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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 17th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Happu’s bad dream comes true

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 17th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Happu calling Amma and tells her that though he is married since 19-20 years, but he still needs to give time to his wife. He says whenever you get time, you call me and asks me to sit with you, to drink tea with you, have malai pista with me. He asks if this is your age to eat malai pista. He says you used to call me and asks about me, constables etc. He asks when you will leave me, when you will let me give time to my wife. Rajjo asks Happu not to shout and tells that she agrees with Happu, tells that even she needs time with her husband. She tells that who asked to make 56 dishes in one day. She says you shall be called as Chatori and not Katori. Beni asks her to stop it and says you are telling all this to an old lady who is….Happu asks what? Beni says who is going to die? Happu asks what nonsense? Beni says Kathori Chachi is going to die. Happu slaps him and says what are you saying? Amma says Beni is saying right. Beni says yes, and asks Rajjo…you are calling chachi as Chatori, I think you are calling her greedy in heart. He says Chachi has named this house on your name and you are saying bad about her. Amma asks Beni to stop crying. Happu and Rajjo cry. Amma tells that they are all katputlis and their rope is in God’s hands. She cries. Happu and Rajjo cry. Beni also cries. Hritik and Ranbir bring Pandit there and tell that they have heard everything. He says you are not going to die and will live for 100 years. Ranbir says Pandit’s wife asked for fridge and that’s why he lied to you to get money. Pandit runs away. Amma gets happy. Beni asks what is your age? Amma slaps him and laughs. Happu asks when did you see film Anand. Amma slaps him.

Happu and Rajjo hear the song. Happu says Amma must have played the song on radio. Rajjo says Amma is feeling light now. They regret their behavior. Rajjo says sorry to Happu for scolding him and making him scold Amma. Happu says whatever you said is right. Rajjo says Amma is good, I have no complains with her. Happu says even I have no complains with you, you are good. They sleep.

Happu comes to Amma and tells that he is transferred from Kanpur, cries. Everyone gets shocked. It turns out to be his dream. Happu wakes up shockingly and cries. Rajjo asks what happened? Did you see the dream that you are caught taking bribe? Happu says he has seen even more bad dream. Rajjo asks did you see yourself hanged? Happu asks why you want your dream to fulfill. Rajjo says I love you so much. Happu says I saw that I am transferred from here. Rajjo asks if he saw her Maayka, badayun. Happu says I have no worries, I will take bribe even in farm, but I am crying as I have to leave Beni, house and neighborhood. He cries. Rajjo hits him and asks him to sleep silently.

Next morning, Amma asks Rajjo if the tea is ginger kada and asks her to give tea and not kada. Rajjo says ok. Hritik comes there. Rajjo asks him to tie the shoe lace. Hritik asks Ranbir to tie his shoe lace. Ranbir asks if I am born to tie your shoe lace. Rajjo says I will tie your lace and calls him near her. She ties his lace. Malaika tells that he can’t do any work. Kat complains to Rajjo about Hritik. Rajjo scolds him politely. The kids leave. Amma asks if Happu will not go to PS today? Happu comes there and asks Rajjo to make tea for him. Rajjo says we are your Servants, you are sait. Amma asks her to put less ginger in tea. Rajjo says ok. Happu tells Amma that he has seen a bad dream at night and asks if it will come true. Amma asks about his dream. Happu tells that he saw that he was transferred from Kanpur. Amma asks what was the time? Happu says 2:30. Rajjo comes and says it was 3 am. Amma says dream will not come true. Rajjo says it was brahma murat. Amma says brahma murat is from 4 am. She asks him not to worry. Rajjo and Amma argue. Happu asks Rajjo to be silent. He asks if the time was 2:45 or 3:15 am. Amma slaps him and says you will be here in Kanpur. Happu hugs her.

Commissioner asks Makwana about his mother. Makwana tells that she will be discharged in 2 days and tells that it was good that he had taken Mediclaim at the right time. He asks Resham Pal to take the Mediclaim. Resham Pal says it will be of no use to me. He says actually I am an orphan. Manohar says I knew it. Resham Pal asks him to get out. Makwana asks really? Resham Pal says these are not my parents, I was found in the basket. He tells that there is a sign on my chest, which is from my birth. He shows the sign. Happu hears them from outside. Resham pal tells that he hopes to meet his real parents, so that he can touch them and feel their love. Makwana hopes that he will meet his parents one day. Happu comes inside and greets Resham Pal. Resham Pal says I need to tell you something important. Happu says I heard that. Makwana comes inside. Resham Pal tells Happu that he has to go to other place as he is transferred. Happu is shocked.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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