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Episode 4…

episode started

Like usual at Sarna Mansion in India everyone was sitting for breakfast..

Usha:how was your dinner night at last night??

Maya:awesome aunty..

Mahi: yes usha chachi.While Bebe always remember twinkel when she had aloo paratha..
but she is helpless.. they all having their breakfast happily just than there Noor mahi mother and father chetan come . Mahi see them and give bright smile even others too.

Anita: Arey aap come sit with us..

Noor:no Anita ji we had our breakfast you people continued.

Bebe:today you both are here anything serious.

Chetan:no Bebe nothing is serious but good news..


Chetan:Abhay and riya wedding date is fixed. All get so happy after Listen this news..

Yuvi:that’s great news mom

Mahi:where is chinki and Gautam Bhai.

Noor:ghar we come here to give you people abhay and riya wedding invitation card.they give them card everyone see the card and like too..

Chetan:aur kunj putta how’s you..

Kunj:good uncle..

Anita: so guys let’s start the shopping..

Noor:yes it’s a destination wedding in Mumbai,

Yuvi: fabulous lets go and do fun..

Chetan: yes yes Yuvraj.. after this

At chetan House chinki and gautam sitting together.. they are alone..

Gautam:What happens chinki you look sad.. ??

Chinki:no I’m fine Gautam just normally.,

I get bored always missing my bestie..

Gautam:I can understand chinki your feelings for twinkle.. don’t know where she is.. even Papa too call bade papa he didn’t pick his calls don’t know why so suddenly they disappeared from India..

In heart chinki thinking about twinkle.

Chinki: i know why they went from here good for twinkle and her baby as well on one knows about twinkle baby. She expecting kunj baby if she stay here this world didn’t let her live peacefully I always thought mahi is her cousin whom she always love so much what she did for her never stood for her just doing usha aunty chamchagiri.. just than Noor and chetan come and sit with them..

Chetan: What happens chinki puttar..

Chinki: no papa ji..

Noor: now it’s normal chinki mood like this she just missing twinkle her best friend m I right..

Chetan: Noor shut up. I didn’t understand why you support them I don’t know where is my Bhaiya.

Noor: you should show this love that time not now after what your Bhaiya daughter did shame on her Chii..

Chetan:Noor mind your tongue.he said this and went in his room.while chinki Excuse them and went in kitchen Gautam know it’s good went from here after see his mother face.Noor fuming in anger she went in her room.

Kunj and yuvi went in office and get busy in work.suddenly in kunj cabin his pa come zara..

Zara:sir you call me anything serious..

Kunj:yes where is previous project files i wanted right now..

Zara:sir I’ll check because that file I give you so you know..

Kunj:what okay I’ll check even you should.

Zara: okay sir.. she went from here while Kunj started finding the files in his cabin he check all drawers while finding the file Kunj got something book he stop..

Kunj: what is this.. he find the file and take the both things and went back to his seat and sit. He keep the file aside. And open and see his and twinkle photos inside book Kunj take out all pictures and see he get emotional and remember their old those beautiful moments he caress the pictures

In one picture twinkle fixing Kunj tie while Kunj holding her from her waist playing with her hairs.Small pain full and unknown smile appears on kunj face and tears as well in his eyes.. he moving his hand on twinkle face..

Kunj: in pain voice where are you twinkle in one night everything finished why.we are so happy that night I was about to tell you MERE DIL KI BAAT.. but what storm comes in our life why you did this where I become less.I hate that vikram,. If he is not in our life today we are not like this you are with me. My one soul telling me I was wrong but what I see I can’t deny. Those pictures yours with vikram chii boiled my blood. Kunj bang on his hand on desk blood started oozing.. Kunj hug pictures scream.Twinkleeeeeeee whyyyyyyy kitna pyaar karne laga ta me tujhse..

At London twinkle was sleeping in her room with her baby boy ammar peacefully looking so cute.. ammar wake up and looking here and there it’s early morning.. ammar get hungry he started crying even licking his thumb still well twinkle sleeping she is in deep slumber normally twinkle didn’t sleep Itself so she takes sleeping pills at least she can do rest and feel good. Fuzail who sleeping in twinkle because of ammar as you all know about twinkle.. he listen ammar voice and wake up and went to bed take baby in his arms..

Fuzu:di will not wakeup what I’ll do I’ll take him to MAA and Papa.. he went to Leela and Rt room and knock the door Leela come and open the door and find fuzu with ammar she give smile to see her bacha. MAA..

Leela:I know give him to me and you go and sleep.. Leela take the baby and went in her room back while fuzu go and sleep again Leela went to bed and place him on bed Rt wake up and give smile.. good morning..

Rt:good morning hey ammar good morning.. see nanu..

