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Dil Hi Toh Hai 16th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Ritvik tells Manjeet ji he loves Palak

Dil Hi Toh Hai 16th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Palak confronts Ritvik on what he just said.

Ritvik hurries back inside Noon House. Everyone looks at him. He walks up to Ananya. Ananya asks Ritvik why this was necessary. You insulted me in front of everyone. Mamta suggests Ananya to stay and talk it out but Ananya politely refuses. Reeva angrily scolds her brother but Mamta tells her not to create any drama. Let the guests leave first!

Palak is walking out thinking about Ritvik’s words. Ananya is going back with her family. Palak tells Ananya she had no idea Ritvik was going to say all that. He does not mean any of it. Mr. Puri says mother insults us and then daughter is on these tracks! Rohit asks Palak if she is apologizing to insult his Dad or! Ananya tells them all to stop. Only Ritvik is answerable here. I was supposed to

marry him. Why should she be dragged in all this? Only Ritvik is answerable to me. Rohit tells Palak that she is Setu’s friend and she has broken everything. Palak shouts after him that Setu can be tracked down. Ananya’s parents rebuke Palak and sit in the car. Palak again apologizes to Ananya. Ananya tells her to do herself a favour if she loves Ritvik. He loves you. Palak declines. He did all that on impulse. Ananya says I know my Papa. He can never do anything. He said such a big thing to his Papa because you told him to. The Ritvik I know never says any such thing to his Papa unless he is sure. He never did it for me too. I know him. You have to take him seriously. He really loves you. I am happy for my friend. He was being honest. The guy who kept himself away from love his entire life finally fell in love with you. All the best! She leaves.

Reeva says Palak is the daughter of official gold digger. They first trapped Samar and now she wants her daughter to marry Ritvik. Ritvik says sorry to his father. Reeva does not stop talking. Mamta reminds her she is younger than Ritvik. Be mindful of what you say. Reeva still looks angry. Ritvik says sorry again to his father. I dint want it to come out in front of you guys like this. Rishabh says you said it loudly on the mike. Entire Delhi heard it. Mamta suggests speaking to Puri’s once. Let’s go Vijay. Vijay leaves quietly from there. Ritvik apologizes to his family. Mamta scolds Reeva for not controlling her tongue.

Ritvik tells his mom he made a very big mistake. I let Dad and everyone down. Throw me out of the house. I don’t deserve it! She warns him to think before talking. Sometimes our words come true. Never choose such words for yourself! He insists that he deserves this only. I shouldn’t have done it. She asks him if he means he shouldn’t have loved Palak or if he shouldn’t have told this to her? What are you sorry for? Ritvik says I don’t know what love is. She says this pain that you are experiencing is the love that you feel for us. You are saying this as you are sympathetic with Ananya. What about Palak? What do you feel for her?

Dadi, Shivam and his sister are checking out Palak’s profile online. Vijay overhears them. Dadi remarks that if God has planned to bring them together then it will be good. Vijay leaves quietly.

Mamta asks Ritvik why he is taking so much time to answer her question. Ritvik’s phone beeps. Mamta checks the message. It is from Palak. Ritvik asks for his phone right away. She notices his restlessness hearing Palak’s name. He explains that he wants to explain it to her that whatever happened was wrong. I don’t! She advises him to message Palak saying that she shouldn’t message him. I do not care about! Mamta begins to type the message herself when he snatches the phone out of her hand. He realises that she lied to him about the message. She says you too are lying. Who all will you lie to and till when? Vijay comes there. Ritvik apologizes to him. I had no idea what I just did. I just let you down! Mamta tells Vijay that Ritvik loves Palak very much. Vijay raises his hand to stop Ritvik from saying anything and leaves.

Ritvik is panicked. Mamta tells him to think what he wants. Be honest with yourself. If you really love Palak then first make up your mind first. I will fix everything. If you want everything to fall in place then you have to make this decision yourself.

Mahendra tells everyone that he has initiated his search about Kabeer. Gayatri notices Palak coming and asks her if her matter is solved with Ritvik. Palak thinks of what happened tonight.

Ritvik is also thinking about what he did today.

A lady cancels her contract with Manjeet ji. Her husband says she also refused. Everyone thinks you to be inauspicious. Marriages cancel when you take charge. Puri has done all this. He has spread the word that you use your daughter to trap guys. She is shocked. He says now you realise the cost you have to bear because of what you did. You shouldn’t have added that agreement.

Mr. and Mrs. Puri are talking when Manjeet ji stomps inside. How dare you spread the word that I am unable to pull off any marriage successfully? You even dragged my daughter in all this! Mr. Puri says you have to bear the brunt of what you did. Manjeet ji says I was only trying to safeguard Setu and Rohit’s wedding. Mr. Puri says you only brought the agreement in between. You shouldn’t have done it. Manjeet ji nods but Mrs. Puri does not let her complete. Rohit and Setu’s wedding dint happen. You dragged my husband in this. Was this not enough that you broke my daughter’s wedding too? Ma fixes the weddings while the daughter lures the guys in her traps. Ritvik and Palak said I love you to each other on mike. Manjeet ji is in disbelief. Mr. Puri vows to make sure she and Palak are not able to face anyone in entire Delhi. Mrs. Puri asks her to leave.

Rishabh is unhappy with Ritvik’s step. Vijay asks Rishabh to find out every bit of information about Manjeet and Palak. Saanchi says I don’t understand something. Ritvik always spoke negatively about this family and even broke Rohit’s wedding. Rishabh adds that don’t know what they have done. He isn’t the one to fall for such people. Vijay nods. I have been through something similar once. I don’t want Ritvik to go through the same.

Aman tells Ritvik that he should have said these things long back. Ritvik brings him to Puri House. I have to apologize to Ananya.

Manjeet ji asks Palak what she said in reply. Palak ends the call agreeing to tell her everything later. Ritvik stops in his tracks seeing her. What did you mean? Why did you say I love you to my Palak? Ritvik replies that he dint lie. I love Palak and this is the truth.

Precap: Vijay asks Mamta to accompany him to Puri House first so they can apologize there and then they will go to Palak’s House to ask for her hand. Mamta looks at him. Rishabh looks away irked. Ritvik and Palak are in his cabin. Palak says sorry to him.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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