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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 14th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Kansa fights pondrik.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 14th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with pondrik fighting kansa with a gadha. Kansa hits pondrik and says even Vishnu cannot kill me, what will you do pondrik? Pondrik says kansa, I have till sunset today and I will kill you for sure because you have done just more than any sin, you are adharmi kansa and your death is imminent. Kansa gets angry and says you fool, you went there to do vishnu’s bhakti so that you could kill that kanha but Vishnu like always cheated and played his tricks, he made you come here and fight me. Pondrik says no kansa, you are a fool because you cannot see your end, you ignore it even though your death stands right before you, I am paramavatar pondrik and I will punish you. pondrik huts kansa with his gadha, kansa ducks and then their gadha’s clash. Pondrik pushes kansa behind

and hits him with the gadha. All soldiers and bhadraksh get angry. Kansa tells them not to do anything as I will kill him.
As kansa and pondrik fight, they both come out of the palace, kansa hits pondrik who falls down and gets hurt. Pondrik gets up again with his gadha.
In vrindavan, kanha says where is sudhama? Kanha goes and he finds sudhama sitting on a rock and crying. Kanha says what happened friend? Why are you crying? Please tell me. Sudhama gets up and says friend, you are my prabhu and I finally found you, my brother and sister are safe and even I am free from everyone’s tortures but prabhu, it was my parents last wish that I become a great Brahmin and I promised I would fulfill their wish but no rishi is accepting me as their student because of my shudra caste. Kanha says don’t worry friend, I will make sure you get education and you become a Brahmin, rishi gargacharya will help us, because of caste someone cannot be kept away from education. Kanha takes sudhama back home and says mother and father, sudhama has to become a Brahmin because that was his parents last wish before dying, sudhama promised them but now no rishi is accepting sudhama as their student because of his shudra caste. Yashoda and nand say this is wrong, rishi’s are learned but only because of castes people have created indifferences between each other. Rishi gargacharya comes and kanha says guru only you can help us, tell us how can sudhama get his education?
There kansa and pondrik fight and pondrik kicks kansa down and holds his gadha and destroys it, he says kansa you shall die. Kansa gets up and in anger he says, pondrik you will die, now I will kill you. kansa disappears. Pondrik says where did you go kansa? You coward! Come out and fight me, kana I will find you. pondrik walks and reaches near a door, he enters it and then enters kansa lok. Kansa sits on a huge rock floating in the sky and the kansa lok made of rocks and fire. Kansa says you are inside my lok pondrik, you cannot go from here alive! Kansa sends his demons to fight pondrik. Pondrik fights them and kills them and says I can kill anyone, you cannot do anything to me kansa! No one can. Pondrik then says fight me yourself kansa, why are you sitting there like a coward? A true king leads his soldiers.
There rishi gargacharya says sudhama can become a Brahmin at rishi sandeepani’s ashram. Kanha says rishi sandeepani? Rishi gargacharya says yes, rishi sandeepani is such a great rishi, he doesn’t believe in social barriers like these and teaches and helps everyone. Kanha says then sudhama can learn at rishi sandeepani. sudhama is sad and kanha says i understand sudhama, you dont want to go alone but dont worry, your siblings will be here safe. yashoda says yes sudhama, i will take care of them, and kanha your friend needs you now so you go with him. balram says even i shall come sudhama. sudhama smiles.

Precap: kanha sudhama and balram go to rishi sandeepani. Rishi sandeepani kneels in front of kanha and says prabhu, he then turns to stone.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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