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Summer Palace Horror SS Ronakshi,Mehrya, Asya, Drikshit SS Part 9

Summer Palace Part 9

Mehek,Zoya and Drishti met a temple priest and got amulets from him.They tied the amulets and went near the door.They were scared to open the door.But Drishti opened the door.
Zoya:Drishti,are you alright?
Drishti:Yes.I am perfectly fine.This is the magic of the amulet.So the evil spirit could not stop me from opening the door.
Mehek and Zoya were relieved.
They entered the room.
There were many paintings made by Shaurya’s uncle.Mehek,Zoya and Drishti were shocked to see some of the paintings.
They were Sonakshi’s paintings.Sonakshi was in traditional dress in the paintings.

Mehek:Sonakshi in this appearance.
Zoya:We have never seen Sonakshi in such traditional look.
Drishti:Forget about the looks.These are Shaurya’s uncle’s paintings and Sonakshi is in his paintings.It means that the ghost which is after us is not Urvi,but Sonakshi.

Mehek-Zoya were stunned.
Zoya:So Sonakshi is not possessed by Mehek,but she herself is a spirit?
Drishti:Guess the spirit about which Shaurya warned is Sonakshi.Like Shaurya and his family thought..the spirit was not inside the room.It was already outside the room…our Sona.
Zoya:How come Sonakshi is in our college?

Drishti:Purposefully she joined our college like a human being to destroy us.She chose this Palace to kill all of us.
Zoya:But why?
Drishti:No idea.But it’s sure that if a spirit like her is joining our college and befriending us it’s only to harm us.She has already harmed our friends.
Mehek:Aditya,Aliya,Yug,Alekha,Karan.Who is her next target?Oh my God!What will we do?

Drishti:Because of the amulet given by the Panditji we could enter this room safely.We should seek Panditji’s help to get rid of Sonakshi.
Zoya:I have a doubt.Is Rohit also a spirit?
Drishti:Is Rohit a spirit who is supporting Sonakshi and fooling us or is Sonakshi pretending to be loving Rohit to kill him just like she faked love and killed Karan?No idea.
Mehek:I think that Rohit is a spirit who is supporting Sonakshi.If she made him his boy friend just to kill him she would not have waited so long to kill him.She would have killed him first in this Palace.But she has not killed him yet.But she trapped Karan in her fake love and killed him fast.So it confirms that Rohit is also a spirit.
Zoya:May be the male ghost who tried to kill me was Rohit.
Drishti:Panditji will help us to erase these evil spirits from our lives.

Drishti,Mehek and Zoya met the Panditji and decided to arrange a puja to destroy the evil spirits.
Then they returned back.
Shaurya,Rakshit and Asad came towards them.
Rakshit:Where did you all go?
Zoya whispered:Surprisingly Rohit is not with them now.So we can tell them everything now.
Asad:Where is Sonakshi?She is not with you guys?
Shaurya:Karan and Rohit not seen at all.Where are they?
Mehek:Rohit and Sonakshi are together for sure.But we don’t know where they are.
Drishti:But Karan…he is killed by the ghost.
Shaurya,Rakshit and Asad were shocked.
Rakshit:What are you saying?
All the girls were in tears.
Mehek:It’s true.Our Karan is no more.We saw him getting killed.
The boys were shocked.
Shaurya:Uruvi killed Karan?
Mehek:It’s not Uruvi like we all thought.Though people assumed that Uruvi’s revengeful soul was roaming around this place,the truth we saw with our eyes is that the real ghost who is after us is not Uruvi,but our own friend Sonakshi.
The boys were shocked.
Asad:Sonakshi is a ghost?Have you gone crazy?
Zoya:Mehek is saying the truth Asad.Sonakshi is a spirit.
Drishti explained everything leaving the boys in shock.
Asad:I can’t believe it.
Rakshit:How can it be true?
Drishti:Truth is stranger than the fiction.

Suddenly Sonakshi appeared before them with glowing eyes.

They were shocked to see her with sparkling eyes.
Sona:So finally you all got to know my real identity.
Drishti:Yes Sonakshi.Why did you betray us?
Sonakshi roared:Because you all deserve it.

All of them got scared seeing her scary eyes and listening to her scary voice.
Zoya’s eyes were wet due to the pain of betrayal by her own friend Sonakshi and the anger towards her.
Zoya:What did we do other than considering you as our dearest friend Sonakshi?

Asad:Zoya,she is an evil spirit.She won’t give an answer for that as evil characters can only do murders.
Zoya:You are right Asad.

Sonakshi was burning with anger.
Sona:I am not an evil spirit,but a soul who is fighting for justice.

Nobody cared for her words.
Mehek:Tell us Sonakshi..is Rohit also a ghost?
Sona:No,Rohit is not a ghost.
Zoya:No,you are lying.You have a helper who is a spirit.He is a male.
Sona:I agree.I have a helper who is a spirit.But he is not Rohit like you think.
Drishti:If it’s not Rohit,then who is he?
Sona:He is one among our friends.
They all got scared and looked at each other fearfully.
Suddenly Shaurya’s eyes started glowing.

All were shocked.Sonakshi smirked.
Mehek was shocked to the core:Shaurya…you?
Mehek remembered Shaurya saving her from the pool and telling her not to share the incident with others.
Mehek:Shaurya,that means you were the one who pushed me to the pool?That’s why you were around the pool when I fell into the pool.Then why did you save me if you wanted me to be dead?Did you save me so that you won’t be a suspect?That day you told me not to tell it to others.So that no one will doubt you?I think you planned a trip to this Palace to execute the plan to murder us easily.I am a fool to trust you and love you blindly.
Mehek broke into tears.

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