Leela: yes ammar see your nanu and nani too. They both started playing with ammar while he was laughing happily..

Rt:Leela it’s so beautiful and peaceful to see your kids happy.. whenever i thoughts about kunj he is so unlucky he toh don’t know about his baby these moments is so cute when you spend time with your baby what he doing it.Leela we can give him everything but father name can’t this always missing out from his life., Twinkle cut the Sarna surname behind ammar name still we know the truth.he is not ammar Taneja but ammar Sarna..

Leela:please even you too naam me kya rakha hai ji.. he is our baby.. ammar is enough for him not need of surname when his father not with him what he’ll do keep his name.. we come very far from our old life ji you see him I’ll get freshen up okay she went in washroom and get freshen up soon after Rt as well after this they both went in twinkle room and see her Rt kiss on her forehead..

Rt:what she made of herself Leela.they both sit beside and enjoy tea than twinkle wake up and look at Leela and Rt she get up and sit while ammar looking at twinkle moving his tiny hands towards twinkle.

Leela:dekh isse Twinkle..

Twinkle:hmm she rest her head on Rt lap..

Papa I’m tired. Rt caress her hairs..

Rt:acha What my twinkle wanted tell me Papa will do what you wanted..

Twinkle:sukoon Papa that I didn’t get it.

I’ll feel so restless why see I have everything here still I find myself empty.

Rt:if your happiness in my hand I’ll bring for you still you tell me twinkle what makes you happy twinkle closed her eyes and see kunj fAce painful tears comes in her eyes.!

Twinkle: my happiness now happiness is very far away from me Papa.Whom in my happiness is pain as well Rt and Leela understands they feels so bad for twinkle twinkle sit hug Rt and cried lot while hugging him.papa I think so much I’ll do this and that what happened to me..

Rt cupped her face and look at her eyes..

Rt:this is wrong twinkle stop thinking about him. You tell me what you have today me and your MAA and brother more important your son. You think they never come in your life how we used to live before meet with them understand this..

Twinkle:if I think this Papa than this baby also not come’s sound easy when to say but very much difficult to

understand and live in this thing..
Leela sign Rt leave this thing.

Leela:Twinkle take him till than I’ll see breakfast okay.They both leave twinkle with baby and went.twinkle look at baby face who looking at her with hopes.. twinkle take him and feed him fully and give him bath even she too get freshen up they went downstairs everyone come and have their breakfast.. fuzail have holiday so he force twinkle that go with him out today. He requested her so much Twinkle didn’t deny him.. twinkle keep the ammar in baby stroller and they went. Rt and Leela smile to see twinkle finally went out today..

Rt was in study room otherside Chetan got rt phone number after so much struggle. Rt phone ring he pick up the call..

Rt: hello..
Chetan listen his voice feel so good after year he heard his brother voice.


Rt: shocked Chetan..

Chetan: yes me.. Bhaiya where are you..

Rt:London me.. how’s everyone at home.

Chetan: fine Bhaiya what about you all so suddenly you all leave India went from here not calls nothing at all why..

Rt:for your kids you have to do it this Chetan leave this things you tell me today you call me why..

Chetan:I was calling long back but you never pick up my calls but today thanks to god you pick up finally.

Rt: acha aur suna O..

Chetan:woh Bhaiya Abhay wedding got fixed..

Rt: great news congratulation.

Chetan: Bhaiya please come in their wedding and give your blessing please it’s my humble request please..

Rt: chetan you know the reason I can’t now it’s really difficult to come back in Amritsar..

Chetan: no Bhaiya wedding was in Mumbai you come and go back please.

Rt: he think Sarna’s also there.. Sarnas also there Chetan..

Chetan: he paused and think something. No Bhaiya they aren’t here so you can come..

Rt: really they are not there.

Chetan: if they are let them Bhaiya unka kya dar please for your small brother come I’ll send you card..

Rt: I’ll try.. he cut the call and rt thinking about twinkle.. how he went there what happened his forehead lines turn into stress.

Fuzail and twinkle along with ammar they come in garden and sits there many peoples playing with their babies twinkle see them while fuzail lifting ammar in air.

Twinkle look at couples one couple girl was pregnant with her big baby bump.

Her husband holding her from her both shoulders tightly helping her in walking. Twinkle lost in them feel bad when she remembered in her time her partner not with her to take care of her and his baby.

Give my baby to me one man said. Twinkle turn and look at them lady I’ll not she is my baby.They both fighting for baby. Just than Baby started crying his father become angry.he cuddles baby tightly and rubbing his back.Twinkle give sad smile.They both mother and father hugged Baby tightly cherish their moments.Tears escaping from twinkle eyes.

Twinkle turned and see ammar who laying down on his stroller alone fuzail attend the call.

