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Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 16th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Guddan loses the daughter in laws in bet

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 16th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Guddan wins the game. Saru says that diamond set is ours. Guddan says this game is for entertainment only. You can keep it. Datta’s wife says no rules wont change. Laxmi takes the set. She says lets play again.
Kaushaliya collides with Perv’s wife. She says sorry. she picks her papers. These are divorce papers. Kaushaliya says perv asked me to get it made. My friend is a lawyer. Perv says I got this made for Gerv my friend. She says you have no friend gerv. Perv says don’t you trust me? She goes in.
Perv shouts what are you doing? Kaushaliya says you said you will divorce her. You can’t fool my daughter. He says I love your daughter but you don’t have to do all this. She says never back off your words.

Perv stops Revati

in a room. He comes close to her. She says stay away from me. He says I can never. She says there are a lot of people. He says they are all busy and they will admire our love. Guddan says where is revati? Laxmi says you can’t go. You have to play. Revati comes she says I am here. I went to restroom.
Guddan starts playing. They celebrate when guddan shows her cards but Datta has all the aces. He says I wont it. He says so I have won your daughter in laws. Everyone is dazed.

Bhushan says to AJ are you mad at Guddan? I know she makes mistakes but she has a good heart. She will learn. You can be mad at her. You are lucky for her. Guddan says what do you mean? Datta says I wrote that you will give me your daughter in laws. Guddan says are you out of your mind. I will return your set. He says I give you one chance. Win them back. Durga says are you out of your mind. You are betting on us? Guddan says they wont go anywhere. I will fix everything.
Bhushan says she cn’t understand who is wrong and who is right but she comes out of her troubles. Guddan has never changed.

Guddan starts the game. she shows all the queens. Datta shows his aces. Guddan says how could it be? He says my wife is lucky for me. You couldn’t save your daughter in laws and now your eldest one Durga is mine too. Their husbands stand in anger. Datta shouts and says sit down. Your sister has lost you. Welcome to my world. Guddan says enough of this dirty joke. Stop all this and get out. Datta says you started it. Datta says go call your lord krishna. Can he save you now? I give you one more chance. If you wanna stop all this you will have to give me AJ’s restaurant. You can have your daughter in laws. Guddan says I wont give you a penny. I will play your game your way. Don’t dare looking at my family. Guddan starts the game.

AJ says sometimes, she messes up everything. Durga says come see what she did. She lost her daughter in laws in the game. Now she is betting on you. AJ is shocked. Datta writes AJ on paper. Guddan starts the game. AJ comes and says Guddan stop. He sees his name on the paper.
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Update Credit to: Atiba

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