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Unlimited Love with Devakshi and AnuPre – Finale

Hi all!!!!
This is the final episode of Unlimited Love with Devakshi and Anupre!!!
Thanks for all the support and love you have shown for this ff.
Thanks jasminerahul and sesha for your comments and views.
Thanks to sidrina, shru and bhuvaneshwari for commenting.
Thanks to all silent readers!!!

Scene 1
Mohini calls Komolika!!!
Mohini: Komo beta, sorry for talking like that to you. I agree that you are the best suited girl for Anurag.

Komo: What happened aunty? Why you changed suddenly?

Mohini: No Komo, I was worried for suha. If anything had happened to her, then we should have got the sin. That would ruin our family. So, I spoke to you like that. I don’t want Prerna to be in Anurag’s life. Do whatever you want. I’ll be with you.
Komo: Thanks aunty.
Mohini disconnects the call.
Komo gets thinking!!!!
She turns and sees Anurag coming there with Prerna!!!
Komo: Anurag you?

Anurag: I’m sorry komo. I want you to come to my house as my wife.
Komo gets shocked.
Komo: But prerna?

Prerna: I’m leaving Anurag. I don’t want a sasural which ruin my mayaka. I’m going to Bajaj. He is the one who saved suha. Anurag is useless. He couldn’t do anything. I’m leaving. These are divorce papers of us.

Komo is shocked as well as happy. She checks the divorce papers. She hugs Anurag in happiness.

Prerna leaves!!!!

Anurag and Komolika hug!!!
Mohini and Moloy come there.
Mohini: Anurag and Komo you both need to marry tomorrow.
Komo: Tomorrow? Marrying again?

Mohini: Yes, Anurag broke that mangalsutra and tomorrow is your remarriage in Rajkot.
Anurag: Rajkot?
Moloy: Yes, tomorrow is Prerna’s wedding with Bajaj. We want you two to wed there itself. That will be an insult to prerna and pride for us.
Mohini convinces Anurag and Komo.
Anurag: Ok, komo pack your things. We will leave.
Komo thinks again!!!
Komo calls someone and verifies about Dev and Sonakshi. She gets relieved as the man tells her that they all went to Rajkot now.
Komo happily packs her things and leave with Anurag.

Scene 2
After sometime, Basu family along with Komo reach Rajkot. They go to the same palace.
Komo: Who’s palace is this?
Mohini: It’s Bajaj’s.

Bijoy sees them and gets angry.
Bijoy: Why did you come now?
Moloy: Even we are arranging marriage to our son with komo here.
Bijoy: Here?
Mohini: Yes here.
He gets indulged in fight. Asha comes there and stops them.
Prerna and Bajaj comes there. Anurag sees them together and fumes. He sees them holding hands. So, he too held Komo’s hand.

Komo gets happy.
Prerna: Let them marry here itself. Let them know that we are happy without them.

Mohini taunts her.

Prerna leaves.
Scene 3
Sona feels nausea. Ishwari sees her and helps her.

Ishwari: Sona are you fine?
Sona: Yes ma.
Ishwari: Why are you smiling?
Sona: Ma, actually I think I’m pregnant.
Ishwari gets happy and hugs her.
Asha comes there with pregnancy kit.

Sona goes to check.
Asha and Ishwari pray that everything should be fine.
Sona comes and nods yes with tears.
Asha hugs her. Ishwari too hug and bless her.
Sona: We have to tell Dev. He will be too happy.

Ishwari: ok you tell him. We’ll hide.
They hide outside the room. Dev comes there.
Sona: Dev, do I look fat?

Dev: What a hilarious thing you have said now?
Sona beats him.
Dev: You don’t get fat at all.
Sona: Do I look different?
Dev: You look tired because of all the adventures.
Sona: Yes, I’m tired. You go out. I need to rest.
Sona scolds Dev.
Dev thinks what happened to her.
He goes and plays with shubh and Suhana.
Scene 4
Komo comes in and sees Akshara’s portrait.
Komo: This looks like me.
She goes to touch it. Servants stop her. She gets angry and argues.
Dilshad: Komo you don’t have any rights to touch the portrait. You know who she is. You are not even matched to her feet. She always protects her family and friends and not hurt them like you.