Twinkle:mere baby ke pass papa hi nahi hai.Twinkle face drenched in tears.

Twinkle bad soul come in front of her in black dress and laughing loudly twinkle see her and get shocked..

Bad Soul: hehe twinkle look at yourself today you are alone even your son too.. he don’t have father what he will do.. he don’t have father hehhehe.. everyone have.

Twinkle: even he have too father..

Bad Soul: kaun woh kunj haa he don’t know about him didn’t you think you go and tell him about this kunj see he is your baby and he comes in your talks no twinkle.Whole life your son grownup without father not like others side twinkle look at ammar than bad soul she stuck between them what she do now.

Bad soul started talking rubbish rapidly twinkle closed her both ears with her both hands palms.. and closed her eyes too..

Twinkle:nhiiiiiiii. She open her eyes didn’t find anything in front of her and get shocked what happening with her now. she went towards ammar and take him and run from there while fuzail turned didn’t find baby and twinkle shocked too he run and see twinkle sit in car and left..


After thinking so much Rt come to Leela and tell her everything..

Leela:after whatever happened do you think we should go back to India.,

Rt:I know Leela only twinkle name make me afraid neither we leave twinkle alone no. One thing more Leela till when twinkle and we keep her stay like this she has to face this world.What sarnas did haa again they look at my twinkle face I’ll kill them now.

Just than twinkle coming while she crying unbelievably Rt and Leela see her get confused and shocked as well..

Rt:Twinkleeee.. they went near her.. what happened twinkle why you crying,,

Twinkle: papa woh😭😭😭😭😭.. Leela take ammar from twinkle hands. Fuzail come stand in side..

Rt: batana twinkle taking deep breaths..

Twinkle:while crying papa every kids have father why not my baby,I see today all babies have their both mamma and Papa see my baby he don’t have father who care for him and fight for him with me..
did my baby is different from them.. Rt and Leela speechless now what they tell to twinkle they don’t have anything to make her understand.. mere baby akela hai Papa she hold Rt shirt and falls down on her knees..

Fuzu:diiii he went near her sit beside twinkle di handle your self,.

Twinkle: fu…zu he don’t have his father who play with him why????.. fuzu cupped her face.,

Fuzu:so what di my rockstar have everything he have me I’ll play with him.

Why you think this all things don’t let come this things  in your mind.. after doing this you giving that man importance that you cant grown up your baby without him. Even you only said na he is MAA and Papa baby now you think di. He have us we love him never let him think that he don’t have father and why.everyone have tears in their eyes.

Twinkle:nahiiii fuzu that man is his father.

She screamed loudly haaaaaaa😭😭.. I can’t live without him why. Rt hug twinkle consoling her while fuzu hug her from back.

Rt:Twinkleeeee bas puttar don’t flow your tears for him.

Twinkle:papa after whatever kunj did with me still why I love him… this happened all because of this baby I’ll finish this all shocked twinkle get up about take ammar while Leela moved in side,

Rt:Twinkleeeeeee pagal hogi hai.. both father and son handle twinkle after they sit together twinkle just lost.Rt think something.twinkle we are going to India in my business client wedding Leela look at him.we all are going okay Leela pack everything. Rt went in his room. Leela give ammar to fuzu and went behind Rt. Rt standing near window Leela keep her hand on his shoulder and stand beside him..

Leela: are you okay haa how can you

Decided that we are going to India even twinkle too lied with her too why..

Rt:yes I know Leela after see today twinkle.Till when she didn’t face them she can’t live. Somewhere she didn’t live without kunj. I’ll change her this thought she can till twinkle can’t see him.Even our ammar too.I can’t see her til til ke marna. After see twinkle like this nothing left in me.nazo se pala Meri princess ko But pata hi nahi ta itna dukh aayega uski life me.

What type of father I m Leela now I can’t sit. Now please you support me.I m doing this all for our twinkle betterment once she faced everything itself her confidence come back.

Leela: okay..

Next scene kunj and yuvi went back to home after busy day in office as soon as Kunj entered and maya see his hand covered with bandage, she run to him and hold his hand..

Maya:Kunj what happened kunj are you okay na??

Kunj: hmm..

Usha:But tere haath ko kya hua,,

Kunj:nothing MAA.He left for his room all find something fishy in his behavior..

Usha send maya in kunj room with coffee she went as per usha. Kunj was in balcony and seeing stars. Maya come and stand next to him and offer him coffee. But Kunj is in no mood.

Maya:kunj why you make sad mood tell me. She keep her hand on his shoulder.

Kunj:maya please leave me alone for sometimes and please don’t act like my wife he remove her hand. Maya shocked and look at him only with weird eyes.

Maya:kunjjjj take this coffee you feel good.
Woh aunty..

