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Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 16th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Sahil begins hating Vaidika

Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 16th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anjana slips off the stairs and fells down. Sahil had entered Vaidika’s house with a rose bouquet and media personnel run to him. Sahil runs to Anjana’s help. Vaidika steps downstairs and asks Sahil to call the doctor. Anjana points towards Vaidika before dying. The media blames Vaidika for killing Anjana as she pointed towards her at her last moments. Sahil thinks about Bari Amma’s fears. Bari Amma had just reached Vaidika’s house and smirks watching Anjana dead, then runs towards Anjana in a state of panic. She cries how Anjana can leave her so easily, they had wished to marry Sahil to Vaidika. The police reach there. Bari Amma blames Vaidika for killing Anjana as everyone witnessed. Vaidika was handcuffed and taken away. Bari Amma thinks she is responsible for everything, she will

surely miss Anjana as she had always been obedient.

Later at Agarwal house, Sahil cried while everyone was mourning Anjana after her last rituals had been performed. Puneesh insists Vaidika is a curse for their family, they suffered a lot she came into their lives. Aarya comes asking Sahil if Vaidika is in jail. Sahil decides to go and speak to Vaidika and is sure she won’t lie, he is sure Vaidika won’t lie to him. Puneesh whispers to Bari Amma and asks if she is involved in Anjana’s death? Bari Amma only stares at Puneesh, but thinks she was losing everything so she got involved with the matter. Now it’s her game.

In the police station, Sahil asks Vaidika what happened between Anjana and her that Anjana couldn’t take hold of herself and died. Vaidika replies that Anjana fell down because of her mistake, she never accepted this proposal and has always insisted she doesn’t want a relation with Sahil. Sahil understands that media was right that she killed Anjana. Sahil asks Vaidika if she is responsible for his mother’s death. Did she push her? Vaidika turns her face away and replies that his mother died because of his craziness, she was unable to hear a no. She couldn’t hear her denial, had a heart attack and fell off the stairs. Sahil questions if this is why he loved Vaidika so dearly? Vaidika was stubborn, she argues she didn’t invite Anjana and it was an accident. People die in accidents be it someone’s mistake or not. Sahil says the biggest mistake was to trouble his mother so much, he always insisted that Vaidika was the best woman he could ever get. He turned his house into a battlefield. He always considered his love as a blessing, but now takes it as a curse. It’s a son’s responsibility to bring peace and love into his mother’s life, he always gave her trouble and that too for Vaidika. He hates himself and his fate for falling in love with Vaidika. I hate myself for loving somebody like you, I hate myself for loving you Vaidika! Bhoomi convince Sahil that there must be another story behind all this. She requests Vaidika to tell her what the truth is. Vaidika tells Bhoomi to take Sahil away from here, else he might lose someone else as well. Sahil says meeting Vaidika was the unluckiest happening in his life. She has only seen Sahil’s love till today, she will now witness his hatred. He will gain his ego and his pride back. Vaidika argues that in no time Sahil will return to her. Sahil accepts her challenge. He hurts his hand by hitting on the bars and presses his blood into Bhoomi’s hairline; dragging her outside the police station. Vaidika cries when alone, thinking about all the times Sahil had gone crazy for her.

Bari Amma gives a gun to the police inspector and asks if she turned Vaidika’s mouth shut? The lady inspector remembers deterring Vaidika to kill her child if she doesn’t stay away from Sahil. Bari Amma tells the lady inspector that she doesn’t want to kill the child and wants her Sahil’s heir to be born but not brought up by Vaidika.

In the jail, Vaidika cries and speaks to her unborn child that they will apologize his father when he is born. All at once she feels pain and goes into labor. Bari Amma hears Vaidika’s scream and was hopeful that this child will bring a turn in everyone’s life.

Update Credit to: Sona

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