Komo gets shocked.
Prerna: She is someone who love her loved ones and do anything to save them and not like you to revenge them.
Komo gets shocked again.
Bajaj: She is someone who saves everyone and not like you who kills everyone.

Mohini: She is an angel. You are a devil.
Komo gets shocked seeing Mohini joining with Prerna.
Anurag, Moloy, Dev, Sonakshi, Ishwari, Asha, Bijoy everyone tells one good quality of Akshara and equivalent bad quality of Komo and join hands to form a semi-circle. All the qualities echo in Komo’s mind.
Komo moves backward in a devastated condition.

Others also move towards her. She comes on a circle.
Komo’s dad comes.
Dad: Komo, you were the best daughter a dad can have. You were loving and happy girl. When did you turned this much negative? You even tried to kill a child. What is this komo? This is unfair and this komo is not my daughter.
Dad continues to tell her bad qualities…Komo bursts them to shut up.
Komo: No, I’m not that bad. I just need Anurag because I loved him. I couldn’t take the rejection. But trust me, I’m not bad. I don’t know what I did. So sorry.
She cries badly. Mohini cries seeing her.

Pandit comes and throws sindoor on her.
Pandit: You are Akshara in your previous birth. You were so loving and everyone cherished you. But now why are you doing like this.
Pandit makes Komo believe that she is Akshara.
Komo cries and her head aches. She faints…
Komo’s dad sends everyone out and locks the door.
He thanks pandit for helping them and also cops for not taking any action against her.
Pandit and cops leave. (Cops were there disguised as servants).
Komo’s dad apologize to Prerna and her family for all the sufferings.
Mohini: It’s my mistake bhai. I should feel sorry. I apologize. Please forgive her. When her mom died, she was 1 year old. I gave mother’s milk to her also. From then, I was taking care of her like my daughter. So, its mother’s duty to apologize.

Moloy: It’s my mistake too. Me and Komo’s dad are friends from childhood. So, I implanted my wish of getting her married to Anurag in her childhood. Later that became her obsession. If Anurag had not fallen in love with Prerna, I would have arranged marriage for them.
Anurag: It’s my mistake. I would have known her feelings. I treated her as my great friend. Even now, she is my best friend. No one can understand me like her.
Dilshad: It’s my mistake. If I had agreed to prerna and bajaj’s relation, this would have not happened.
Bijoy: Sorry from my side too. I became angry and arranged Prerna and Anurag’s wedding soon.
Prerna: I feel guilty for not understanding her and not knowing her. Thanks uncle, without you we could not change her.
Komo’s dad: I’m a psychiatrist prerna. I treat many patients but I couldn’t see what my daughter was going through.
Everyone apologizes for their mistake.
Komo: Enough of your sorry.
She come there with Suhana.
Komo: Suha, please forgive me for what I have done to you.

Suha: Aunty, no sorry. I feel happy as you realized your mistake.
Suha and Komo hugs.
Dev: Sona, our child is more sensible and matured. Thanks for giving such an upbringing for her.
Sona hugs Dev.

Komo: Again, you people made me to lose. But now I feel happy and pride in losing.

Komo goes near Prerna and cries apologizing to her. Prerna consoles her. She hugs prerna and Anurag.

Sona: Everything got sorted finally.
Komo: I have a doubt. Am I really Akshara?

Sona laughs!!
Sona: If you think you are her, then you be her. If not leave it. But her qualities are too good.
Komo: I wish, hereafter I should live like her.
Everyone gets happy and share hugs!!!
Komo: Everyone forgot one thing.
Mohini: What?
Komo: That’s wedding of Prerna and Anurag.
Then others remember!!!!
After throwing Komo out,
Anurag apologize to prerna. But she leaves telling him that he broke her trust and reminds how he insulted her…

Anurag goes to pacify her but ends in vain…Finally after 2 months, Prerna forgives him. When she is about to go. Bijoy sees the horoscope and tells her that the time is bad. So, she should wait for other one and half years to join with her husband. So, Anurag and Prerna stayed separately for 2 years.
Bijoy also tells them that, they should again remarry that time. But after 2 years, everyone forgot and prerna went to anurag’s home.
Bijoy: Yes, we should get marry them.
Mohini: Today is an auspicious day. We will conduct their marriage today here itself.
Komo: One minute.
Everyone worries.
Komo brings her wedding dress and jewels.