Kunj:give smile first., tell to MAA stop using twinkle tricks she send you with coffee.It’s become very old idea when twinkle has to used on me. And I become normal.

Maya:you still remember her things.,

Kunj:hmmm try to forgot but can’t. She did this all for me to become my wife but you don’t need to do this okay maya.

Maya: why I can’t?? Kunj about to go but stop.

Kunj:you aren’t my wife maya.He said and left.. maya just shocked after listen this.

Maya:he is right I’m not his wife.Kunj went in washroom taking shower he closed his eyes twinkle face comes blurry..

Kunj:why I miss her today so much.In this year I never did her. He take the shower and get ready in his nightwear. After usha call him for dinner all come and have their dinner quietly. Usha just looking at Kunj face.

Usha:what kunj thinking today again that girl come in his mind.. how I started his and maya marriage talk..after dinner kunj went for walk along with Mahi and yuvi.

Mahi:what happened kunj today you seemed lost.

Kunj:na mahi just headache.

Yuvi:acha even maya too after see you she thought so much about you..

Kunj: heheh 😏so what over sometimes Yuvi acting like my wife. While walking they come near to mahi mother house. Chetan mansion.

Mahi: let’s go inside.

Yuvi: yeah they went inside Abhay or gautam and chinki sitting mahi and yuvi along with kunj they come and sit with them. Chinki didn’t talk so much after twinkle with them.

Abhay: nice to see you guys here.

Yuvi:yes saale shab you are excited for your marriage hmmmm.chinki went in kitchen Make coffee for them she come and give everyone..

Mahi:how’s you chinki.


Yuvi: before she talk so much now stop after her bestie chinki look at Yuvi face.

Gautam: what..

Yuvi:yes twinkle and she is just chatterbox. She just change

Chinki:acha Yuvi when people change with time why not habit can.while look at Kunj she said. And one more thing I didn’t

Change still same for my bestie.,

Yuvi: acha.Where she is now don’t you know.?

Chinki: why you wanted to know about her today suddenly now something left to humiliate her more..

Gautam: chinki leave na..

Mahi: you know chinki you are bahu of this house not twinkle friend stop petitions for her okay.she is just your friend not sister

Chinki:acha mahi Why not good she is not my sister but yours what you do for her mahi.before bahu of this house we are friends remain same till our last breath.. and yuvi I don’t know about her where she is good she is away from here &this hell..
she said this and went from there.. they sit for sometimes later they too went from their house..

At London twinkle in her room laying on bed along with ammar and feeding him. Twinkle caress his hairs she look at his face he had small dimple on his chin.. twinkle remember even Kunj too had..

Ammar:hmmmm..twinkle closed her eyes. Went in flash back.

Old days twinkle working in kitchen while Kunj in washroom doing his shaving he giving voice to twinkle while servant listened and tell her that Kunj Bhaiya calling her she went in her room and Kunj voice coming from bathroom she went and see kunj..

Twinkle: what kunj.

Kunj: where are you twinkle.

Twinkle:acha here now tell me what you wanted.

Kunj:Please did my shaving..

Twinkle: me why..

Kunj:my hands are paining. Pleased..

Twinkle: okay she went near him.. you sit here than I’ll do it kunj.Kunj sit twinkle doing his shaving while Kunj just admiring her.He playing with her hairs and earrings.Twinkle see him. Ab tumhare haath nahi dukh rahe hai kya kunj. 😛..

Okay hogaya now let me go.. Kunj look at his face.

Kunj:great. Kunj purposely on the shower they both drenched in water twinkle look at Kunj.

Twinkle:kunjjj what is this off the shower twinkle try to off while Kunj didn’t let her do it..

Kunj:now you fully drenched let it be twinkle.He pulled her near to himself. Twinkle both hands resting on his bare shoulders.Kunj tucked her hairs and kissed on her forehead gently.

Twinkle: you are so bad kunj make me wet I have to get ready again huhu.

Kunj:so what for me you can’t do this haa.
He caress her hairs.Kunj started ticking on her stomach while twinkle laughing.

Twinkle: Kunj please stop na😃😃..

They both pulling each other’s mistakenly twinkle about to falls down:. Even Kunj as well.

Kunj wakeup in middle of his sleep and scream twinkle name twinkleeeeeeee..

Even twinkle too come out from her dream and breathing heavily.

Twinkle: kunjj you will fall.. they both come in sense and understood it’s their dream. Now we have this old moments only to miss. Both went in theirs balcony and look at moon.


Both together look at moon one side kunj face other side twinkle..



Freeze on their faces….

In next episode: Taneja’s going to India twinkle and Kunj meet in Mumbai.


Hi everyone hope you all enjoy the episode story now just start let see what happened next when twinj meet…

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