to u also..u will be cute..
Saying she takes the cake..sanskar runs she chases him..after some chasing..ragini stood pouting throwing a cake away ,as she didnt catch sanskar..sanskar comes to her smiling..
Sanskar:feeling tired
Ragini turned her face.
Sanskar:ok baba sorry..i will wipe it
Ragini:no need..i will do myself..
Saying she turns to go..sanskar held her hand nd pulls ,she hits his chest looking at him..sanskar looks at her nd moves close to her..

Ragini:what are u doing sa.
She stopped as his lips touched her soft cheek as he licks there…ragini held his shirt tight ..sanskar licks cake on her another cheek..both looks at eo intensily..they have a eyelock..both lost in eo..sanskar cups her face nd kissed her forehead ,eyes gently..ragini breaths heavily..he moves more close nd about to kiss her lips..ragini moves back smiling..
Sanskar:dont tease me..
Ragini smiles nd about to go..
Sanskar held her dupatta nd pulls..dupatta fell off..ragini stood covering herself with her hands..sanskar neard her..ragini breaths heavily..he moves close to her nd lifts her..ragini looks on..sanskar makes her lie on sand..ragini keeps on looking at him intensely..he comes over her nd nuzzles her neck with his nose..ragini pierced her nails into his skin..he starts kissing all over her neck..Suddenly swara words echoed in her mind that i got pregnant..he cheated me..ragini pushed him with jerk nd stood up angrily..sanskar get back to his sense nd realized what he has done being lost ..he looks at ragini who is wearing her dupatta… sorry ragini..i
Ragini:i need to go(she said angrily)
Sanskar:plz dont be angry on me..i was not in my sense..
Ragini walks without hearing him..
Sanskar:ragini really sorry..i will not behave like that again..
Ragini continue walking without listening him…
Sanskar(held hee hand):promice i will not even touch u until our marriage..ok..
Ragini looks at him..
Sanskar(left her hand):promice
Ragini can see guilt in his eyes..but swara words confusing her..
Sanskar:im really sorry
Ragini(coldly):we will talk leter..i want to go sanskar..
Sanskar nodded..he drops her to hostel..
Ragini comes to her room..she throws herself on bed..she wiped tears ,which are ready to fell off from her eyes..she says no i can see the guilt in his eyes for doing like that..she thought again mab be thinking same like this swara got cheat…her mind saying something..her heart says something..she doesnt understand what to believe nd what not to believe..
1month passed..ragini thinks about sanskar…it has been 1month they are like before spending time with eo happily ..sanskar didnt touch her even once as per his has been wk ,he went to Kolkata with his parents..she says to herself when will u come sanskar im missing u so much ,im missing ur care..ur love ,ur funny be frank im craving for ur touch…plzz come back soon..then only she gets a call from sanskar who said that he is coming tomorrow..she smiles widely..
As soon as ragini sees sanskar in clz ,she runs to him nd hugs him..
Sanskar moved back..ragini looks at him annoyed..
Sanskar:this is clz ragini
Ragini:i knw
Sanskar:all are watching us..
Ragini:let them..i missed u
Sanskar:i missed u too
Ragini wants to hug him tight as she missed him badly..but
Sanskar:u go class..we will meet night
Ragini looks at him pout
Sanskar:kya hua
Ragini looks at him angrily nd goes…
Ragsan comes to beach nd sat on sand..
Sanskar:kya hua..y r u looking sad
Ragini:i missed u sanskar..
Sanskar:me too
Ragini turns at him nd hugs him..sanskar doesnt reciprocates..
Raginibrks d hug):y u stood like that..i need ur embrace..
Ragini cups his face..Sanskar looks at her lovingly..she kissed on his forehead..
Ragini kissed on his eyes
She kissed on his lips..sanskar closes his eyes..
Ragini(brk the kiss):im sorry
Ragini:i should not behave like that..i have trust on u sanskar
Sanskar smiles..
Ragini:now u can hug me
Sanskar smiles..ragini hugs him nd says pull me close to u…sanskar hugs her..
Ragini:even more
Sanskar smiles nd kissed her hair hugging her tight..
Ragini comes to hostel happily after spending time with sanskar..she smiles at herself recalling their moments..
She turned when she heard clap was reflection of herself..
Ref:seems u enjoyed well with him who cheated ur sister nd got reason for ur sister death..
Ragini stood quite realizing what she is doing..she totally forgot her revenge..

Ref:u missed him even for 1wk..u r going to leave him forever then what will u u knw what u are doing…how could u love him after knowing about him..
Ragini:no..he cant be one who cheated swara..
Ref:oh..when u realized..what if he cheat u same like ur sister..
Ragini has no answer..she feels sanskar was not the one..but as per her research he is the one who ruined her sister life..
Ref:u hav no ans na…think well ragini..dont get ruin ur life in his hands like ur sister..
She looks at her reflection which disappeared…
Ragini thinks about sanskar..then swara..
@next day
Ragsan sat in beach..sanskar was in ragini’s lap..ragini lost in thoughts..
Sanskar:y r u something naa
Sanskar:tell some love story that u knw..
Ragini feels it is the right time to get some information..
Sanskar:bolo naa
Ragini:hmm..there is a girl ,her family is her world..but she had ro come to another town for her studies leaving her family ..she met one boy there nd fallen love..(she telling swara love story)..————————————nd she got pregnant but he..
Sanskar(stood up frm her lap):stop it
Ragini (looks at his changed face expressions):kya hua sanskar
Sanskar:lets go
Sanskar(angrily):i said naa..chalo
He walks from there..
Ragini was numb seeing his reaction..she confirmed he is the one..tears fell off from her eyes…
Sanskar:y r u still standing there..come
Ragini wipes her tears nd goes..
Ragini(consoled herself):what happened to u suddenly..dont u like the story
Sanskar(closed his eyes):will u stop this matter here..
Sanskar:i said na..stop it..keep quite(he said sternly)
Ragini keeps quite looking at sanskar with mixed emotions..
Ragini comes to hostel nd throws all the things in room saying y did u do sanskar..y did ashamed myself by loving u…i hate u ..i hate u sanskar..she cries..


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