Komo: I brought it for me and anuarg’s wedding. But now you need this. Come I’ll make ready.
Prerna gets happy!!!
Sona faints!!!
Dev worries…
Dev: Oh no, what happened to her?

Ishwari: Dev relax. It’s a happy news. You are going to be dad again.

Everyone gets happy….
(kuch rang pyaar ke plays)
Elena: Will you be happy without us.
They turn and see elena, Vicky, Golu, Sourabh, Ronita, Sonita, Mamaji and GKB.

Vicky: Bhai, I shifted business to india.
Ishwari thanks god for uniting her family.
Komolika makes Prerna get ready.

Dev makes Anurag get ready.
They come and see each other. Prerna and Anurag relive their old days!!!
Wedding happens!!!!
Bajaj and Komo happily take part in their wedding.

Dilshad sees Bajaj!!!
Dilshad: Bajaj, please don’t be sad.

Bajaj: No ma, today I’m fulfilled. There will be some girl for me.
Dilshad hugs him!!!
Prerna sees bajaj and nods at sona…
Sona calls someone and ask to come.
After sometime, at entrance, bajaj goes to attend a call. A girl in veil come there and slips in bajaj’s arms.
Bajaj hold her and feels something for her!!!!

He removes her veil and sees Zoya!!!
They both have an eye lock.
Sona,Prerna, Dev and Anurag see them and smiles.
Prerna coughs.
Bajaj and Zoya gets separate.
Bajaj: Zoya…Where were you these days? Me and Prerna searched a lot for you. We needed you but you were not there for us.
Zoya: Sorry!!!
Prerna: I’ll tell you. She loved you during college. But knowing us got committed, she left us.
Bajaj gets shocked!!
Bajaj: Is that true?
Zoya: Yes.

Bajaj: Sorry for misunderstanding you.
They both hugs.

Dilshad and Asha hugs!!!

Dilshad: Shall we keep the wedding now?
Zoya agrees.

Zoya: But there is no one for me to do kanyadaan.
Bijoy: Zoya, we treated as our daughter only. So, we will do kanyadaan.
Komo’s dad: Even I have wish.
Moloy: What?
Komo’s dad: Komo wants to marry Naitik.
Komo: Naitik, the guy had a crush on me…
Naitik comes and proposes komo in a dramatic way.

Komo: Do you still love me?
Naitik: I will love you till my breath ends!!!
Komo gets emotional and agrees for wedding!!!
Komo and Naitik get marry!!!

They do and zoya-bajaj get marry!!!

Suddenly prerna faints!!!
Mohini worries and checks her pulse!!!

Mohini: Both sisters are connected with soul itseems. Prerna also pregnant.

Everybody jumps in happiness!!!!

Anurag and Prerna hug!!!

They all be happy!!!
After 8 months!!!
Godhbarai happens for prerna and sona!!!

All have happy moments. Dev sisters also comes!!!
(happy song plays)
Zoya comes there with 5 months pregnant!!!

Sona: I’m happy that our children will also grow together like us!!!
Bajaj: Yes!!!
Suha: Me, golu and shubh will be protectors of them!!!
Prerna: you always be my Rockstar suha!!!
All smiles!!!
After 2 months!!!
Sona and Prerna get pain at same time. Bijoy worries for both his daughters.
Doctor informs them that, prerna and sona delivered daughters.
All gets happy!!!
Dev sees sona and child!!!

Anurag sees child and prerna!!! He kisses on her forehead!!!

Devakshi bring the kid to their home. Anurag and Prerna too come there with their baby. Mohini and Ishwari does aarti!!!

All pose for a happy picture!!!!
Suha, sona, prerna: Perfect!!! Just perfect!!!
Zoya’s baby kicks!!!
All smiles!!!!
The screen freezes!!!!

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