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Savitri Devi 16th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Gayatri brings out Sanchi and Veer’s truth before Mishri

Savitri Devi 16th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanchi asking Dr. Kabir to tell what Veer was telling? Dr. Kabir says Veer’s anger has increased so….Sanchi says sorry and says I understand that his anger is like this only.She says you have done so much for him and risked your career today. She says she is worried for Veer and thinks his anger might ruin his career. A boy comes to Veer and says he is hungry. Veer says lets go and have burger. He takes the boy and buys burger for him. He says I was trapped and my life is changed. He says how I used to be, fun loving and free man, but now I don’t want to go home. He asks boy where is his house? Boy says there and signs at the street side. Veer says you stay there. Boy says I stay on side of street. Veer gives him money and thinks his life is better than me, atleast he

has home to go. He thinks to have sleeping pill and sleep there. Sanchi and Dr. Kabir are in the car. Sanchi says she is worried for Veer. Dr. Kabir says very soon, Veer will realize that he is doing wrong.

Sanchi sees Veer on the road side bench and asks Dr. Kabir to stop the car. She rushes to Veer and tries to wake him up. She sees sleeping pills wrapper and thinks he has taken an overdose of medicine. Dr. Kabir checks him and says we shall drop him home. They take him home and make Veer rest on the bed. Mishri gets worried for Veer. Veer asks her not to show her face to him. He gets up and sees Sanchi and Dr. Kabir. He asks them to see how he is happy with his wife. Sanchi worries thinking he might tell about them. Veer says you might be very happy Sanchi and faints. Mishri asks Sanchi to tell what happened to him. Dr. Kabir says he has slept and will not wake up now. Sanchi asks Mishri to take care and says she will call her later. Gayatri hears them and hides. She thinks since when Mishri and Sanchi came closer and thinks if their friendship get stronger then my motive to control Mishri will fail.

Sanchi and Dr. Kabir come home. Dr. Kabir asks are you fine? Sanchi says I know you are worried for me, and says you are changing, then how did you become this. She says I was wrong and tells that you are better version of old Dr. Kabir and says you are hiding things from me so that I stay with you. She says you can’t change and will never change. Dr. Kabir asks her to sit and says I accept that I lied to you. He says you went in coma and Doctor told clearly that if you get stressed then anything can happen. Sanchi says whatever, I gave you Veer’s responsibility, but you broke it. Dr. Kabir says my guilt is more than you and you can’t even know. Sanchi says may be I would have done the same and says I am responsible for his condition. Dr. Kabir says I am more guilty and trying to rectify my mistake. Sanchi says it is my responsibility to make Mishri and Veer’s life fine.

Veer gets restless in sleep. Mishri offers him water. Veer holds her hand and asks why did you leave me? I just loved you, then why did you do this with me. Mishri feels bad for him.

In the morning, Mishri thinks of Veer’s words. Delivery boy brings cake. Mishri says they didn’t order. Delivery boy says address is of this house only. Mishri opens the card with the cake and reads happy 6 months anniversary Veer and Sanchi. Mishri thinks if Veer loves Sanchi. She thinks this can’t be possible and thinks she is my good friend and can’t betray me. Gayatri is hiding and is behind sending the cake. She thinks I will see how her friendship stand with Sanchi. Mishri thinks of Sanchi. She thinks Veer asked her not to touch his drawer and thinks it might have answers in it.

Mishri slaps Sanchi and asks her not to act to be worried for Veer or her, and says I know all the truth. She throws pics on her face.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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